Miranda Kerr – Harper’s Bazaar Greece

2021.10.24 07:05 teresh_vasyl Miranda Kerr – Harper’s Bazaar Greece

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2021.10.24 07:05 mrmilner101 Just do it

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2021.10.24 07:05 xhoker Albanian sword dance, Kosova.

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2021.10.24 07:05 armanddebest foto van de jaar

foto van de jaar
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2021.10.24 07:05 crazypig7 How would I build a goblin paladin?

I'm making a character for a new campaign I joined and was thinking of creating a goblin paladin. My vision is a tiny, cute little goblin smiting heretics. I plan to roleplay them with very little intelligence, and so they don't really speak that much. I think I'm going to have them wield a longsword (or maybe rapier if they are dex-based) and shield. Would you recommend building them for strength or dexterity, and what subclass would work best?
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2021.10.24 07:05 CrazyPhilHost1898 The "Big Three" of Media Production Crews and Their Notable Duties as Such

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2021.10.24 07:05 Plastic_Program9096 Need to change habit.

Got obsessed in chatting with online friends on Telegram. I need to change this bad habit coz I can't study but I also don't want to delete my telegram account. What shall I do??
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2021.10.24 07:05 VQDarquesse 10 years apart ...

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2021.10.24 07:05 Meg__1978 Test

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2021.10.24 07:05 JasonK32 Ad-hoc Hotspot Analyzer For Android?

Hi there,
I am looking for a tool that allows me to check what devices are using my ad-hoc hotspot network on android. I want to find out which IP is assigned to which device.
I tried like a dozen network/wifi analyzer tools on Google Play but they all work with Wifis not with ad-hoc hotspots.
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2021.10.24 07:05 Virtual-Advantage767 Elven Archer by Anna LAKISOVA

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2021.10.24 07:05 PiRSquared2 Now this is epic

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2021.10.24 07:05 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dingo] [Fire God] [Burnt Sienna Phoenix Wings III] [Fiber Optic I] [Black Dire Wolf]

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2021.10.24 07:05 ElixxerZ Fifa 22

if my 10 hour trial expires and I buy fifa after, will my progress from the trial save or reset???
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2021.10.24 07:05 ICryInShower Literally

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2021.10.24 07:05 tokenmaker1111 Tweet by TokenMaker#7810

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2021.10.24 07:05 satansbabiegirl I have no motivation and I don’t care about anything [NeedAdvice]

Hi, I am currently a junior in high school doing the IB diploma. In the past years my grades were relatively good without needing to study too much, but recently I’ve been doing poorly in almost all my classes. When I was in middle school, I would cry over getting Bs. But now i’m getting below a B range in my math class and I don’t seem to care. There are instances where I want to change and implement a routine, but then I give up and distract myself from thinking about it. I hate thinking about how bad my grades are. I always just distract myself by watching youtube or sleeping but when I wake up reality hits again and it makes me feel worse. All my friends are also incredibly smart (highest honor roll kind) and it makes me feel like i’m stupid or incapable of anything when I have to tell them about my poor grades. I have weak willpower and can’t seem to make myself care. I really want to get myself out of this hole. Does anyone have any advice? It would help a lot. Thank you.
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2021.10.24 07:05 IDonKnoY History inquiry

I’ve recently taken interest into the history of the indigenous population of North America. I am an Australian who loves history and would like to find a good documentary or book about the history of the culture. I’m sorry if I said anything offensive.
Sincerely, a curious Australian
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2021.10.24 07:05 AffiliateLeakz Shiba inu coin 2 Tall Update| Shiba inu coin to the moon| Top 2 cash for income |Shiba coin 1₹ soon?

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2021.10.24 07:05 AffiliateLeakz Shiba inu coin 2 Tall Update| Shiba inu coin to the moon| Top 2 cash for income |Shiba coin 1₹ soon?

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2021.10.24 07:05 trade_kraft Her first crinkle face

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2021.10.24 07:05 wizardofoloz WoTR Trickster Mythic Tricks

So I got a question regarding the Mythic Tricks, I see that there is K Arcane 3 trick that gives major bonuses for when you identify items. Is it only for weapons or do accessories count as well? Anyone tried applying the trick on any unique gear?
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2021.10.24 07:05 dirrtyremixes remixes: Jonasu - Black Magic //: HUGEL remixes

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2021.10.24 07:05 Hidayet98 Assigning role to members with certain amount of invites

Hey guys, I am wondering is there any way of assigning roles to people who have eg 5 or more invites.
Besides that is there any official way of providing XP for invites?
Additionally, is it possible to filter people who have eg level 10 and invited 5 people at the same time?
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.24 07:05 Bobfezz Looking for a calm caffee or workplace or studying in FES

Hello fellow moroccans, I am looking as the tittle sais for a calm place to study in fes in anyone has any suggestions please Best conditions to me : Calm ( as quite as possible) and preferably no smoking I don’t care about the wifi or anything else Thank you so much in advance
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