Ps5 two way scorer looking for teammates no bots add or Inv t4bs-23-

2021.09.28 07:24 tab_23 Ps5 two way scorer looking for teammates no bots add or Inv t4bs-23-

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2021.09.28 07:24 ReplacementMother573 🦗CICADA🦗 just launched! Earn ADA rewards just by holding it. This is the ultimate passive income for you to get rich by sitting at your home


7% $ADA rewards on every transaction 🎁

What is CICADA About ?🐕

CICADA is a redistribution token that rewards in $ADA. But our main utility won't just be that! It'll just be a sweet touch on CICADA!

Based on the hype and re-growing interest in ADA after the crash, the development team will not be only rewarding holders by marketing their initial investment but also growing the ADA Wallet at the same time, Win-Win for all.

With the starting Low Supply and Low Market Cap, CICADA has some massive potential for not only early investors but mid-market cap investors as well. 📈

We will have our own fall themed website and NFT collection released soon! 🍂

The NFT collection will be live 1 week after launch, you will be able to mint the NFTs straight on our Website on the Dashboard screen.

1 NFT = 1 BNB

📊About the Tokenomics!📊

⚡️7% rewards in $ADA on every Transaction!

⚡️2% into the Liquidity Pool

⚡️1% Marketing

🔊Voice Chat ON🔊

0% Dev wallet!

🔐Liquidity will be locked:

📄Contract is Verified and everyone can view it!


🔹 Contract: 0xfb30a12a3d170230d93805615d32e5d930017e3d

🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.28 07:24 Agent666-Omega ELK Development Plans Apartment Complex In Koreatown

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2021.09.28 07:24 John-AI VPN app UI design I made just for fun

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2021.09.28 07:24 Not_so_PB Getting Closer!!!!!

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2021.09.28 07:24 sumthingawsum Recommended tools?

I'm very interested in starting to assemble my own watches. I'm wondering though if the tool kits on Amazon are even worth starting with, or should I start off with better and more expensive tools?
Also, is there any place you recommend for nice dials that don't have a logo on them? Looking for Miyota 8215 or Seiko NH35.
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2021.09.28 07:24 4N4RCHY_ what the hell is going on with the mosquitos this week!?

they're out for my blood and it's driving me up a wall. any bite recovery tips also appreciated - i'm especially sensitive and they swell up to the side of a golf ball...
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2021.09.28 07:24 Kaya_Kayy Will the surface do 2 support tnx accounts?

The surface duo gen one could not be activated on sprint accounts will it be any different for the Duo 2?
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2021.09.28 07:24 dvd_rental_employee Getting into a good relationship

Hiya I’m a 19 year old guy how’s just finishing his first year of uni. So far the only kind of romantic encounters I have had were very bad and very brief experiences in high school which left me feeling bad for myself on top of this I had to see basically all my friends get into very good,positive, loving and communicative relationships with some very nice women (some of who I had feelings for myself) which went beyond the typical ‘high school romance’ experience have gone on to last for almost half a decade. On the other hand I’ve kind of been left behind and am wondering now that I’m in collage how do I even begin to meet women who I can be romantically attracted to. I’ve tried online dating and for several reasons it just didn’t work and made me feel worse about myself than I already did. I don’t have a problem talking to people but I do find it really hard to make the first contact especially with someone I don’t know. Yet I’m willing to try. Looking for some general advice for someone who has had little relationship experience on were and how I could start productively looking to form a healthy emotional connection with someone.
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2021.09.28 07:24 Worldly-Vegetable-88 Por que la tetona del salón mostraría una chichi

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2021.09.28 07:24 Purpleflavoredcum How do I know when my shitty hash is dry

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2021.09.28 07:24 PerspectiveBig [UV] After 200+ hours, my first UV win!

Oh boy this one was a doozy. One of those runs where everything finally fell into place. I suck at this game; I have over 700 deaths across 220 hours or so. I never thought I'd be able to beat it on UV! Mostly, I really learned to take my time and pick my shots carefully -- as well as having a solid long-term plan for my build and keeping my loadout current as I progressed. I picked up a sweet ass explosive revolver with Calibrated 2 and Critical 40 which was... something, lol.
I got a Fiend Crown early on which really helped. I was first considering going Gunslinger but picked up a solid chaingun with Molten. That got me most of the way through Io. Tons of fun just lighting up crowds with it and watching the fire spread. Since the DOT ticks applied with each bullet, spamming like crazy = roast demons.
My overall idea was to start with defensive perks like Cover Master and then grab Angry Mofo around Europa which is where the damage boost is really needed. Survivor is also an awesome perk - I overlooked it in the past but that was a mistake. The crit% bonus you get when missing health is just disgusting. Easily one of the most solid builds in the game IMO. I also got a vampiric mod pack that I applied to my chaingun. It was pretty much spray, pray, and repeat all the way through. :)
I had a couple dicey moments on Dante. I got jumped by 4 exalted ravagers, 2 sentinels, and an archwarlock at once but thankfully had found Apocalypse prior. That thing is beastly -- I knew as soon as I got it that I had a really good chance of killing the boss.
As for the Harbinger, I dropped some smoke and hunkered behind the indestructible columns out back. Thanks to Cover Master the splash damage was mostly negated and I started by chucking 2 plasma and krak grenades; this got the boss to his 2nd phase in a few turns. Then, I switched to Apocalypse and spammed F -- the fight was over in roughly 60 seconds! I used only a single stimpack in the fight.
Overall a great run and a huge relief having finally done it. Now, to start working on some challenge runs :)

Asad, level 16 Marine, defeated the Harbinger against all odds. He survived for 12521 turns. The run time was 1h 53m 34s. World seed was 7661. He scored 6391 points. He was ULTRAVIOLENT! Callisto Hub -> Valhalla Terminal L1 Valhalla Terminal L1 - Infestation Valhalla Terminal L2 - found Fiend Crown Valhalla Terminal L2 -> Valhalla Command Valhalla Command - Cleared! EUROPA L3 - Volatile Storage EUROPA L5 -> Refueling Base IO L3 -> Io Black Site L1 Io Black Site L2 - Exalted Curse Io Black Site L2 -> Black Site Vaults Black Site Vaults - found Apocalypse Awards CRI Star (bronze cluster) (+50) * 25+ kills without taking damage Blind Luck Star (+50) * Won despite getting down to 1hp at some point JoviSec Gold Badge * Win a game on at least HARD He killed 661 out of 689 enemies. 50 former grunts 1 CalSec sentry 4 former CRI grunts 13 security sentries 13 former soldiers 15 CalSec bots 27 corrupted soldiers 8 security bots 4 hellish soldiers 3 guardian bots 1 former CRI soldier 19 reavers 2 CRI soldiers 33 cryoreavers 7 former sergeants 6 toxic reavers 5 corrupted sergeants 29 archreavers 2 former CRI sergeants 9 kerberi 22 former guards 8 cyberi 2 corrupted guards 8 cryoberi 4 CRI guards 5 toxiberi 5 former commandoes 8 medusae 12 corrupted commandoes 8 archmedusae 6 hellish commandoes 15 ravagers 4 former CRI commandoes 9 armored ravagers 2 former heavies 6 siege ravagers 4 corrupted heavies 5 plasma ravagers 6 hellish heavies 17 CRI marines 13 security drones 9 CRI bots 6 combat drones 3 guardians 82 fiends 4 sentinels 14 fire fiends 5 warlocks 23 ice fiends 1 archwarlock 22 toxic fiends Traits Ironman L3 Hellrunner L1 Reloader L1 Tough as Nails L2 Cover Master L2 Angry Motherfucker L3 SURVIVOR L3 Trait order TaN->Cov->Hr->AMf->AMf->Cov->MSV->Rel-> Iro->Iro->Iro->MSV->MSV->AMf->TaN Equipment Slot #1 : 12ga super shotgun A * Calibrated 1 * Molten 5 * Rinse, Repeat Slot #2 : Apocalypse * Spin-up Slot #3 : CRI EMP rifle * Barbed 10 * Advanced EMP Body : marine armor Head : - NONE - Utility : AV3 utility AMP * Carrier * Improved adrenaline Relic : archreaver's claw * Acid dreams Permanents Medusa's Curse CRI backpack Inventory energy cell (x100) energy cell (x48) 12ga shell (x50) 12ga shell (x50) 12ga shell (x22) frag grenade (x2) stimpack (x2) large medkit large medkit large medkit 
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2021.09.28 07:24 carloscancab Beyond NFTs, DeFi, and Bitcoin: What is the future of blockchain, and how will we be using it 20 years from now?

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2021.09.28 07:24 Digazabossplug1 Liliwashere 🤪🥵🔥package with updated vids and pics 🤤 DM if y’all want it 💵 💵💵‼️ INSTAGRAM: @onlyfans4sale1 TWITTER: @onlyfans4sale3 EMAIL: TELEGRAM: @Digazaboss1

Liliwashere 🤪🥵🔥package with updated vids and pics 🤤 DM if y’all want it 💵 💵💵‼️ INSTAGRAM: @onlyfans4sale1 TWITTER: @onlyfans4sale3 EMAIL: TELEGRAM: @Digazaboss1 submitted by Digazabossplug1 to manibandz [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 07:24 xponentialdesign Kaleido Optitron X | 18-06-‎20 | by Xponentialdesign | Hic et Nunc | TEZOS XTZ Blockchain NFT Token

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2021.09.28 07:24 Professional_Type812 Adept weapons focusing.

So i have my flawless passage, if i continue playing trials and lose a game can i still trade in my passage for another adept weapon or does the passage need to be flawless in order to do so?
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2021.09.28 07:24 AngryWack So I’m rewatching breaking bad after 6 years.

So the first time I watched breaking bad, I didn’t feel a slight inch of anxiety because I had no idea what would happen and my expectations felt on point. Then 6 years later (I watched the series in 2015), I’m watching it again, and now I’m getting a Wave of anxiety because I know exactly what’s going to happen. That’s the joy of watching Breaking bad twice. You get new emotions and a new perspective on the series.
First time: Curiosity and suspense on what will happen to Walt and his family.
Second time: realization and anxiety over Jessie.
I have not yet watched El Camilo. Wish me luck.
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2021.09.28 07:24 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 07:24 futa_ga_suki Nickelodeon All Star Brawl is coming to Mainstage 2021 🤯

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2021.09.28 07:24 cocoiadrop #GE4 [List] Canva Pro poster for ACT List candidate

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2021.09.28 07:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Pentagon leaders to face hearings in Congress over Afghanistan troop withdrawal | Al Arabiya

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2021.09.28 07:24 TreacleOtherwise Good Morning Hmmmm

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2021.09.28 07:24 MantisToboggan1_ Multiple waiver bids?? (Sleeper)

Hey guys, it's my first yr playing with FAAB and first yr on sleeper. I have a quick question, so I'm planning on bidding for a RB this week and I know multiple ppl are going to do the same, 12 person league.
I was wondering if I can make multiple bids like, for example 10 bids ranging from 30-39 or 20 bids ranging from 30-49?... which of the bids would through if best the next best bet by 1 but also have a bid for 10 more than that?
Trying not to waste more faab than is need. Thanks in advance!
Hope everyone is having a great season!
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2021.09.28 07:24 LoveTV12345 Post episode 7 thoughts….

Just watched the spectacular episode 7 and some random thoughts popped in my mind. Let me know what you think:
At Tim’s building funeral, wasn’t a woman from the building signing to Theo?
Just thinking again what Tavo said about Tim has been trying to take down a black market jewelry person named Angel. He thought he was going to get murdered.
Do you think Teddy/Theo intercepted Tim’s body and stopped it from going to the autopsy?
Do you think Teddy/Theo poisoned Winnie as they had access to chemicals?
Still think Jan has something to do with Teddy.
Did Jan see the murder suspects mapped out in Charles’ condo?
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2021.09.28 07:24 throwawayraye Fish and Potatoes. I now realize why the English love this combo so much.

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