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2021.10.26 11:04 SomeWhiteDude312 35/365

"If I were art, I’d probably be very sad. Thankfully, I’m not art – I’m life."
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2021.10.26 11:04 TheSteelMercenary Era mai bine când era România sub monarhie

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2021.10.26 11:04 roonerspize Equipment Purchase Advice: Aluminum Pole Pump Jacks

Would any experienced siding folks here care to share their thoughts on whether the prices I'm seeing for aluminum pole pump jack systems ((2) 24' aluminum poles, jacks, bases, braces, and workbench supports) plus adding a 20' x 14" walkboard) delivered from ebay seller for $1,879 is a fair price?
I have the steel pump jacks that use 2x4 posts, but they're just too flimsy for my comfort. I'm doing the siding on my 2-story home and when I'm done with that, I'll use it as the launching point to replace my roof, so I'll get my money's worth out of them. I've found a similar lot for sale on FB marketplace, but it's more expensive there albeit with more poles and bracing included in the whole lot.
So, I'm not sure if the FB lot is over-priced or the ebay offering is a potential scam since it claims to be new yet is about the same price as the used FB lot.
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2021.10.26 11:04 GameOnBrother Judge Denies Activision Blizzard's Request To Pause California Lawsuit

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2021.10.26 11:04 freshmemesoof How long did it take you guys to learn the Urdu Nastaliq script?

I've been learning it for a month (not regular with the learning) by watching YouTube videos but I can only read small words, sentences are really difficult. I was wondering how long it took you guys to understand the script? I can already speak Hindi so I can understand colloquial Urdu as well. Please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.26 11:04 WorldNewsinPictures #Toronto #Argos Trade Quarterback Nick Arbuckle to #Edmonton #Elks

Toronto #Argos trade quarterback Nick Arbuckle to #Edmonton #Elks Dinwiddie must have really lost faith in Arbuckle. Not much of a return though.... MORE -> https://worldnewsinpictures.com/arbuckle submitted by WorldNewsinPictures to WorldNewsinPictures [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 11:04 MR9717 Skeletons 8, me, Mixed media on canvas, 2021

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2021.10.26 11:04 baby_feet "Slammed Skateboard" on marketplace

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2021.10.26 11:04 Zukshi 22/EST/PC GTA RP

Hello! I’m looking to start my GTA RP Journey! I was wondering if someone would want to play with me or help me out since I would be new to the scene!
A little about me. I’m 22/F I’m a huge Horror fan, I live in NYC and currently I’m learning Polish!
If you are interested please feel free to send me a message and I’ll send over my discord!
Also I would like to note I cannot play past 9:30pm (parents are sleeping)
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2021.10.26 11:04 Riptide664 As anyone noticed from the BDSP trailers that the battle camera seems to be fixed?

As anyone noticed from the BDSP trailers that the battle camera seems to be fixed for the most part compared to the rotating camera of other 3D Pokémon games? How do you guys feel about this?
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2021.10.26 11:04 Rickygangster ‘Army of Thieves’ Review: A highly engaging heist film that is a blast

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2021.10.26 11:04 Locdogg39 (Selling) Apocalypse Now Final Cut 4k

Apocalypse Now Final Cut 4k (ITunes/Vudu) - $6
Please comment before PM/Chat. I take PP f&f or Venmo
Posted on 10/26 @ 10am
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2021.10.26 11:04 lancerne Great collection of socialist buildings in Belgrade, Serbia. Many of them are brutalism style.

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2021.10.26 11:04 GameOnBrother The Best Fortnite Crossover Skins So Far

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2021.10.26 11:04 AccountToUseHigh Vitalik Buterin created ethereum after developers weakened his "beloved" World of Warcraft character.

Interesting article how centralized services can be bad. And why Vitalik created Ethereum.
*Vitalik Buterin created ethereum, the technology behind the cryptocurrency ether, after World of Warcraft developers weakened his prized character. According to his about.me page, he played World of Warcraft from 2007 to 2010 but decided to quit after game maker Blizzard nerfed his "beloved warlock's Siphon Life spell."
"I cried myself to sleep," he wrote, "and on that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring."
In 2011, after quitting the game, Buterin became interested in bitcoin and co-founded Bitcoin Magazine, he told Insider previously. Eventually, Buterin, who was born in Russia and grew up in Canada, dropped out of school at the University of Waterloo to focus on crypto full-time, according to his bio.
"I went around the world, explored many crypto projects, and finally realized that they were all too concerned about specific applications and not being sufficiently general - hence the birth of Ethereum, which has been taking up my life ever since," he wrote on his bio, which also said his political affiliation as "intellectual hipster meta-contrarian."
In 2017, he revealed to Wired his idea behind ethereum, the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH). "I saw everything to do with either government regulation or corporate control as just being plain evil. And I assumed that people in those institutions were kind of like Mr. Burns, sitting behind their desks saying, 'Excellent. How can I screw a thousand people over this time.'"
Buterin was just 21 when ethereum launched in 2015 with the help of seven other founders, whom he likened to JRR Tolkien's "Fellowship of the Ring." As in the book, the so-called fellowship eventually split, with a couple cofounders developing their own cryptocurrencies, including Cardano and Polkadot.*
Source: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/vitalik-buterin-created-ethereum-following-world-of-warcraft-debacle-2021-10?op=1
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2021.10.26 11:04 BusBusy3279 Why??

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2021.10.26 11:04 Wastedxadvances Success rate resources (euploid vs aneuploid)

We did our first ER in august and did a fresh transfer that ended chemical.
We didn’t test our embryos due to insane cost in Canada and my age.
We got 12 eggs, 11 mature, 8 fertilized and 7 made it to blast.
We’re preparing for our first FET this coming November and I’m pretty anxious.
I know it’s next to impossible to say but I’m finding it hard to find info on how many of these embryos are “expected” to be euploid based on my age (30) and my diagnosis is tubal factor (bilateral salpingectomy.)
I was shocked we had so many make it to blast (and feel so lucky) but of course my anxious brain is yelling at me saying they’re all not going to work.
Sorry for the rambling but thank you for any info!
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2021.10.26 11:04 GameOnBrother Fortnite Cube Queen Skin And Challenges: Where To Find A Shadow Stone, Bounty Board, And More

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2021.10.26 11:04 jomppero08 Nothing happened in the tiananmen square

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2021.10.26 11:04 nubesuko Is this just for me? Golem Island is now concealed by the mists or clouds on the Tac map.

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2021.10.26 11:04 makinghsv I'm a woodworker and furniture maker, and I recently made these coasters.

I'm a woodworker and furniture maker, and I recently made these coasters. Hey everyone! I recently shared this to cryptocurrencymemes and it got a very positive response so I'm sharing it here as well. Hopefully it'll give some of you all a break from looking at charts and DD all day. 😂
I just finished making a new desk top, and I needed some coasters to help protect it, so I made these. I'm calling them the Crypto Coasters.
I had some people request doge and shib ones, so I'm going to give that a try, and maybe I'll be able to share those as well.
The point of this post was to share some creativity with the community, however if anyone is interested in ordering some, they are listed on my website.
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2021.10.26 11:04 sayedrezha1 Newbie user saham, mohon pencerahannya

Berhubung semakin banyaknya aplikasi trading saham di Indonesia, ada nggak rekomendasi aplikasi saham di play store (yang bisa di indonesia) tapi dia jujur (yang kayak robbinhood aja gapapa), singkron real-time kayak yang di pake di room wallstreetbet atau superstonks, & saham yang bisa di invest gak cuman saham indo doang ?
Mohon pencerahannya suhu....
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2021.10.26 11:04 queenfootieL Rainy day feeties 🥺

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2021.10.26 11:04 Bastet999 Food allergies

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2021.10.26 11:04 Chef-BoyarDeezy PS4 Bug / Glitch with Scanner

Currently playing the game on PS4 but I can’t progress at all since Quill’s scanner won’t work. Visor comes down fine and works, but for whatever reason I can’t scan objects of interest when pressing R2. Anyone else have this issue and find a fix? Sent a ticket to support but who knows when I’ll hear back considering how née the game is.
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