mildrage "SUNRISE" (Official Music Video)

2021.10.26 12:55 HorizonsRed mildrage "SUNRISE" (Official Music Video)

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2021.10.26 12:55 Reddit_user_robbie the opposite of assassin is dickdickout

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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber What Is Executive Privilege? Do Steve Bannon and Former Presidents Have It?

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2021.10.26 12:55 asparka tropical-rouge cutie figures

Found these at my local japanese grocery store (they didn't have coral when i first went so i bought them a few at a time)
i kind of wish there was a cutie figure of la mer as well but oh well
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2021.10.26 12:55 MicroscopicGalaxy New Leaves Are Coming Out With Almost No Pigment. What’s Wrong, And Is There Anything I Can Do To Fix It?

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2021.10.26 12:55 MadAbyzz How to make certain ai/objects to spawn in 3 or more seperate position

How to make ai/objects spawn on a certain place you wanted to like that sniper mission on the East wind side objective. Like different position for snipers and such. H E L P.
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2021.10.26 12:55 BowiePro You can now search featured artist tracks!

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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber Brandon Lee's Fiancée Calls for Change After Fatal Shooting on 'Rust' Set

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2021.10.26 12:55 champagneproblems__ [sell] [us] NWT align short 8” w pockets size 2 $50 shipped. Add 3% if paying g&s

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2021.10.26 12:55 NakitoSama Does the "New Deal" (Franklin D Roosevelt) have a socialistic approach?

Our topic in History class is the economy after the first Word War. We talked about the American economy as well, such as Franklin D Roosevelts "New Deal". I raised my hand to answer the teachers question and said that the New Deal is a socialistic approach (Not socialism). So people argued that you cant say its socialism, but I never said that in any sense.What is it then, capitalistic? I just want to mention something: Before you blame me in any way, I just found this subreddit to simply ask a question, Not to be involved in any debate
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2021.10.26 12:55 Distressedspaghetti Khan Academy Update

Khan Academy Update
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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber Israel to Shore Up Relations With Biden Administration After Outlawing 6 Palestinian Groups

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2021.10.26 12:55 chloe1919 Do what makes you happy.

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2021.10.26 12:55 Pale-Calligrapher104 Currently sat in my hospital bed.

Well yesterday I went to a doctor, and got rushed to A&E. I was actually buzzed drunk the whole night, which made the blood taking easier at least. After Xrays and lots of cold hands pressing on my tummy....yep, my liver is not good.
It's not cirrosis, or even hepatitis yet, but is the stage literally just before (ie if I hadn't come in and had left this a week I would have it).
Cried all night and am scared stiff. They say that my liver is something they'd expect from a 40 year old who'd been drinking for 10+ years, not a twenty year old.
Luckily, they've said it SHOULD be reversible if I go cold turkey, (though still need to do a scan to see how bad my scarring is). This IV drip in my arm is gross.
I keep having panic attacks so they've drugged me up a bit to keep me sleepier and calm. Lunch was disgusting and I threw it up.
One thing I hadn't really been expecting is that my vitamin levels are also tanked, potassium especially is dangerously low.
I was hoping to go home today but have just been told it is more likely I will be staying here for a few weeks.
I wish I'd stopped drinking sooner, I wish I'd come to get this checked out as soon as I noticed the pain in my sides, but it started in the left so I thought it COULDN'T be the liver, but it turns out the liver is a big organ and the left and right pain are both it protesting...
Shaking writing this, I am so scared. I miss my own bed and my partner. I really need a hug.
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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber Confederate Halloween Decoration Displaying Robed Figure Angers Community

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2021.10.26 12:55 kateromeo [lf] Frugal Hat (Any color!) [Ft] NMT/Bells

Even a touch trade would be amazing, ty!
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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber Photo of Grandma's Titanium Hip Joint Left Behind After Cremation Goes Viral

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2021.10.26 12:55 lukethedank13 Awakening 9 Of beasts

Despite Interiors best atempts too keep the entire affair under the Shil'vati version of a rug the word got out. News of wide spread anty imperial protest that were yet to be dispersed atracted some attention. This, dear reader, was not the good kind of attention.
Just few hundred kilometers southeast of the place afformentioned protests were taking place a beast most foul smelled blood and saw an oportunity.
»This pathetic exuse for a governess is letting them do this?« »She does nothing when those primitive lowborns publicaly showcase their trasonous tendencies! Is she too big of a coward to disperse a gathering of unnarmed second class citizens! Does she not have exos?« Loudly exclaimed Drag'ada Geltsnaxestris the governess of lands previously known as countries Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. That simply wouldnt do. 'Those primitives insult the Empress herself when they claim there is something wrong with being a part of her glorious empire.' Her bloated sense of self inportance could not let her tolerate this shamefull behavior. Imperial honour aside she would glady use this to enlarge her holdings on this world the way her glorious ancestors did in times of old
»Scintia get transports warmed up and call the guard. We have a traitor to arest«. Normaly this would be quite a bold move but when one belongs to one of the original founding families of the interior and litteraly has the right to dress her militia in Imperial colours combined with all family connections they can afford quite a lot of bold moves. With only four other famillies, five if we count the Imperial familly but this is kinda of a no brainer, that hold enough power to be able to measure to the wealth and influence of Geltsnaxestris family sghe feared no meaningfull oposition.
Those bold moves one can pull of by merit of being born into the right familly contain but are not limited to crushing real and perceived rebelions by mass executions and orbitall bombardment and taking over the teritories of nobles that failed to pacify them in the name of national security and personal glory. 'This small piece of land will be mine. Its pathetic 2 milions of inhabitants didnt even put up a prolonged fight when we first arived. This will be a piece of cake.'
Like twice before she flew in with 200 of her best troops. Proverbialy and literaly knocked down the door and arested the rightfull governes while her elite guard swiftly disarmed the militia. Militia that did not even try to resist. They couldnt, purple and gold uniforms made it clear like day they were outmatched. Not to mention that an atack on them could be seen as an atack uppon Empress herself.
Drag'ada swiftly brought in exo's and took the situation firmly under her control. Those pesky protestors were given a simple choice. Disperse or be forcefully removed. Those foolish enough not to head her warning were dispersed with liberal use of stunn set lassguns. Whille less than hundred militiawoman dispersed the gathering of tens of thousands the rest of her guard aided by officers of Interior arested many of louder troublemakers and seized all facilities previously held by governess Saziri's militia and placing the governess under house arrest.

'By the goddes! We had a start of something beautifull and this bitch had to show up and ruin it!' Anestra didnt know much abouth governess Drag'ada asside from some history of her familly name and what her mother told her. Her mother liked her 'effective' methods wich was a bad sign for everyone living under her rule. She also heard rummors that made her blood run cold but chose not to belive them so she kept the abillity to sleep at night.
Anestra remembered the conversation she had with Miha and was thankfull for distraction it provided. After a short wallk she entered 'Shill store' a store that was run by a sister of one of Saziri's militia members and as name implies sold Shil'vati goods.
»Hello, how can i help you?« A Shil'vati, who was visibly troubled this mornings events, asked.
»Do you have graphene foil and sweets?«
»We are sadly out of graphene foil.« A small smile apeared on her face, »some realy cute guys came and bought the entire stock the day we got it. They always do. Who would have thought graphene foil, Turox tape and electronic apliances would sell this good. It surely surprised me.« »Oh, im rambling arent i. Sory for that. Sweets are on the left.«
Anestra picked up some of her fauvorite snacks she wanted her frends to experience and gave a tallkative and stressed girl a goodbye. Then she walked to a nearest bus station and waited for a transport to arrive.

Sharphorned Elk and the gang had a converstation about the simbols he had seen inscribed on countless objects and surfaces. The concept of recording wisdom in such a way intrigued him so he, with her permission jumped in and out of Maša's mind and copyed her writing and reading skills for himself.
»Thank you for the wisdom you shared with me. I shall never forget it.« He was about to continue to shower her with pleasantries when his op magic hacks kicked in. »Your Shil'vati friend aproaches. She looks somber and is bearing gifts.«
He hid himself just the moment Anestra rang the bell. Miha of course had to be the one to open the door for her. »Hi, im sory i didnt text you im coming by. I brought some snacks.« As she walked past him Janez too could see something was wrong. He didnt have much experience with reading allien body languages but it was still obvious to him. 'Should i staight up ask her or wait and hope she opens up and tells us what happened. Did something happened at home? She never told us anything about her family.' The moment he thought about that a 'your thoughts dwell on your mother' Freud meme poped up in his mind. He almost loughed out loud.
Ana pulled the bags of candy out of her shopping bag and put them on a table. »My sisters and I absolutelly love those. Try them out and tell me what do you think.« »Thank you.« Miha didnt need to be told twice and tried something that looked like purple chocolate kisses. 'Diabetes here i come.' »It tastes like flavored butter« »Is this good?« Ana asked. »Yeah…, its good. You never tolld us about your sisters.« »I have tree sisters and one halfbrother. We are a wery small family.« She saw their reaction and elaborated further after she remembered humans do this whole monogamy thing. »We are a small family because my dad has only two wives.« »Oh, are any of your relatives here on Earth with you?« Maša asked. Anestra knew this was going to come up sooner than later sighed and looked at them to see how they will react when she dropped the bomb. »Im here with my mom.« »Is she working for the governess?« 'Here it comes' »No she works for Interior.« 'Was that shock? Disqust or disstrust? People always act weird when i tell them this. These tree actualy have a good reason to look down at me. Will they despise me for having such a mom?' »This explains some things.« Said Janez whille everyone including Anestra looked at him and wished he elaborate further. »Explains what?« Asked miha. »Well you got on Earth. All Shil'vati students i heard about are some kind of nobility so i guesed so are you. Your music taste can be explained with you having a very conservative imperialistic parents and lastly. You had a fight with your mom today didnt you?«
»How do you know that!« Anestra almost squeaked in shock. Janez sat next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. In normal cirqumstances that would make her blush and forget how to tallk but today she was frustrated enough for it to not afect her this way. »Look i dont mean to pry in your private life but is not really hard to see that something is trubling you. You can keep it to yourself or you can tell us. We dont know eachother for a long time but i can guarante you all of us here can keep a secret. It might help you if you tell someone what is wrong.« Every other day a small voice in her head would say. »You are weak. You cant talk about this with boys. You will ruin everything! No one likes weaklings.« Today, today she did something very hard. She spoke about her problems. You see biger the problems, be they disease of body or mind a traumatic experience or any other things that can weight heavilly on someones mind, harder it is to open up about it.
» I , I love my mom but sometimes she says things that make my blod run cold. Things that anger, teriffy and sadden me. It seems like we cant agree in anything. I dont remember her being so cold and consumed by her political beliefs. Did she change or did i just not see it before.« She breathed slowly, tryed to calm herself and continued. »She said that you are a bunch of unrully primates and that she is glad we finaly have a governess willing to put you in your place« She could see her frends react to what she had just said and felt ashamed of her mother.
»I have seen how our new governess dealt with people protesting before the parlament. My mother boasted they arested so many of them that they are running out of cells. I heard rummors about Drag'ada. Are they true? How can she support someone willing to do such things?« »Did she realy did all of this and no one did nothing about it? What will become of this place now she rules it?«
It was Miha that with a simple »yes« broke last of the walls she built in her mind. With those walls crumbling to dust the last remains of the idealistic image of Empire bringing unity prosperity and progres and always being heroic and right, she had learned from media familly and schools was fully exposed to a tornado of jagged glass that is a critical mind. As her worldwiev was finaly shredded apart by this proverbial tornado of sharp things she heard a small sound. Then something jumped on her lap and brought her back from the darknes of her mind.
She looked down and saw a black cat with green eyes looking back at her. She has been on human data net long enough to come acros some cat videos. She scratched the little woid behind its ears. Floof responded by closing its eyes and vibrating? 'Purring, is this the word for it.' »You never told me you have a cat.« »You never asked.«, Maša replied. 'This conversation realy took a 180 turn.' »Do you have any pets at home?« Maša asked. »I had never seen any Shivati pets. What kind of critters do you have out there?« Anestra had a hard time puling her eyes from purring felline but did manage to establish eye contact. »We have multiple companion species. Some from are from Shill other are from homeworlds of client species.
There are Reex they look simmilar to foxes but are covered in feathers. Then there are those… Ugh i dont remember how they are called 'Nighkru cat like creatures?'« Then there are some cute bugs and lizards but those have to be kept in terariums. And lastly fish and other water creatures that look nice but are hard to pet.« »It is kinda wild you have two companion species that can live with you.« »What do you mean two?« Anestra looked at Maša in surprise. »I have seen cats and dogs. They are great! Not all species are lucky enough to have two docile and frendly companion species evolve on their planet.«
»Oh, we have more than just cats and dogs.« Ana looked at her with dissbelief. »We have bunnies and guinea pigs normal pigs too. Cannaries, iguanas, hamsters, horses, geckos, parrots, pythons, fish, reptiles, spiders and i have definetely forgoten a few.« »Why wasnt i informed about this! You said horses? Big animal your ancestors used for transportation?« »Yup, they are on expensive side of things but make for great pets« »Those horny bitches are so buisy tallking about your men that they didnt even mention you have mounts that dont want to take a bite out of you! How did you domesticate so many animals? Did you domesticated all of them?« »We tried. Russians domesticated foxes like fifty years ago not to mention those madlads keep bears as pets since medival times.« »Bullshit! Picture or it didnt hapen. And whille we are at it i want to see all of the animals!«
Two hours and many »Aww« and »Are you all mad?« moments later they said their godbyes for a day. It suffices to say Anestra left in much better mood than she arrived.
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2021.10.26 12:55 ConorXXV Classic Controller Pro for GameCube Games

Is it possible to use Wii classic controllers to play GameCube games through nintendont? They seem to be better value then getting GameCube controllers and would work better for me if they do.
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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber Woman Tells Husband to 'Wipe Better' After He Complained About Her Pads in Viral Post

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2021.10.26 12:55 Berutorutouto6 211026 KINGDOM - Black Crown @ The Show

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2021.10.26 12:55 BrokenGlassCake [PS4] H: Stash Items W: any offers, caps, guns, armor, whatever

Cannot accept junk
Weapons (not in alphabetical order)
Asss Bowie knife
Bss boxing glove
J25ffr90 .50 cal
J50c15c compound bow
Q50c15rl double barrel
H25ffr25 fixer
Tse double barrel
BE50 lever
BE+p railway
B2525 10mm smg
Aa25ffr15rl Gatling gun
AA40s power attack +s power fist
Aasss spear
Aa50 hit chance 25 hunting rifle
AA40s power attack 90 tenderizer
Assasins50 hit chance 25 handmade
Gourmands50c25 handmade
BSS90 sheepsquatch staff
B25ffr15rl regular laser
BE lmg
Bsss sledgehammer
Bsss security baton
B50 hit chance 15c handmade
Bsss spear
B2525 combat shotgun
I50 hit chance 25 handmade
Isss grognaks axe
Isss tire iron
J2525 bow
J25ffr90 Gatling gun
Jsss shovel
NE15rl .50 cal
Q25ffr15rl ass head
Q50c15rl ass head
Q50c handmade
QE15rl 10mm
Q25ffr15rl handmade
BE15c fixer
J50c25 fixer
Troubleshooters2525 crossbow
TSE90 black powder rifle
Ts50c15c handmade
VE Minigun
VE15rl combat rifle
VE25 lever action
V25ffr25 railway
Assasins Ap sent heavy raider chest
Autostim ap wwr fsa LL
Autostim ap fdc heavy combat RA
Bolstering Ap wwr Metal LA
Bolstering Ap sent heavy robot RL
Bolstering Ap Cav Metal LA
Bolstering ap sneak USA RA
Chameleon Ap sent USA RA
Life saving Ap wwr Combat RA
Life saving Ap sneak FSA Chest
Mutants Ap sent Heavy leather LL
Unyielding +c wwr heavy combat LL
Unyielding +p wwr heavy combat RA
Unyielding Ap Cav combat RL
Unyielding Ap sneak combat RA
Unyielding +c wwr USA LA
Unyielding +i wwr heavy metal chest
Unyielding Ap fdc marine RL
Vanguards ap sent Metal LA
Other items
Gilded miningun
Gilded revolver
800 berry mentats
310 buffats
152 formula p
600 l&l 3
760 mentats
295 psyco buff
Submachine gun scorched killers receiver
Ultracite calibrated shocks
Barbed ss club and staff
Bear arms
Burning barbed ss staff
Double barrel scorched killers receiver
Poisoned ss staff
Shielded bos underarmor
Several pumpkin plans
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2021.10.26 12:55 Nebula4243 Banned! Not me my friend

So I just got up a bit ago and my friend just informed me and the group I play with that he has been banned. We have played tarkov together for more than half a year and we have been friends for over 6. He never cheats, he despises cheaters. But how would he be able to get this ban appealed because on the email he has no option to appeal. He loves this game, we play it all the time and this just is saddening.
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2021.10.26 12:55 Several_Bathroom_549 Anal warts question (is it possible)

Is it possible for a straight male that's never had anal sex to have internal warts? I had two external ones treated a few months ago which unfortunately reccured. I'm scheduled for a HRA to check the inside, but Idk how the hell they could be inside my anus when I haven't had any anal sex?
Just curious if anyone's seen or experienced this before.
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2021.10.26 12:55 swagNextTuber You Can Now Get Paid $1,000 to Sit on Your Sofa and Watch 90s Rom-Coms

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