Någon som har grejerna på saga stq?

2021.10.26 12:26 Ill_Pie_2285 Någon som har grejerna på saga stq?

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2021.10.26 12:26 MutModProd Kyarram

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2021.10.26 12:26 bravedude420 Lumenier chief V2 2207 2050kv

Hi Reddit Getfp is selling the lumenier chief v2's for $13. Should I get some? and how do they compare to other motors like the iFlight xing2's? Thanks
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2021.10.26 12:26 jakob42 Wo nach Grafikkarten in DE suchen?

Im Internet und Reddit finde ich viele Ressourcen wo man wann suchen muss, um eine Grafikkarte für viel Geld (anstatt unglaublich viel Geld) in den Staaten zu kaufen. Auf Seiten wie mydealz bin ich immer zu spät. Weiß jemand wo man hier am besten eine rx 6700xt oder eine gtx3700 bekommen kann? Ich bin bereit zu warten, suchen und Webseiten zu überwachen, hab aber keine Idee wo... Und wenn ich warte bis die Preise sich normalisieren, warte ich wahrscheinlich noch ein Jahr.
Danke euch!
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Link- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FTPaa7bq14-OCG57PTVzwP5pNl0chZOaaIJtSLirVKA/edit
1) States Which Get 2 Candidates Gets Closed. 2) States Which Are Colored Are Open- Affiliations-
• Red - Senate Only
• Blue - Governor Only
• Purple - Both Senate & Governor
3) Please Don't Register In States Which Aren't Opened.
Election Day- 4th November, 2021 EST
Note- To Run For President, Comment Here.
Special Note- To Run For Hanua Kai Or US Virgin Islands Senator, DM Me On Reddit/Discord.
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2021.10.26 12:26 ITNETT Sony lanserer imponerende kameratelefon med en viss bismak

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2021.10.26 12:26 LitenOFul 3 minute macaroni with ketchup. Of course eaten out of the pot with a spoon

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2021.10.26 12:26 DarkSoulGr epic siege mod pet not following

so... for some reason epic siege makes all tamed mobs including from other mod mobs to not follow you... they just stay and stare you, and i cant find any config file to disable it or something do anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.10.26 12:26 RestinPete0709 My professor shared this in class today 😂

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2021.10.26 12:26 GDNotAnAWPer2020 Can anyone give me some tips on HOW to beat this level? Like it’s So HARD!

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2021.10.26 12:26 DeezNutsDD7 UPC Experience

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2021.10.26 12:26 Bozzaholic The 5 best Bonfire Nights firework displays in Essex for 2021

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2021.10.26 12:26 alteredXcarbon Just dug through the Jmod Nex and ToA reddit post to see what feedback they are going to look at

In a thread designed for feedback related to Nex and ToA, changes to group ironmen stores was the most upvoted posts. Good start. The next are mostly about the Nex rewards not being rewarding enough, needing more dps, and wants for the gear to be replacing current meta.
Criticism for the rewards offered by ToA has been brought up time and again, with the Jmods ignoring that feedback for the most part and doubling down on their designs except for a few irrelevant changes like a tiny bit more defence on the glass cannon masori set. The only items worth mentioning other than masori have been the wand and shield, which are both liked except for the opinion that the devs have created another blowpipe. If it's several hundred mill, this is fine imo but it'll absolutely kill the harmonise though.
Jmods are going to look at the highest voted and go off that probably. Disregarding the multiple displeased players who have also voice their opinion. Lastly, the rewards polled removed any excitement I had for end game osrs. At least there are updates, however hollow they are for the end game community.
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2021.10.26 12:26 ottermagic35 Cash Canadian Government Check to my US S-Corp

Hi -- I have a check from the Canadian government made out to my US S-Corp. I tried depositing via Bank Of America and it was an utter shit show. It took them 3 months until I got the check back. Apparently, my endorsement was canceled and the check was sent back to me. I have tried to open a Canadian business bank account but was unable to because my S-Corp is a US-registered company and NOT Canadian. I have no idea what I should do and my accountant doesn't know either. Should I cross out my endorsement with my initials and then rewrite my signature? Any US Banks better equipped to deal with Foreign Checks than BofA? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.26 12:26 thislittlefawn What Is The Soap Opera Sequence In Email Marketing

If you’ve never watched a soap opera before, the stories rely on open-ended, high-drama episodes that hook the viewers in and keep them coming back every single day to find out what happens next.
The programs are continuous narratives that never conclude. The characters are always either getting into trouble or getting out of trouble, falling in love or breaking up, heading to jail or escaping, dying or magically reappearing.
If you relate to the characters, you can’t help but get sucked into the drama and want to know what’s coming next.
We’re going to use the same story structure and elements to create your opening email sequence:
>Email #1: Set the Stage. >Email #2:Open with High Drama. >Email #3: Epiphany. >Email #4: Hidden Benefits. >Email #5: Urgency and CTA.
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2021.10.26 12:26 cmurray92 $PROG ORTEX DATA 10/26/2021

$PROG Ortex Data:
PROG’s setup is one of the most extreme I’ve seen since analyzing Ortex data.
SI at 67.25% or 32.26m shares (up from 2m in early September).
CTB 134/259/324 min/avg/max (up from 16% in early Sept).
Utilization obviously maxed out at 100%.
I’ve never seen numbers like this. There has been some covering by shorts, but not nearly enough to justify these numbers, and it seems to just be accelerating out of control.
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2021.10.26 12:26 UpbeatSignificance17 Current state of FUT (Old Gen PS4)

Slow menus are really killing the experience for me this year. That coupled with "sticky" gameplay is really putting me off grinding. Input lag is a real issue, even on my gaming setup. Old gen feels like a mobile game rather than a standalone game mode 😓anyone else feel the same?
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2021.10.26 12:26 Florasfloras Goldfish plant er no?

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2021.10.26 12:26 helloworld537 What do liberals think of capitalism?

In my opinion capitalism for all its faults has done humans a great service, far more than than any other system.
Its has turned backwater countries with little to no infrastructure to giants on the global stage and has decreased world hunger and poverty greatly in the last few decades. Take a country like Mexico for example 30 or 40 years ago you wouldn't see a fat person for miles, now they are regulars occurrence especially in northen Mexico.
However liberals that I've seen for some reason hate capitalism,
I cant make sense of it because to me its always been the best system and I have seen nobody suggest a better system so I come here to ask.
Forgive me if my speech is funny for English is not my first language
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2021.10.26 12:26 Bozzaholic Covid in Essex: The 10 worst hotspots this week

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2021.10.26 12:26 monarchvviceroy Christina Aguilera

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2021.10.26 12:26 alleyway_account Taking my life away (I think)

What should I tell him before I do it?
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2021.10.26 12:26 Belatin EthernityCloud is one of the much-awaited projects nowadays.

The #EthernityCloud is one of the promising projects this year and because the EthernityCloud team is hardworking and competent that's why I am sure that it can deliver all of the necessary features and functions in the platform on time. that's why? don't delay and join now! for more info. just visit https://www.ethernity.cloud
#crypto #blockchain #cryptocurrency #cloud #decentralized #altcoin #confidentiality #privacy #token #coin
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2021.10.26 12:26 sksksk1989 Saw this on a job listing. Who wants to be team members guys, sounds like fun.

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2021.10.26 12:26 420catnip_ What is your first impression of me?

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