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I made two Halloween skins that I switch through on/off. One of them is my character in a skeleton outfit and the other is just a poorly made blanket ghost.

2021.10.26 10:52 N1nSen I made two Halloween skins that I switch through on/off. One of them is my character in a skeleton outfit and the other is just a poorly made blanket ghost.

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2021.10.26 10:52 Englishhedgehog13 Franziska/Maya Labyrinth AU by Pizza-Snake

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2021.10.26 10:52 Fancy-Okra911 Dang im so dumb i get frustrated at very little things

im getting out of hand everyday, i know i need help, i reached out, their reply has not come yet, im dumb, fk, i dont know if i reached out right, fuck everything, i hate u mom, dad, i hate that you got your drama while i was growing, fk everythinh
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2021.10.26 10:52 bobbie-star ITAP of the 2nd floor in the Orleans parish courthouse (no phones allowed)

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2021.10.26 10:52 bobbie-star ITAP of the 2nd floor in the Orleans parish courthouse (no phones allowed)

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2021.10.26 10:52 jettisonrec 1406 0772 7172 in need of more xp

Looking to grind to ultra friends
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2021.10.26 10:52 Nanbanjin_01 How to say your favorite food names in Japanese with correct pitch accent

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2021.10.26 10:52 Happy-Imagination850 [Oct. 2021] Get $200 FREE BITCOIN + $120 : Referral sign-up links for CELSIUS, NEXO, BLOCKFI, COINBASE, GEMINI, OKCoin, Cake DeFi, Bitstamp, CoinSmart, Bitpanda, CoinEx, BINANCE & FTX

Use the link to sign up on the mobile app. Verify that the Referral Code 175898b35c is entered. Deposit $400 worth of cryptocurrency or stablecoin and keep your deposit in the app for 30 days to get the $50 free Bitcoin reward. If you add the promo code BNB40 or ADA40 (in the app, click Profile > Promo Codes) and deposit the $400 in BNB or ADA, after the 30 days, you unlock a bonus of $90 ($50 in Bitcoin and $40 in BNB / ADA).
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Deposit $100 worth of stablecoin or cryptocurrency and maintain a $100 balance for 30 days to get the $10 free bitcoin reward.
Deposit $100 worth of stablecoin or cryptocurrency and maintain a $100 balance for 30 days to get the $10 free bitcoin reward.
Buy or sell $100 worth of crypto and $10 free Bitcoin will be rewarded instantly.
Buy or sell $100 worth of crypto and $10 free Bitcoin will be rewarded instantly.
Deposit $102 in your local currency, purchase $100 or more worth of crypto and you will be rewarded $50 free Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is locked in your account for a 180-day period, but your initial deposit can be withdrawn immediately.
Deposit a minimum of $50 worth of cryptocurrency in a single transaction and $30 free DFI (DeFiChain) will be rewarded instantly. Those tokens will be locked up in staking for a 180-day period, yielding ~ 70% APY. Your initial deposit can be withdrawn immediately.
Deposit fiat or crypto, buy/sell a minimum of $100 and you will be rewarded $20 within 24 hours. Your initial deposit can be withdrawn immediately, just like the bonus, once credited.
Deposit the equivalent to $100 CAD (~ €67) and get $15 CAD (~ €10). Valid only for fiat deposit. You don't actually need to make a trade - you can withdraw your bonus and deposit back to your bank at zero cost. Not available in the US.
Deposit a minimum of €25 (fiat), trade at least €25 and €10 will be rewarded instantly. Earn an extra €5 by completing their Quiz. You can withdraw your bonuses and deposit back to your bank at zero cost. Not available in the US and Germany.
Make sure you see the message "your commission kickback rate: 10%".
Feel free to PM me if any question arises!
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2021.10.26 10:52 munchkinjjj Uh oh

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2021.10.26 10:52 ayetguamp Mega Absol Raid on Me! BE ONLINE :)

Tguamp: 8910 0753 8698
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2021.10.26 10:52 jean_luc_mustard Cineva a luat poza greșită de pe internet. Sau poate nu.

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2021.10.26 10:52 jxmmybear I’d call that, uh, FRAUD! wtf are these sponsored ads😭

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2021.10.26 10:52 Cedarplankton PALI IS LIVE. A new dawn!

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2021.10.26 10:52 oppenheimerranch Active Region On Northeast Limb Produced An M1.3 Solar Flare & Multiple ...

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2021.10.26 10:52 ImACharmander I think there should be a pronoun changer in CAS

I've playing Sims 4 since its release and I've always been amazed by the amount of LGBTQ+ reprensentation, however one thing in my opinion that the sims 4 has been missing is a pronoun switcher it would the game feel so much more inclusive (in my opinion of course). For example, I'd imagine it as a little setting next to your sim's info and by pressing it, you could choose your sim's pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them and maybe a bunch of popular neopronouns). I'm curious about what you think about a pronoun switcher in the game. I'd love to see your thoughts.
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2021.10.26 10:52 N2VIX Made a Captain Carter Skin, haven't printed it yet, but here's the results

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2021.10.26 10:52 StellarGravityWell Quintuplet Servant Poll #7: You've summoned Raiha as a servant in the Holy Grail War. Which class is she most likely to be summoned as?

This should be the last poll, as there are only 7 servant slots.
View Poll
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2021.10.26 10:52 nomennonhabeo 他們還沒有躺下,所多瑪城裡各處的人,連老帶少,都來圍住那房子,呼叫羅得說:「今日晚上到你這裡來的人在那裡呢?把他們帶出來,任我們所為。」

他們還沒有躺下,所多瑪城裡各處的人,連老帶少,都來圍住那房子,呼叫羅得說:「今日晚上到你這裡來的人在那裡呢?把他們帶出來,任我們所為。」 submitted by nomennonhabeo to CLTV [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 10:52 Maxibonlikesflags How do you respond to telemarketers?

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2021.10.26 10:52 khaledbi Wise is a world-class option and the cheapest way to transfer money internationally!

You live abroad and one of the things that worries you most is economic problems such as: How to make international bank transfers? Which bank account to open? Wise is one of the best options on the market that answers both questions.
Wise processes global bank transfers without hidden fees, exchange rate differences, or last-minute surprises. And you can even have real bank accounts with them in several countries for different currencies.
Here, we show you exactly how to get the most out of Wise and most importantly, how to start saving on your international bank transfers and have a real SEPA bank account or even a real bank account in the United States. Also, you’re going to learn about the virtual bank’s weaknesses or under which conditions the service might not be the best choice to use for bank transfers. Let’s start with the strengths of Wise:
5 Reasons To Use Wise?
After a couple of months of using Wise to send money abroad, I consider it one of the best ways to make international transfers for the following reasons:

Wise: Making Economic International Transfers
When you wanted to send money from any European Euro account to the United Kingdom (GBP account), banks always apply incorrect exchange rates, so customers lose a lot of money that way… In addition, they are used to apply unfairly hidden commissions.
In the case of Wise, you make a transfer to your euro account, they apply the exact exchange rate for the day and make a transfer from your bank account to the final bank account. Here, instead of one international transfer, there are two transfers in the same currency.
The customer knows transparently and accurately the amount in Euros to be sent and the amount in Pounds to be received. No hidden costs or last-minute surprises.
Transfer Comparison: Wise vs. Banks
Here is an example, a 1000€ transfer from my German bank account (€) to my British bank account (pounds):
(the comparison was made with one of the leading banks in Germany)
As you will appreciate, today it is much more cost-effective to make our international transfers with online platforms such as Wise, at least up to a certain amount.
The key point to saving is not so much in management fees, but rather in the foreign exchange rate, which makes a huge difference. In our example, the amount to save would be 45 €.
In short, the traditional banking system has become obsolete.
How To Make An International TransferStep By Step Guide: Send Money
1. Go to Wise and register.
2. Enter the quantity to be sent. Choose the currency in which you send the money and the currency in which you receive the money. Then choose the amount you want to send or the amount you want to receive.
When you enter the amount on one side, the other side automatically appears with the estimated official exchange rate of the day. If the actual exchange rate is lower than the estimated, the difference is refunded to your bank account.
3. Fill in the recipient’s bank details. You have two options: the IBAN and the BIC of the recipient (For more information, go to the end of the post) or select the option with which the recipient receives an email from Wise.
In cases where the recipient does not want to give them, he can inform them himself. This is done automatically at the time of the transfer.
4. Make the payment. We have three options to do this:
(Don’t worry, Wise is 100% safe in all three options)
a) By credit card. This is the simplest method, all you have to do is enter your debit or credit card details and make the payment at Wise as you would for online purchase.
Keep your mobile phone handy as banks usually ask for a confirmation code that they send by SMS. The limit for making a card payment is £10.000 in the United Kingdom (0.69% fee applies with business cards) and €2500 for the Euro Zone (1.65% fee with business cards).
b) By bank transfer. You must make a transfer from your bank to the Wise account by entering the code provided in the “reference” or “concept” part of the transfer.
Once the transfer has been made, click on “I have already sent the money to Wise”. As soon as Wise receives the money, you will automatically receive an email indicating the date of execution of the transfer. You will be able to track the status of the transfer online via the Web by entering your reference number.
5. Transfer made! Finally, you and the recipient will receive an email as soon as the transfer is made and the money available on the recipient’s account. This email specifies the following:
Now you can see why the comments or opinions on Wise are so positive. It is simply a revolution for the international banking system. It is therefore very easy to know how to use Wise and start saving in commissions.
New: Sending Money to China
Wise recently introduced their new payout option for transfers to China: Now users can payout CNY to AliPay IDs, which is a great step on their path to enable transfers all over the globe.
Wise Prices, Fees and Commissions
Although Wise does not charge any type of administration fees or additional on the exchange rate, as explained above, they do charge a minimal management fee to make the transfer. This fee is round about 0.5% of the transfer amount.
At present, they do not receive a minimum commission of £2 for most destinations in the United Kingdom. This is something that had made small transfers expensive. There are now fixed transfer fees with a percentage commission of up to 50 pence.
So this FinTech service offers a cheap and transparent way to make our bank transfers, finally, we get away from the abusive fees charged by traditional banks. For example, for a transfer of 1000 €, the possibility of having 60 € in bank charges is over.
In fact, the reality is that no exchange office in London or any other city in the United Kingdom have such low rates, so if you are going to live in the United Kingdom for a long time, I advise you to open a British bank account and transfer your money via Wise.
Caution: Large Transfers with Wise
The small transaction fees the transfer service charges makes sense for transfer amounts up to a certain limit. Above that limit, transfers with traditional banks can actually again be cheaper. The limit to which Wise makes sense can easily be calculated:
Let’s say a normal bank transfer would cost you 60€. So what’s the amount of which 60€ would be 0.5%? It’s 12.000€. So you could send 12k with Wise and also pay 60€ for the transfer. With a traditional bank, the 60€ will usually stay the same, no matter if you transfer 1.000€ or 100.000€. With Wise, you still pay 0.5% of 100.000€, which would be 500€. So be aware that larger Transfers are extremely expensive with this FinTech, while smaller transfers are super cheap.
Wise Currencies
Wise can send and receive transfers in the following currencies:
Wise can only make domestic transfers in the following currencies:
For now, here are the accepted currencies, but for more information and updates here, access here.
Excluded Countries:
The following countries are generally excluded from Wise services:
Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Burundi, Congo Republic, Chad, Cuba, Crimea (sub-territory), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, North Korea, Somalia, Sevastopol (city), Republic of South Sudan, Sudan, State of Libya, Syrian Arab Republic, Territories of the United States, Yemen and Venezuela.
Is Wise Safe?
Yes, Wise is very safe. It is a financial entity officially regulated by the economic institutions of the European Union, the United States, and dozens of countries around the world.
Wise started as a “Startup” by the creators of Paypal and Skype and is today one of the most important companies in the FinTech world. All this success would not have been possible without the safety of the service. A single mistake followed by a bad comment and, nowadays with the Internet, this opinion will have destroyed the company.
At Wise, they know their strengths: price and security, which is why they take it very seriously. And, of course, they are authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the United Kingdom under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, with Firm Reference 900507.
Another plus, its customer service is excellent. Available 24 hours a day and in French, so if a problem occurs, it is solved instantly.
Finally, note that you will have written confirmation of the transfer from the beginning with detailed information (the amount sent, the sender and the recipient, the exchange rate applied, the amount to be received in the other currency, etc.)
In short, when asked if Wise is safe, the answer is yes, and the security is equal to or better than any other financial institution.
How Long Does It Take To Receive The Money?
Sending money with Wise is much faster than conventional bank transfers. Transfers usually take no more than two days and arrive on the same day (a few hours). It all depends on the payment method you use (bank transfer or credit card)
That being said, from the beginning, you will know exactly when the recipient will receive your money.
Request A Transfer With Wise
Sometimes we need a transfer from France (bank account in Euros) to our British bank account. For example, when your parents send you money while you are studying in Liverpool.
That’s why the “Request Money” option is very useful. You put the amount you are asking for, the concept of payment (university fees, for example), and the account where you want to receive the money.
And here you are, now you get a link that you will share with the other person by email and when you click on it, you will be able to pay online, in your local currency, with your credit card (as if you were buying online). How could it not have been invented before!
The IBAN and BIC are the contact details that allow you to identify your international accounts, so that each country, even if it has a different format of account number, serves to homogenize these details.
You can calculate your BIC and IBAN, for example at: https://www.iban.com/calculate-iban
Wise In The United Kingdom (UK)
And yes, Wise is available in the United Kingdom, where it has established itself in recent years as one of the most cost-effective ways to send money abroad, especially when exchanging euros for sterling.
In the United Kingdom, all bank accounts with an IBAN starting with GB are included, as well as those starting with GI and belonging to Gibraltar. Remember that the Channel Islands are also included without any restrictions.
When we use Wise in England and the United Kingdom, the vast majority of shipments are made on the same business day until 5 pm, but it may take up to two business days for exceptional reasons.
Remember that in the UK, bank accounts are 22 characters long and consist of letters and numbers. The account number is only eight digits long.
Wise In France – How To Make An International Transfer
Without a doubt, France has become one of Wise’s main markets where, since its creation, Wise has become the most economical method for making international transfers with currency changes.
In France, all bank accounts whose IBAN begins with FR are included, therefore accounts residing overseas are included.
When you use Wise in France, most shipments are made on the same day (business day) if they are made before 5 pm but may be delayed up to 2 business days for special reasons.
Remember that in France bank accounts have 11 numeric characters.
First Free Bank Transfer With Wise?
No, you will pay a small commission that you will know transparently and accurately from the first moment.
It is true that a few years ago, Wise launched an advertising campaign offering their service or the first transfer was free. Now, since they have managed to lower the prices even further: we only pay a small amount.
In order to achieve such a competitive price, it was necessary to do without promotions such as the first free transfer.
It should not be forgotten that today, Wise remains the cheapest method of sending money abroad, and whose cost is 8 times lower than that of any traditional bank.
Opinions On Wise
I discovered Wise in its early days when almost no one knew it. The truth is that at the time of my first transfer the doubt was there, even more so at the time when money and internet was not yet 100% reliable.
The fact is that since I first used it, I have regretted not having discovered it before. How much money I was able to give to the banks! My opinion on Wise is very positive. Now I use it constantly and have never had any problems.
I don’t know anyone who has had a single problem and all the opinions on Wise on Trust Pilot are positive. Anyway, any questions you may have, call them, they will help you in French and with a smile.
Wise Review Conclusion
As you can see, Wise is a very interesting option for all those who live abroad: it is fast, simple, you save a lot of money in commissions and exchange rates, that is to say: without losing a single cent.
It also helps us to have a bank account and make the most of it by receiving our salary, taking money from ATMs, or making purchases.
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2021.10.26 10:52 CookingCML This isn’t just reheated KFC and gravy this is twice cooked Kentucky chicken with a chicken stock reduction

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2021.10.26 10:52 CheetahSperm18 Rei Ayanami [Evangelion]

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2021.10.26 10:52 sachatouillezie Qui rp

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2021.10.26 10:52 m4tchb0x Level Designer needed for Crimson Skies/War Thunder Inspired Game (Unreal Engine)

I have been working on this game for over 2 years now. A lot of the stuff is built out and and while it still has a ways to go, it is in a stage where a large amount of the features are built out and designed. Just need to do a lot more polish and refining. The flight feels fantastic and the shooting is onpoint. I have started testing multiplayer with some friends and am getting close to alpha testing just have to develop the net code a bit further to make it feel just right. Then last thing that needs to be done is weapon, aircraft and level design.
The games focus is on fun and not realism where I think a lot of flying games fall flat on their face. The goal is the make the action feel closer while at the same time keeping a fast pace of gameplay. The level will require a lot of vertical obstacles like cliffs/ tall trees/ terrain layers.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWmja-S9F4w Or any of the videos on that youtube channel
I released a very early version on game jolt a while ago to get some feedback and its been nothing but great. 200 followers, 50 comments.
I am looking for a 3D Artist or Level Designer.
The best place to contact me is on discord bok!#9971 or join the actual server https://discord.gg/aw4Abd3
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2021.10.26 10:52 CallMeCas-Official Evil PragerU

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