Challenge Run Ideas?

2021.09.28 06:12 Maratio Challenge Run Ideas?

I have been trying to think of challenge run ideas for my buddies and myself. What do you guys do to challenge yourself in game?
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2021.09.28 06:12 keturunanbule Melihat dari Dekat Pohon Pisang Raksasa di Fakfak Papua Barat - Tekno Tempo

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2021.09.28 06:12 rco888 Anyone still remembers this traditional candy called tira-tira?

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2021.09.28 06:12 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 06:12 raniadg 1999 Squad

Heyyy! I hope you're all doing good♥! Anyone who's born on the 1st November ??
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2021.09.28 06:12 AzureFencer Least favorite/most hated boss?

I just beat Nocturne recently and had a blast with it. Played on normal. But one of the bosses, Noah, was such a pain for the party I had built and I get it, that's why you have back up demons for fights your current party isn't built for. But I just hated the simple fact that the only option for decent damage was 1 elemental spell every round. I can accept bosses that are immune and reflect physical attacks even with pierce. But man with even almighty being worthless in this boss that's when I got frustrated.
So my mini rant aside I wanted to know what other people either though of Noah or just what bosses truly gave you/continue to give you trouble. Or just bosses you don't enjoy fighting in this game.
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2021.09.28 06:12 TheRowster99 The future for electric sport cars

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2021.09.28 06:12 Mr-John-Anonymous 1999 Article on Mark Manes' Guilty Plea

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2021.09.28 06:12 coconutlemongrass Throwing my first ever Halloween party this year and I've bought some nice servewear for the occasion!

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2021.09.28 06:12 frigginbird Why do Russians drive crazy?

I've noticed that there are plenty of videos with obvious Russian or eastern European origin that depict drivers drifting, speeding, or running from police. Do drivers in eastern Europe get prosecuted in a different way than in America? If you get caught drifting or street racing in the us, it's likely that you'll get a severe fine, and/or your license taken away depending on if it's your first infraction or not.
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2021.09.28 06:12 lycheeandmango Noob question on OMAD calorie intake

Hi! I recently transitioned to 18:6 after doing 16:8 for a couple of weeks and it’s going great so far with a few bumps here and there. I want to attempt one OMAD a week in a few weeks.
Now based on my BMTDEE calculator, I need to eat 1700-1800 calories given my activity level. (I am 35/F/5’4 with CW: 160 lbs and GW: 129 lbs)
I’m just wondering how in the world will I consume all those calories in one meal / one hour 🤯 Right now I barely can stuff in 1400-1500 calories during my 18:6 fasting routine.
Appreciate your guidance. I’ve learned so much from this group already so thank you, thank you, thank you!
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2021.09.28 06:12 MDubz420 [Artwork] Logan. I tried experimenting with different shadows and relief filters, enjoy!

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2021.09.28 06:12 wallpapersdance What kind of English-language magazines might include articles on Greece housing crisis / Greece financial problems or Athens, Greece?

I'm trying to pick a topic for an English paper that will help me do research to indirectly plan my 3 month stay in Athens, Greece (rent, groceries, getting around). For the paper, we need to pretend we are writing for a magazine and research an argument about an issue.
We are supposed to use research articles. We are supposed to address potential counterarguments to our arguments. So I cannot do a paper just talking about Athens, Greece. I have to argue something that is debatable and that could be in a magazine
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2021.09.28 06:12 Legal_Ad_7212 I think I am having an existential crisis

I have been seeing a psychiatrist but all he does is write stuff down and say “is there anything you can do to stop that”. I am beginning to question everything, and my mind is constantly in distress. The thoughts are becoming more and more intrusive, and beginning to become enraging. I am questioning life, the value of it, the burdens of being sentient and I am becoming more paranoid, anxious, and angry every day. It is becoming frightening for me, and even my friends
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2021.09.28 06:12 que-calor NYU Party scene sucks, but I have a gadget which might help you improve it

OK we all know NYU parties aren't the best but NYC's are!
One tool that I wish I had for parties in college is the REAPER lighter which first of all is very unique in terms of design so NO ONE would pocket my damn lighter "by accident".
The Reaper has a flame to smoke up (duh, a lighter), a bottle opener to pop beers open for friends (unless you can use your teeth), a joint packe bong clearer for smokers and a "candy compartment" to store breath mints, medicine or any kinds of powders or other pills ;) Definitely a flex I wish I had when I was partying. Unfortunately, I am a senior in my last semester and Im kinda over the partying phase but this lighter is still with me for my smoke seshs... Their instagram page is (at)reaperlighters for anyone curious to visualize what exactly im talking about. I don't know if they have a site. If I am not mistaken, one of the creator might have been an NYU alumnus too? But don't quote me on this
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2021.09.28 06:12 Platypus-Massive Gorgeous

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2021.09.28 06:12 Asha_5656 neoxcard

The Neox card project aims to bring cryptocurrencies to people’s daily life through a user-friendly Their goal is to help people use cryptocurrencies in their daily life just like they do with Fiat currencies.#neox, #neoxcard, #nex, #cryptocurrency, #ico
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2021.09.28 06:12 eiriyuu "May" is a weak word. She is my best companion

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2021.09.28 06:12 passivation23 Awesome news earlier today for gaming on Polygon!

From the attached article:

VYSYN Ventures, a longstanding cryptocurrency venture capital fund, is launching a $30 million fund that will be focused on allocating investments exclusively to the rapidly growing field of blockchain-based gaming. In recent years, VYSYN has allocated significant investments and provided substantial support to a number of gaming-focused projects.
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2021.09.28 06:12 Oneday55 Is there an easier way to keep hair products organized in the shower? It’s annoying to take every one out of the shower just to clean it.

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2021.09.28 06:12 Bteatesthighlander1 Must have been really weird when Antonio Igari, Antonio Babadozan, and Great Tatsumi were all leading their own massively popular wrestling promotions at the same time.

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2021.09.28 06:12 JaysReddit33 It feels liminal sometimes while walking my dog

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2021.09.28 06:12 Plastic_Painting5062 Social anxiety

Hi guys I’m hoping I can get advice on how to help a boyfriend who suffers with social anxiety. I have been with him for a year he refused therapy. I support mental health as much as I can, especially in our relationship but I’m staring ro think nothing will help. He can’t speak to my mum and she gets upset she understands but I can see she is upset by it as it’s been a year and she wants to be able to speak to the first guy I have ever brought home. He also cannot speak to my room mates which is awkward. He couldn’t even book my birthday off work as he was too anxious to use his holiday days and ask. I know it’s not his fault but I’m struggling with it, any advice
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2021.09.28 06:12 exul Orca Staking, starting Sept 28th at 4pm EST

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2021.09.28 06:12 Soviet_Vinny Need help

So I’m a college student living in the dorms and my roommate has been making my life hell, he’s gone through my stuff, used things I specifically asked him not to and over all a not very clean person, rooms always a mess and I’m constantly cleaning up after him. What would you guys recommend I do. I’ve already talked to him a number of times about it and he just doesn’t care.
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