KDA Evelynn work, made by me on MMD

2021.10.26 12:52 Patopolis37 KDA Evelynn work, made by me on MMD

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2021.10.26 12:52 Ravioli4u Day 26, Free Get Up And Go Challenge October 2021. Confidence SOAP!

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2021.10.26 12:52 EpicShortFilms Does the obake actually morph into human form?

I've had an Obake as a ghost already and tried looking up instances of it taking the form of another player. Has anyone actually experienced this, though? I wasn't able to find any video of it ever happening. Is it even supposed to happen in the first place?
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2021.10.26 12:52 Strilyx how poeple think hamlinz looks in the first butiful drawing from Khaosl0l and then how this stupi mf acually look

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2021.10.26 12:52 Honest-Chocolate2936 People are sounding real nervous, keep that toxic stuff to yourself. Sell in peace, hodl loudly, 📈 for the family

No time for the weak hearted
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2021.10.26 12:52 hacker_backup AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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2021.10.26 12:52 HolyTony2 3 weeks into 3rd Cycle Nebido - blood results

Testosterone = 42 NMO/L 17 Beta Oestradiol = 71
Surly sending my T that high to crash at week 10 is purely an accident waiting to happen?
Also what about my oestradiol I’m told this is normal ?
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2021.10.26 12:52 CalmRoll Unable to connect via blutooth

I got my miner about a week and half ago and I can't get it to connect to blutooth to onboard the miner, I keep getting this message "hotspot not found on onboarding server." I've emailed bobcat about this twice in the past week and half and they have not responded at all. What can I do? My bobcat is just sitting here being useless. Thanks!
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2021.10.26 12:52 DestinyD4 Smile for the camera, Shotzi!

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2021.10.26 12:52 Crip_Toes Tesla Price Discovery [New from Benjamin Cowen]

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2021.10.26 12:52 ORVReader Lineman vs Namsoo A Battle of Legends

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2021.10.26 12:52 Thingmahbobber How do I keep my diamond safe?

Hi Diamonds !
I've been lurking on here for a while, but I finally have a question for you lovely folks. Sorry if this is long.
I am very much a beginner in learning about diamonds/jewelry, so please keep that in mind!
I was recently informed that the engagement ring diamond from my parents' failed marriage belongs to me. Hooray! I don't believe in curses, so I don't think the presence of the diamond will plague my future marriage.
According to the "replacement value" document my mom sent me from Tiffany & Co. when they bought it in 1986:
It is a "round full cut diamond weighing 0.56 ct., River (H) VS1."
I didn't know what "river" meant, so I did some research. From what I understand, this is an older color grading scale. But what confuses me is that the sources I found describe River as in the D or E range while H should be categorized as Wesselton. I know this doesn't really matter, and that it has to be reevaluated under today's standards, but I just thought that was interesting!
Anyway, after the divorce, my grandmother had the diamond reset in a necklace, and sold the ring setting to help out my newly singled mom (dad drained the account before he walked out—a different story for a different subreddit). So I now have the diamond in a simple solitaire necklace setting (asking for it from my mom was very fun and not stressful at all /s).
My partner and I are now in the process of figuring out the ring itself. We are both artists, so this is pretty fun for us. I did a rough sketch of what I want on Illustrator, and he ended up making a full-fledged 3D model of it on Blender. So, we know what we want, for the most part. The next step would be to work with a jeweler to create it and confirm the logistics.
We sent the 3D model to a mid-range local jeweler (not a mom and pop—they have 3 locations in our area, but none anywhere else). We can put a refundable $50 deposit down to get a CAD and a quote. A different jeweler just wanted us to hand over the diamond immediately without discussing the process, which made me feel weird.
So, here's where my question (finally) comes into play: How do I keep my diamond safe when I hand it over to the jeweler?
I have no idea if this diamond has any etchings. It has a "diamond #" and a "registry #" on the valuation document, but I don't know if any of this would be in Tiffany's systems now (probably not). I believe Tiffany began etching their diamonds with serial numbers in the 2000s. How do I confirm that the diamond I bring in is the one they give back to me? Is there some sort of insurance I can get? Can I fingerprint the diamond? Can I whisper a secret code to it and it will repeat it back to me when I receive it? Or is this all about trusting your jeweler? I have trust issues (see dad walking out noted above).
I appreciate your help with this. This is a mix of scary and exciting!
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2021.10.26 12:52 pork26 The Democrat Party controlled governments will not tolerate insubordination

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2021.10.26 12:52 9housedawg1234 We love you too jeff

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2021.10.26 12:52 supremePE New position/wife expecting

I’m applying to 2 new positions inside my company. Im a pretty strong candidate, well known in my company, so I believe i would get interviews and offers from both positions. My wife is pregnant and we have a parental leave policy that will allow me to be out of the office for 3 months about 8 months after I start the new position. My wife will stay with our newborn for 5 months and then I will stay 3 months. When should I bring this up in the interview process? I don’t want this to be something that will negatively affect my candidacy. I also want to be straight with my future boss and set real expectations. I know the hiring managers but I’m not supper close with them. Given the level of work involved in these positions they may put a lot of weight on this if I bring it up. Even though this would be considered discrimination, the hiring process is so subjective it would be easy for them not to select me for an interview or give me a lower rating in the interview to justify not hiring me after they find out I would be leaving for 3 months.
To reinstate the question, given this circumstances, when should I inform the hiring manager that I would be taking 3 month parental leave 8 months after being hired?
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2021.10.26 12:52 Loriess Politics in Runeterra

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2021.10.26 12:52 boi02344 Always will be a LEGEND

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2021.10.26 12:52 qazmlpfghcvb White and pink

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2021.10.26 12:52 ztribal57x She also liked my story

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2021.10.26 12:52 tamhoangtu Hu

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2021.10.26 12:52 quocpham2020 Lọ nến thơm với hoa lavender

Lọ nến thơm với hoa lavender
Hoa Lavender
Lavender, một loài hoa được biết đến với cái tên “Thảo dược tình yêu”. Thật không có gì để chê về loài hoa này. Hương thơm thư giãn, tán lá đẹp và màu sắc đáng yêu khiến nó trở thành một trong những loài hoa yêu thích nhất của mình. Màu tím mộng mơ, thủy chung của hoa lavender mà kết hợp với nến thơm thì còn gì lãng mạn bằng.
Hoa lavender rất thích hợp để trang trí và làm đồ thủ công vì nó rất dễ sấy khô. Đơn giản chỉ cần thu hái những cành hoa khi chúng đang nở rộ, buộc chúng lại với nhau và treo ngược ở nơi khô ráo, tránh ánh nắng trực tiếp của mặt trời.
Hãy lựa những nhành lavender được sấy khô đẹp nhất đặt chúng vào một lọ thủy tinh và kết hợp với nến thơm thật xinh xắn nhé!
xem thêm tại:https://chillnen.com/lo-nen-thom-voi-hoa-lavende
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2021.10.26 12:52 Outhouse_Decorator [Very Short Post-Match Thread] Derby County U23 - Crystal Palace U23 - Gameweek 9

[Very Short Post-Match Thread] Derby County U23 - Crystal Palace U23 - Gameweek 9 Final score: Derby County U23 - Crystal Palace U23 2-3
This was a must win game against the team that was last in the league, with 1 win and 6 losses. Most definitely affected by the absolute mess at their club right now, Derby were understandably a sure victim against Palace. And yet, it wasn't that easy. Paddy McCarthy sent out his best 11 (including Rich-Baghuelou who was at fault for both Brighton games the game prior):

Perhaps not yet recovered mentally from the Brighton away loss, we again started somewhat suspiciously, and Derby had 3 shots on target in the first 10 minutes. In the 15', following a fumble in the Derby box, the ball reached Adaramola who curled a shot excellently in the top corner to make it 1-0. Nine minutes later, Adaramola would provide the assist this time, his cross being superbly put away by Scott Banks, with a volley in the top corner. 2-0 Palace and everything seemed to be going according to plan. The plan being, of course, to lose the 2-goal advantage, as we have been accustomed this season. 49', Adaramola loses the ball close to the box, and Derby make it 2-1. In the 58', Aghatise let fly a rocket from outside the box, and Withworth could only punch it into the net. 2-2, and by God this was Palace's song. In the 73', Jake O'Brien recovered a ball in his own half and advanced with the ball, which made its way to Nya Kirby, but his pass into the box could not be converted. The ball reached Omilabu, who squared it for JRS, only for JRS to put it away cleanly. 3-2 Palace, and a much needed away win. We are now 4W-0D-5L, and are sitting 8th in the league.
Next up, we're playing Blackburn Rovers on Monday, November 1, at 2PM UK time.
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2021.10.26 12:52 SnooBananas1429 In Barney and Robin’s wedding. Did Robin really love Ted? Or just the stress?

All my friends said it was stress but from what I see Robin really love Ted at that scenes. But for the greater good Ted chose to drop the opportunity. What y’all rekon?
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2021.10.26 12:52 autobuzzfeedbot 8 Most Popular Romance Archetypes In Video Games

  1. Blue-Haired Rebel Girl
  2. Smart, Sneaky Mage
  3. Misunderstood Flirt
  4. Older, War-Hardened Men
  5. Broody Elf
  6. Big, Sweet, And Dumb
  7. Fiery Altruist
  8. Dark Haired, Dark Hearted
Link to article
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2021.10.26 12:52 jskatz05 Database Security Best Practices on Kubernetes

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