Painted again after months off

2021.10.26 11:16 inkedblooms Painted again after months off

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2021.10.26 11:16 AudibleNod Judge halts sale of apartment complex where Black graves were buried beneath parking lot

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2021.10.26 11:16 Technical-Ad8510 Birthright: The NFT Trading Card Game

What if kitchen table play was possible with digital cards?
Birthright TCG available now on Kickstarter
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2021.10.26 11:16 Virtual_dani_fan_663 Another List Of Mapcrunch Liminal Spaces

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2021.10.26 11:16 henker220 23M Ocala, FL/Charlotte, NC - Looking for friends close by

Hey, ya’ll! I’m Edgar. I'm obsessed with history. In fact, I’m a history major in college and plan on pursuing a PhD in Latin American studies. Apart from that, I like reading nonfiction books on history, politics, economics, etc; listening to music; gaming (PS4 and PC); and more.
My favorite genre of music is rock/metal, but I also listen to rap, EDM, and Latin music. I listen to a lot of Russian music too since I’m learning to speak Russian. Some of my favorite artists include Kino, Agatha Christie, Bi-2, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Pantera, Slayer, Children of Bodom, and many more! My favorite TV series include Power, Narcos, The Sopranos, and anything else about gangsters/organized crime.
On that note, I also have a morbid fascination with mob bosses/drug lords and dictators. For example, did you know that Mao Zedong never bathed or brushed his teeth?
I am Latino (Panamanian/Puerto Rican). If you’re curious about what I look like, peep my post history. I’m looking for people between the ages of 18-32. I am an atheist and liberal so keep that in mind before you message me. Also, I am looking for someone who is 420 friendly. Apart from that, send me a message and let’s see how things go!
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2021.10.26 11:16 throwaway-lostoldone Sore throat

So I have taken a break before and now trying to quit for a bit but each time I do after about a week or two my throat starts to kinda hurt. Is this normal? The last time it stopped once I started smoking again
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2021.10.26 11:16 tln826 Car Trunk Tenkara

You never know when the family might call you during your drive home and ask you to wait an hour to pick up pizza on a Friday evening, or when you have an extra 30 minutes on your lunch break.
I try to keep a tenkara rod in my car trunk for this exact reason and it ends up being my most used rod. I know some manufacturers do not recommend storing your rod in hot place (like a car trunk during summer), so I have tried to keep my TB36 out of the trunk. I kept my Oni Type III in the trunk most of this summer and it has held up flawlessly. Still, I am always tinkering and was thinking that it may be better to have something with less expensive and easier to replace parts.
So, if you you did/do keep a tenkara rod in your car, which one is it and why?
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2021.10.26 11:16 Competitive_Pipe_630 King Karol Handschuhe

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2021.10.26 11:16 federalreverse Can't access kucoin subaccount on phone app?

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2021.10.26 11:16 kateforddd Any tips on how to beat Roxas on kh2.5 remastered!!?

Keep dying. Super frustrated. HELP.
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2021.10.26 11:16 reddit_feed_bot bennyjohnson: RT @martinavila: RightForge, the American server and infrastructure company committed to an open internet — the marketplace of ideas. #TruthSocial #rightforge

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2021.10.26 11:16 pashtun92 Solving a problem related to the x-axis and y-axis of a dynamic chart

I have a sample sheet available. Basically, this is a small part of a larger investment tracker, which tracks both cryptocurrencies and stocks based on the input of a user. This problem specifically revolves around the issues of "bad" automatic choices for the x-axis and y-axis when creating a dynamic chart. The idea is that different users will be making use of this spreadsheet so I am looking for a global solution as opposed to simply changing the x-axis and y-axis to fit the specific values of my spreadsheet.
Please take a look at "Logging of Networth". This is the sheet with the input data. The data table goes from 'Logging of Networth'!D:T and I named this table "NetworthTable".
This is the formula I am using in cell B2 to create the input for the dynamic chart:

=IF('Copy of Dashboard'!C9 = "1 Day", QUERY({NetworthTable}, "Select Col1, Col2"), IF('Copy of Dashboard'!C9 = "Lifetime", QUERY({NetworthTable}, "Select Col4, Col5"), IF('Copy of Dashboard'!C9 = "5 Day", QUERY({NetworthTable}, "Select Col7, Col8"), IF('Copy of Dashboard'!C9 = "1 Month", Query({NetworthTable}, "Select Col10, Col11"), IF('Copy of Dashboard'!C9 = "6 Month", Query({NetworthTable}, "Select Col13, Col14"), IF('Copy of Dashboard'!C9 = "1 Year", Query({NetworthTable}, "Select Col16, Col17"))))))) 
Explained in words, I am looking at the copy of dashboard sheet, specifically at cell 9 where I decide the type of chart I want. Choices are: 1 Day, Lifetime, 5 Day, 1 month, 6 month and 1 Year. Depending on the choice I make, it retrieves two different columns with data for me.
I also made a chart in the dashboard sheet as you can see. The problem is this chart choses it x-axis and y-axis automatically but the choices are bad. For example, in the 1 Day chart most numbers are around 48k. Therefore, it looks like a flat line chart. Some others are okay (like the 6month and 1Year) but others are not (lifetime, 5-day).
I was thinking of storing the minimum and maximum values per column somewhere (either in app script or in the sheet with base functions) and then building the chart every time using macro's and inputting these values for x-axis and y-axis specifically in the script. However, rebuilding the chart every time someone changes the choice of the chart seems like a suboptimal solution to me. I was hoping someone could help me out here with some base functions in the sheet.
Many thanks in advance.
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2021.10.26 11:16 Joadow420 Need help with config

I am trying to disable the stranded expedition mission type and cant figure out how. I dislike this particular mission because if you have mods that have new parcels or maps they overload the vehicle and make them impossible to complete, happened to me before.
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2021.10.26 11:16 boxermansr Albuquerque Netflix expansion begins as charter school on studio-owned land plans its own move

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2021.10.26 11:16 Androrr My new BF4 video. Hope you enjoy

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2021.10.26 11:16 No_Slice_9812 Middle class Ape checking in. Every share counts🚀

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2021.10.26 11:16 watan592 جنين : الاحتلال ينصب حواجز عسكرية ويداهم محلا تجاريا في برطعة

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2021.10.26 11:16 Winner123456009 Declan's skill be like:

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2021.10.26 11:16 QueeLinx A redistricting proposal has left Homer neighbors feeling stranded, highlighting a complex process (Kenai Peninsula Borough AK)

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2021.10.26 11:16 LeftUnite47 Labour MP hits out at removal of Novara Media's YouTube channel -

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2021.10.26 11:16 the_one_dude_ My rating on each HN alpha

Now with these ratings i know alot of you all will strongly disagree. So lets get to the ratings.
Pre-alpha; 5/10 To be honest its a very nostalgic alpha, but it would of been better if there was more stuff, The build would of also been funner if alot of annoying bugs didnt exist. So for PA i give it a 5/10
Alpha 1; 7.5/10 Very fun alpha, there was alot more stuff then the other builds. The house was bigger making it more scary to explore, And the map was even bigger.
Alpha 2; 7/10 A little annoying sense the neighbor was more fast. But other then that its still a great alpha.
Alpha 3; 6/10 Not that great, and you guys know why
Alpha 4; 4/10 Lazily done, looked like it was rushed.
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2021.10.26 11:16 carlo626 Mournival units for both solar auxilia and militia auxilia missing?

Even when I press the mournival rules active it doesn't work am I doing something wrong? Thing such as the auxilia flyer doesn't get added.
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2021.10.26 11:16 Dankeesha 🐕🐕🚀🚀

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2021.10.26 11:16 petitgod Such and obedient little boy

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2021.10.26 11:16 conokuri Any Nintendo fans wanna be mutuals on Twitter?

I want more Nintendo fan mutuals and friends on Twitter! Add me @conokuri
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