Climate action a responsibility that businesses must take: President Halimah

2021.09.28 05:46 themoorofvenice Climate action a responsibility that businesses must take: President Halimah

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2021.09.28 05:46 LewdZora My friend needs help with her homework and I have no idea what to do.

Apparently her teacher doesn’t really “teach” and just reads off whatever is on the board. No one asks questions either so she doesn’t really get what she’s learning. I would help her personally but I’m learning python…
The assignment she needs to do:
(Course hero version):
CISC 1115 Assignment 1 Write a complete Java program, including at least one good comment at the top, to do thefollowing: Your program will compute values of a formula that expresses x in terms of y. Theformula is:2y3+ 3y2– 27y - 43 x = -----------------------------(4y2+ 7)1/2+ 3 * | y - 3.5 | | | means absolute value; (...)1/2means square root You should use Math class methods for square root and absolute value. 1. The program should start by printing a message giving your name and saying this is theoutput of your first program. 2. Then your program should evaluate the formula shown above, starting with y = -4 (negative 4), going up by 0.5 each time until it reaches 4.0. Therefore, your program willuse these values for y: -4, -3.5, ..., -0.5, 0, 0.5, 1, ..., 3.0, 3.5, 4.0.For each y value, the program should compute the corresponding x value. It should printthese values together with explanations of what the values represent. For example, it couldprint the string "Y = ", then the value of y, the string "X = ", the value of x, and a message. (It isalso possible to use column headings and have your numbers underneath the headings.)
According to her, she knows how to make the table but doesn’t know what to put in.
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2021.09.28 05:46 infosec-jobs [Hiring][Full Time, Contract] Security Threat hunting Analyst in Seattle, Washington, United States

Exciting Security Threat Analyst, 12 plus months contract, opportunity.Requirements Research security events and determine whether the event is opportunistic or targeted. Create and receive alerts to set an early warning system on thr …
Read more / apply:
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2021.09.28 05:46 SE_to_NW U.S., EU to discuss global trade and tech cooperation as they seek to counter CCP

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2021.09.28 05:46 cryptic_cream [H] PayPal [W]Lamart Piro

Wanted to see if anyone here has a Lamart piro they wanted to get rid of. I’ll keep this up for three days then I’ll just buy it from Lamart’s website if no one has any they want to part ways with.
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2021.09.28 05:46 grandlakerocks [MODPOST] Puttering of the World, 2027-2028

Iran: Protests grip several cities across the nation as the Iranian government continues to ignore the 5 No's. A social media frenzy across Iran has begun to turn more of the protests violent and in particular toward the government's new state enterprise, SeaFarm. The social media posts claim that the Iranian government did this project to monopolize the fishing industry to fund military programs completely.
Small fires near the SeaFarm headquarters have been started but have only caused minor damage. However, the protesters claim that the violence will only continue if the demands of the 5 No's are not met.
Iran #2: Dozens of Iranian intellectuals, government officials, and business magnates have recently written articles about how increased trade with the Republic of India would benefit Iran in particular. While it's unclear how much the government will listen to these individuals, there is mounting pressure for closer economic ties to India.
Iran #3: Iranian officials have captured several Khorasan Republic citizens attempting to unite leftists in Iran to create a Pan-Iranian rebel group. The goals of the new republic were to target the lack of economic reforms for workers in Iran to increase the number of protests against the government to demand significant reforms.
USA: Protests continue to rock the US streets as new P2P software found online halts telecommunications carriers blocking communications during demonstrations and other events. This software has led to the already large protests gripping the nation to turning far more significant as social media, texts, and more draw more and more individuals to the events.
FBI and police officials were baffled about where the new software was coming from until a Hong Kong protester, visiting family on the mainland, tried to download the program soon after it was uploaded. Once he realized the PRC had blocked the program under the Great Firewall, he contacted several American friends of his, suspicious of how the PRC managed to flag and stop the download of this program so soon after its release. The friends, all highly supportive of the Hong-Kong protests and anti-PRC, soon sent this information to American police, who passed it to the FBI.
With this knowledge, the FBI began a lengthy investigation, looking into the program's code for any hint of where it may originate from. After months of investigation and further confirmation that the program had been blocked in China even before the program was released anywhere else led to the conclusion. The PRC had created a program to stop telecommunications carriers from blocking communications during protests and released it in the USA while actively blocking it in China.
USA #2: With the US government not responding to the demands of the insurgent movement in Portland, the group remains entrenched in their section. However, this has caused other groups across the nation to follow suit seeing the national attention the situation garnered. Right-wing groups in Mesa, Arizona, took control of a large mall area within the city of around 1.69 square kilometers. The insurgent's demands include;

Citizens of the US can only wait to see if more of these groups continue to rise or if the government action will finally bring peace to US streets again.
Iraq: The government of Iraq has continued its anti-corruption campaign targeting Shia political parties, further diminishing Iran's influence in Iraq. However, the most important news from Iraq this year is that the government repealed the 1975 Algiers Agreement and moved forces near the Shatt al-Arab, claiming it is Iraqi territory. The government of Iraq has also requested Saudi military and economic assistance in this matter.
PRC: A young boy from Beijing has recently been given a full scholarship to any university of his choice by the government of the PRC. This announcement comes after the Chinese government has drastically increased bug bounty programs within the PRC. Specifically targeted by the program are physical and virtual infrastructure. All companies within the PRC have also begun to expand these programs, and as a result, Chinese cyber security in both the private sector and the government has drastically increased.
PRC #2: Explosions rocked the capital of Xinjiang Ürümqi as a significant attack by ETIM has caused considerable damage to the government buildings in the region. Buildings seriously damaged include the following:
After the explosions, violent clashes with local police broke out, resulting in several deaths on both sides. All that can be said is that with the rise of isis-k and other terror groups worldwide, the ETIM is invigorated and promises attacks will continue not just in China but across the world.
109 citizens killed
33 police officers killed
18 ETIM members killed in firefights
Republic of Korea: Multiple Korean news networks have reported that the Japanese Yakuza have been offering bribes to dockworkers at the destroyed port of Busan. Dockworkers say they overheard the Yakuza members speaking to Japanese intelligence agents about the goals of the operation, which are said to have been;
  1. Create safe houses for Yakuza, PSIA, and CIRO members.
  2. Spread goodwill about the Japanese efforts at the port
Officials in the ROK don't know how many port workers have accepted bribes or how many safe houses are set up, but anti-Japanese protests have broken out around the port and the Japanese embassy. Some violent clashes have broken out between Jaeger, who has extensive control over the port and is helping with rebuilding efforts, and Yakuza members but have resulted in no known deaths so far.
India: News reporters across the world have been reporting on the troubles going on in India this year. Over 150 Indian citizens under 18 have gone missing after they attempted to join the Naxalite insurgent movement. Leaks from within the Indian government have confirmed that these young individuals were approached by Indian intelligence agents and offered large amounts of cash for them and their families if they joined the organization and worked their way up the ranks.
However, with many rural tribes having pro-Naxal sympathies, it was only a matter of time before the government was caught. As a result, many of the young individuals put up to this task have gone missing, although it's assumed several were able to slip through the cracks of the Naxal purge.
Only time will tell how many of India's youth have vanished due to this action or how many operatives the Indian government has within the Naxal ranks.
UK/Northern Ireland/Scotland: The growing event is known to many as the "Second Troubles" continues to grow in size as the RIRA and supporting groups attract more members as the UK government fails to respond. This year the RIRA launched increased attacks on UK loyal police, government leaders, and individuals close to the UK government. The most notable deaths are the new secretary of state for Northern Ireland, the chief of PSNI, the Lady Chief Justice of Northern Ireland.
Total Casualties in Northern Ireland:
21 government officials
62 citizens with extensive ties to the UK government
310 PSNI officers
159 RIRA fighters
308 citizens
The continued violence in Northern Ireland has also given rise to several insurgent groups in Scotland who look to take advantage of the internal chaos to move Scotland towards independence. While the situation is not as dire as that in Northern Ireland attacks, have continued to rise.
Total Casualties in Scotland:
6 government officials
17 citizens with extensive ties to the UK government
25 police officers
17 SNLA fighters
30 citizens
Russia/Gulf of Guinea: Russian shipping has had severe delays in recent months as a string of Russian vessels have been directly targeted in the Gulf of Guinea by local pirates, who have become far better armed and led recently. So far, eight large ships have been boarded and taken over for several days while the pirates wait for payments, with several more attacked with the pirates unable to board. It's unclear where the pirates' new funds, weapons, and leadership are coming from, but the situation continues to be volatile for Russian ships crossing this part of the world.
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2021.09.28 05:46 Forlorn_Cyborg American Dental Association fights a dental coverage plan for Medicare recipients.

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2021.09.28 05:46 Leeroyedtothemax Has anyone figured out how use our onedrives on these JavaScript emulators?

They seem to run better now on new Series S/X browser
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2021.09.28 05:46 Musashis_Balls How does assist gold work in Dota2?

I never really wondered about it until my friend asked about it the other day.
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2021.09.28 05:46 Launvi I can't buy the hal wings

Anyone also experiencing it? I have the Halloween shop, yet I can't buy any of the wings.
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2021.09.28 05:46 0DvGate I just realized how is there no movie on the Harlem Hell fighters?

I was playing bf1 today and watching some documentaries and it dawned on me how is there no movie on this regiment yet? It's pure block buster material!
There is a movie on Tuskegee Airmen but no movie on Harlem Hell fighters.
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2021.09.28 05:46 jarrell_mark Graveyard Vibes - lofi scene made in Godot
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