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Bike goes left and human goes right

2021.10.26 11:34 itzyani_04 Bike goes left and human goes right

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2021.10.26 11:34 realware Classic arcade gaming brought to the blockchain. Join us at retrocadebsc

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2021.10.26 11:34 thatisgangster Near Tremont street, Boston

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2021.10.26 11:34 Adventurous-Spot-219 Fixed index annuities

I'm inheriting four non qualified annuities and two traditional iras. Getting prepared to roll them into my name. Two of the annuities have low cost basis, so those will need to be stretched over lifetime. I'm 46. The other two annuities have a higher cost basis and I plan to withdraw those down to cost basis in 5 years, then pull out entire remaining amount tax free and reinvest elsewhere. Traditional iras will be withdrawn over 10 years, but if a correction hit the markets, I would pull more out earlier. I do not want to withdraw everything at once as I'm already in a higher tax bracket.
Question is, I do not feel very optimistic about the current economy with covid, inflation, supply shortages, gas prices, rising interest rates, and home values out of control. To be honest, with everything happening in the economy, I don't see why the markets are doing what they are doing??? Looking at putting annuities into a 5 year fixed index annuity for the time being as I would hate to have everything riding on the stock market and then a correction would wipe out half of everything my parents worked so hard for. Then, if a market correction did hit, I could pull 10% out of each annuity, pay the tax, and put that into the stock market.
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2021.10.26 11:34 Gland120proof H: 50 nuke cards W: caps/bobble heads/mags/treasure maps/junk

Conversation rates per nuke card:

-100 lead
Let me know if you’re interested - I’ll be available to trade in 8hrs from time of post but will check back throughout the day. You can make an offer with any other 0 weight items too if you wish. Thanks!
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2021.10.26 11:34 somechickfrombuffalo I need to get it out

Please, please be kind.. I just need to get this out somewhere. I’m in a bad headspace and feel like I’m spiraling.
I lost my best friend of 14 years yesterday. My only friend. When I was diagnosed with RRMS about a year and a half ago, my friends stopped inviting me to things because they were worried I “can’t keep up anymore”. Even though we’re 28 and I can do everything still. I just need a little extra time. But then my best friend stopped inviting me over her house - even to just hang out. But was constantly posting online the same few friends over multiple times a week. Not doing anything. Just chilling. i reached out to her last night because I truly wanted to understand what was going on, and what I can do to fix it because I miss her (and honestly I’m so lonely. I work from home and live in the country so I’m always by myself).
She blamed it all on my MS. She said she feels cautious with me now and I again mentioned I just miss hanging out. We don’t have to do vigorous activities. ESP since she has an autoimmune disease as well so that comment threw me off. Then she said she doesn’t know how to verbally interact with me anymore which really stung. If I could post our conversation on here I would - to show how apologetic I was and that I know my MS makes me slur my words or I take a longer time to understand things now and get foggy head but I had just seen my neuro yesterday morning - and she was getting me set up in speech therapy to help, and I’m trying a new medication. And I told her all that. She knows the routine with her disease. Our friendship still ended. And it hurts worse than I ever thought. Not just because she was my BEST friend for so many years and everything we’ve been through… but that dreaded reason. From the moment I was diagnosed, I was terrified of people treating me differently now. I had told her that too. But I guess she got tired of dealing with the “new” me - and no longer had the extra patience when I needed a couple extra seconds to get my sentence out. Or forget what I was saying. I never judged her autoimmune disease. Ever. I was there with her every hospital visit. And she ends our friendship and blames it on MY incurable disease. That she knows has made me have very dark thoughts.
I don’t know where to go from here. Minute by minute. Why was I given this life?
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2021.10.26 11:34 italianrelic SBR Engraving in Hampton Roads

Looking where to go for an engraving my sbr. DOA arms used to do it no longer offer it. Anyone point me in the right direction I’d much appreciate it! Thanks. 🤙🏼
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2021.10.26 11:34 Pisstrick Would you rather get a school bus put up your ass or have a school bus tied to each ball flooring it in opposite directions. The only way out is to bite your own nose off.

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2021.10.26 11:34 goIdencake which 14” macbook pro model to get

i’m an upcoming psychology university student, and am updating my 2016 13” macbook pro. which model should i get?
i’ll be using different statistical software for my studies, but during my free time i create many videos and edit audios that now take up a significant portion of my memory. i also have begun using photoshop and illustrator, and cannot use it on my macbook as it glitches out constantly.
which model (more abt the chip itself) should i get that will allow me to work with all these platforms with ease and not require a second screen to balance out the stressload?
thank you!
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2021.10.26 11:34 Itz_LilyGacha I saw this title on Youtube and it just...

I saw this title on Youtube and it just...
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2021.10.26 11:34 NlGHTGROWLER Vision of the Archangel Tzadekiel

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2021.10.26 11:33 alexkim595 DEFI on near?

Hey all, am new to NEAR, any advice on the best DeFI farm on near protocol?
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EVERY JARCAST RANKED AND REVIEWED EPISODE 20 “SHAVE YOUR GRUNDLE” submitted by drugsniffingdogs to JARMEDIA [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 11:33 Definetlyherobrine day three of posting did you mean sb memes

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2021.10.26 11:33 noekie1996 I sold all the sh!t i bought

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2021.10.26 11:33 redstorm1998 so my daughter's friend had her birthday party at one of those make your own pottery places and this is what she came home with

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2021.10.26 11:33 MechaGaren 3d tomorrowland cityscape?

I've been trying to find or I guess make 3d models of tomorrowland, or at least its buildings. I found all the buildings from spain, as well as ofc space mountain. So i have the spaceport and that central building that Casey walks down.

I'm looking for at least the spires, i might try to model them myself today I guess. Anyone have any leads or tried to rebuild the city? I know there was a minecraft recreation but it actually doesnt look that accurate to me? Maybe just some buildings are similar. Anyone have any resources? Thanks.
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2021.10.26 11:33 voreason_ Dji Mini 2 Footage | Cranbrook Gardens 4K Drone View

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2021.10.26 11:33 CommanderV2017 Free YouTube Shoutouts & Channel Reviews! / PAANGAT PROGRAM

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2021.10.26 11:33 Filmfan345 11 years ago, The Force Unleashed II was released!

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2021.10.26 11:33 macevilc SAF was on the training pitch with Ole. What do you think happened to the players? Hairdryer?

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2021.10.26 11:33 swazl KPMG Transaction Services Case Interview

Got a second round KPMG case interview coming up and am quite unsure how to properly prepare for that. The only thing I know is that I will involves one part to forecast growth/revenue and one part to say something about how events affect underlying EBITDA.
Anyone with experience any cases from big 4. Please let me know!
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2021.10.26 11:33 lololol1162 Thick Arab Mature

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2021.10.26 11:33 3yhwtwrbafi So I recently got Qiqi...

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2021.10.26 11:33 commieland New cdlc announced, what do you think?

The most intresting thing about this dlc is that it is the first creator dlc that takes place in the 2030's, all of the other dlc's have been about the cold war. Personally i think this looks much better than iron curtain. But what do you think?
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