How to get clean shaven with no cuts?

2021.09.28 06:30 ArchieBloom How to get clean shaven with no cuts?

Been bald for a hot minute now, looks great on me and I love it now. Although it did heavily affect my mental health for a while.
Anyway, who’s got tips on how to get totally clean shaven but with no cuts? I currently shave against the flow with sensitive shaving cream and a cheap 2 blade razor to minimise cuts, but I still get some and boy do they bleed 😠
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2021.09.28 06:30 brentbrentlax Lee Pace appreciation post

Of all actors and actresses in the new foundation series, I just wanted to give some love for Lee pace. I feel he's so perfect for the role and my only regret is that he couldn't be a harkonnen in the new dune movie! I think he'd be perfect for that as well!
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2021.09.28 06:30 xenosfire Could someone explain stats to me?

I am trying to roll a dwarf berserker, and I hit a 90, and when I go to max strength, the stat says 18/01. Would someone mind explaining what that "01" means?
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2021.09.28 06:30 liveyourlife2019 Elon Musk,in conversation.

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2021.09.28 06:30 --TheMan-- How to deal with Ranked Tilt? And also anyway to make a comeback?

I really wanted to hit Plat this season.
And I got really desperate.
I was at 1600 elo.
I woke up in the morning and played some brawl.
Got to 1630, I was so happy.
I realised I was only about 4 games away from plat.
Then I lost a game.
I was like "that's alright i'll win the next game"
Then I lose another game.
I was like "that's alright i'll win the next 2 games"
And then I lost the next 8 games.
Right now I'm sitting at 1530 ELO and no matter how optimistic I try to be,
I can't get out of my head that I was so close to my goal and failed.
Obviously it won't take me too many games to get back to 1600,
But I feel like there's this barrier stopping me from getting to plat.

Any ranked tips?
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2021.09.28 06:30 Wulfhail Just picked this girl up at a show this weekend

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2021.09.28 06:30 bicyclebread When you finally make a decision on what headphones to purchase.

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2021.09.28 06:30 ticketsforticket Gece yaklaşık saat 1'den sabah kalkıncaya dek bağırsaklarımda muthis bir ağrı oluyor. Hemen gidip sıçmam gerekiyor. Ve sadece yaz aylarında olmuyor. Yılın geri kalan zamanlarında gayet sorunlu bir bağırsağa sahibim. Nedeni nedir sjzce?

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2021.09.28 06:30 Naive-Future3823 No cat food in house, parents come home at 4 pm

We have no cat food except a tiny bit. I’m not allowed to go to the grocery store without parents because it’s so far away. What do I do? She has a little bit of food in her bowl but not a lot?
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2021.09.28 06:30 ohnoh18 ‘Gaslighting’ GOP Governor Ripped For Hypocrisy After Getting Caught In Scandal | Kristi Noem tried not to directly address the issue.

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2021.09.28 06:30 Warm-Garden No One Knows I’m Avoidant

I have been this way for a while and it started in my late teens. It’s gotten worse and worse and the more I avoided people, the more friends and connections I’ve lost. No one really knows who I am. No one knows that I can go days without talking to anyone in person besides a word here and there to my roommates. My family does not even truly know who I am. I constantly make excuses to myself and to people to not go out or hang out. The excuses make it easy to avoid everything. But I feel guilty and sad. I do have 2 friends that I hang with once or twice a month just so I don’t go insane. My job allows me to not have to be around people much at all. I started a deeply avoidant phase 3 months before covid lockdown. Covid made it easier for me to make even more excuses to not be around people or be in public.
I just want to be who I used to be. I used to be awkwardly charismatic, chaotic but lovable, outspoken and weird and goofy but smart and dependable. I used to have a friend group and we would hang out all the time. But we also drank and did various pills together. This was from the age of 17-19. Once I hit age 20, i became more and more alone. I pushed everyone away. My best friend who I was dependent on became a fentanyl and meth addict and keeps dating abusive people. Im 25 now. I’ve been single for 2 years. I have no one and I don’t how to come back from that.
It’s almost like I sell people this lie that I have a social life and that I do activities. I only post on my Snapchat story when I’m doing something interesting or around people. I don’t have Instagram so I don’t have to worry about that. And I try to make an effort to make posts with ppl anytime I hang with someone (once or twice a month). So how would anyone know? It’s like I’m a fucking social phantom.
Every therapist I’ve had tells me nothing is wrong with me. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar 2, borderline, and other stuff. I believe none of my diagnoses are correct other than the obvious depression, anxiety, and adhd. I believe I’m actually on the autism spectrum and developed AvPD in my late teens.
I want to come back from avoidance I really fucking do. But I don’t have a support system. I don’t have close friends. I don’t have parents. I have one brother who is emotionally not there. I’m on the edge of developing full blown agoraphobia and I really really don’t want to go there. This avoidance is affecting literally every aspect of my life.
It’s just weird bc i know if I were to die tomorrow, everyone would talk about how nice of a person I was and this or that but that’s not true and no one really knows me. I don’t want to die having no one truly know who I am
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2021.09.28 06:30 NULL0000000000 make assumptions

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2021.09.28 06:30 Apalawa iPad Mini 6 issue with the screen

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2021.09.28 06:30 TheFortunesFool Should I change my major?

Hey everybody,
I am currently an economics major at a community college. Over the summer I have been having a lot of fun doing CS and software engineering-related stuff. Especially getting to know how to build websites and mobile apps. As a current economics student, I love the field but I don't want to go into a job doing something like accounting or such. I think I have realized I need to make a career change into CS/SWE because it's something I like and am passionate about it.
The problem is it's my second year (sophomore) at a CC (Community College) and I have to start submitting my applications for UC transfer. Currently, I am taking every prerequisite I need for transferring into economics, but only have taken one class for CS (Intro to C). I need to take some more classes and I don't think I'll be able to get every class in for transfer.
I know that for SWE, not everybody is a CS major. I was just wondering whether it would be wise to take an extra year to study CS and transfer, try to go into a UC and switch majors, double majominor, or study economics.
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2021.09.28 06:30 olivekingg gold ocellatus shelldweller care?

I really want some shell-dwellers. I've been looking gold ocellatus/lamprologus ocellatus in a 10gal. Would this be possible? All the advice I've read online says to get one male and then a few females. I'm not sure how many to get. I was thinking maybe one male and then 2 or 3 females?
I know with larger tanks, you can allow fry to grow up and become part of your 'colony' would this be possible here or would I have to sell off all the fry I breed?
Aside from that, any other tips/advice/experience? Maybe any possible tankmates? This is my first time keeping Africans so I'm excited!
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2021.09.28 06:30 MrTrebIa I am unvaccinated from covid because I'm under 18 and my dad thinks that vaccines in my country is not done and can cause bad effects on me, but I'm about to go to school, what do i do?

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2021.09.28 06:30 Legitimate_Excuse_79 Corrlinks

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2021.09.28 06:30 jaedaddy [USA-NJ] [H] paypal local cash [W] 17" gaming laptop

500$ budget. must be 17" prefer something better than 860m thanks
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2021.09.28 06:30 notreallyimportantme Tequila and Squid Game, been running a buzz every night the past month

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2021.09.28 06:30 Blindshot90 I feel bad for some college students

Most high end jobs are like bachelors degree required , then be like need to have 4 years of working experience 😭
Like how are they supposed to get experience if they can’t get a job to get experience because they need experience 😭
Imagine spending like 20-50k on an education and working your ass off for this to happen
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2021.09.28 06:30 OFFascist Newly Proposed County Budget To Raise Property Taxes By 3 Percent

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2021.09.28 06:30 tisdue [VIDEO] Monty Williams Media Day presser (16:56)

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2021.09.28 06:30 ironfly187 Tier One Wrestling Journalism...

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2021.09.28 06:30 ScarySan what

I’m lacking so much, it’s so hard for me to post on social media anymore. I’m too scared someone’s gonna say something mean, or get mad at something I said with no intentional harm, that someone’s gonna make me feel invalid, that someone will try to argue with me and confront me and make me feel like my opinions make me less of a person. I don’t vent anymore cuz I got used to people calling me attention seeking, negative, problematic, annoying. I’ve been told to shut up and that it’s my fault and another thing but I can’t say that here I don’t think. People said don’t rely on anyone, so here I am lol, hoping someone will give feedback but also knowing that no one is obligated to and I shouldn’t complain because it’s the internet. But still, everytime I swear I will never vent online again, but everytime I still do, and everytime I typed paragraph upon paragraph, and when days pass by with no one offering their feedback, end up deleting the post and believing that nobody cares, left feeling ashamed and paranoid that I was judged and let myself be vulnerable, only to find out really no one essentially felt it was necessary to reach out to me. I am just having a hard time in general. I want friends. I want my parents to be nice to me. I want a job and I want to be a good artist. but with the future being so unclear and me not really having any real reason to keep moving forward, is there really anything I can do?
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2021.09.28 06:30 TimsAFK Tough look so far

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