What can I do with my debit card

2021.12.08 05:45 Squashy_Dictator What can I do with my debit card

I just turned 18 few months ago , I got my sbi debit card few days ago. How can I use that money? Should I invest or something
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2021.12.08 05:45 thisiswhatyouneed99 Okey less go

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2021.12.08 05:45 apollo33876 <3 send on kik to Ebowers33, real couple looking for tributes!

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2021.12.08 05:45 markos_c Visit my Teespring store for minimalist hoodies!

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2021.12.08 05:45 niuz-bot Dosar penal pentru moarte suspectă după ce un bărbat de 33 de ani a decedat la Policlinica Giurgiu - [Justitie]

Poliţiştii giurgiuveni au deschis dosar penal pentru moarte suspectă după ce unui bărbat de 33 de ani din comuna Ulmi i s-a făcut rău în incinta Policlinicii Giurgiu şi a decedat.
"În după-amiaza zilei de marţi, 7 decembrie, poliţiştii giurgiuveni au fost sesizaţi prin Sist...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/justitie/2021/12/08/dosar-penal-pentru-moarte-suspecta-dupa-ce-un-barbat-de-33-de-ani-a-decedat-la-policlinica-giurgiu--827446
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2021.12.08 05:45 niuz-bot Incidenţa COVID-19 în Bucureşti a ajuns la 1,21 de cazuri la mia de locuitori - [Sanatate]

Rata de incidenţă a COVID-19 calculată la 14 zile pentru Bucureşti este, miercuri, de 1,21 de cazuri la mia de locuitori, potrivit Direcţiei de Sănătate Publică.
Cea mai mare rată de infectare cu SARS-CoV-2 în Capitală a fost atinsă pe 22 octombrie - 16,54 cazuri la mia de ...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/sanatate/2021/12/08/incidenta-covid-19-in-bucuresti-a-ajuns-la-1-21-de-cazuri-la-mia-de-locuitori--827453
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2021.12.08 05:45 PUHDBAS How would you process having your interior “glitter bombed”?

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2021.12.08 05:45 Vami_IV [EVENT] 1504, The Longest Year

1504 Even from where he was sitting in the castle in Stuttgart, Ulrich could hear the drums, flutes, and chatter of the armies assembling around the Empire. He could hear them sing,

Trum, trum, terum tum tum,
Die Landsknecht zieh'n in Land herum.
Trum, trum, trum tum tum,
Mit Trommeldröhnen und Gebrumm.
from faraway Italy, where Maximilian once again gathered a force to do battle with the French. He could hear it to the north, in the Palatinates as armies gathered there, and to the east, where cannon began to roar in the War of Landshut.
In time, he would come to hear it from everywhere around him and, increasingly, from within. There was no possibility of Württemberg's being uninvolved in all the affairs of the Empire, as one of its great and powerful names. Ulrich, donning armor that was for now metaphorical, wondered if the long year of 1503 would ever end and if he could ever escape the shadow of 1501.
The Council of Esslingen (December 1503 - January 1504)
This was perhaps always destined to be "Short" Council of Esslingen.
The death of the Duke of Bavaria-Landshut and the resulting succession crisis and war sent Swabia, so recently plagued by peasant rebellion, into a panic. Calls for a meeting of the Swabian League were immediate, first by single worried knights or burghers but in quick succession by entire Rats of member City States and the Sankt Jörgenschild, beckoning all members who could to meet as soon as possible in the Free Imperial City of Esslingen am Neckar, as close to presently neutral but paralyzed Stuttgart as possible.
There, the small collection of Princes and army of burghers, knights, and observers, recognizing clearly that Württemberg was in a bad way, would beg Duke Ulrich to set the Duchy's affairs in order before conflict returned to Swabia. Ulrich, a little overwhelmed, promises just that, and invites everyone at the council to attend the Diet of Tübingen, opening just to the south whenever Ulrich can arrive in the city.
This is agreeable to many of the men assembled, and together the knights, princes, and burghers of the Swabian League gathered at Esslingen ride south.
The Diet of Tübingen (January - February)
The opening of the Diet of Tübingen was like the release of a long-held, anxious breath for the whole body of the Duchy. It was time to finally put 1501 to bed. Whether it was an inhale or an exhale was anyone's guess, however. There was much to be discussed, even at the outset: the Regency; the Bavarian War; the debt; the territories and estates inherited by the Duchy as a result of deaths on Crusade; and, most distastefully to all involved, the recent peasant crisis and reforms of Rothenburg.
As the Diet loomed, and again as Ulrich and the Swabian League observers arrived in Tübingen, the political factions that had defined the year rallied again and once more underwent change.
The Ulrichers, a coalition of Knights and Prelates, stood to lose much and gain nothing. It was their hope to preserve, as much as possible, the existing feudal apparatus Duke Ulrich as their figurehead. The overwhelmingly Landschaften Legalists, meanwhile, appeared to have everything to gain from the Diet, and they knew it. They knew, too, that with the peasants still a force to be reckoned with, and by championing their own rights as peasants' rights, that they held the best cards at the table, too. The arriving Swabian League members gathered around this or that banner, with the Knights of Sankt Jörgenschild joining ranks with their brethren amongst the Ulrichers and the Imperial Cities of the League joining forces with the Legalists. All, despite the Ulrichers' name, were against the Duke, who for his part just wanted to get things over with.
The occasion became momentous straight away. The Estates were straight away unanimous in seeking a new Regency, striking down the fringe of Ulrichers who sought the repeal of the Treaty of Esslingen and Ulrich's immediate accession. Though the very decree, issued by the Archbishop of Salzburg, calling for this Diet had defeated their cause already, the Estates saw fit to declare this intent again.
But before the Ulrichers and Legalists could lock horns and decide the shape of the new Regency and who should fill it, the topic of peasants' rights seized the focus. The peasants in truth had no allies but themselves, for even the Cities, remembering Lübeck, feared them. But they couldn't be ignored and, as shown by their continued striking and tax evasion, they would not be ignored. if the rebellion of the spring was to be avoided, and future, probably worse rebellion averted, there would have to be give.
What was eventually given was the right to free movement within the Duchy for all its inhabitants, a Legalist platform, and eventually the right to emigrate out of the Duchy. This was a good start, thought the peasants, who next asked for the right to remonstrate against unjust lords. It spoke to the peril of the times that the peasants' representatives almost convinced the Estates to grant them this. As did Ulrich standing up in his seat, unbound by any Regent, and granting the right to remonstrate directly to him. "Very well," the Duke of Württemberg said, "you work my land, so upon my land shall you tell me your woes."
The Diet hall exploded. The peasants were shocked - was Ulrich indeed a Heaven-sent ruler? - the Legalists were stunned, and the Ulrichers horrified. Horrified and, many felt, betrayed by their noble Crusader. Who had been whispering into their puppet's ear? The answer, not that anyone believed it, was no one. No one but Ulrich had moved Ulrich to stand and, with the voice of a King, give them the same right the Estates had exploited to rid themselves of Duke Eberhard II in 1498. And it stuck, because the Legalists, realizing that Ulrich was truly with them, whatever the reasons, struck. If the remonstrance was to Ulrich and the Estates, the Legalists would support it. Ulrich agreed, and so it was. In the country there was much rejoicing, but in Tübingen there was much trepidation.
Now it was time to again reduce Ulrich to a mere chess piece. The Estates, firmly reminded of their pressing need of a new Regency, wasted no more time. The Ulrichers, furious and collapsing as a force, could not prevent the achievement of the Legalists' first goal: a regency council of seven men, made up by three burghers, two nobles, and two prelates. The latter were decided practically before the Diet: the Abbots of Bebenhausen and Zwiefalten. The burghers to sit were also uncontroversial picks. But the nobles picked represented last hurrahs for the Ulrichers and their erstwhile namesake. Revising their previous anti-Habsburg position, the Ulrichers, now called the "Noble Party" and led by the Abbot of Zwiefalten, demanded a pro-Habsburg man to protect their interests. What they got was Andreas von Waldburg, one of the previous regents and the Count of Sonnenberg. The other noble was Konrad Thumb von Neuburg, a compromise pick and suggestion by Ulrich that the Estates, Ulrichers and Legalists all, found they could easily stomach. In addition to being named to the Regency, Neuburg was also made Bailiff of Urach.
With the Regency reconstructed, it was decided to adjourn the Diet for a time to allow the Regency to begin functioning and the attendees to see to their own affairs. The Knights of Sankt Jörgenschild, disgusted, took the opportunity to depart Württemberg and begin their own preparations in case of the spreading of hostilities from Bavaria. The Abbot of Zwiefalten, for his part, pledged to resist the Legalists.
Ulrich retreated to Bebenhausen for a short hunt and some much needed rest. Aside from his birthday, 8 February, he did not find it, as burghers, knights, lawyers, and more besides sought audiences with him to plead or to castigate or to thank. It all wore on Ulrich.
The first meeting of the new Regency could have been better, but paled in comparison to its first meeting with their Duke at Bebenhausen. There, the Abbot of Zwiefalten, remembering Ulrich's inability to speak Latin, took pains to speak as much of it and as little German as possible. For a time, Ulrich merely clenched his jaw until veins began bulging in his head. But after a hour of this slight, and with a jab at Ulrich from the abbot, the Duke exploded. His face became flooded with red as years of pain and humiliation flowed out of him. Ulrich screamed until his voice went hoarse, chastising the Abbot for having the temerity to insult not just his vogt, but a man who had taken the cross and for that crime been captured and imprisoned, forgotten by the Church in faraway Edirne, and a man who was simply trying to right by his people. The abbot was unappreciative of Ulrich's insolence and screamed back, calling him among other things a poor student and an impulsive brat. A miracle, and a separation of bodies enacted by the other Regents, was required to keep Ulrich's fist out of the Abbot's mouth.
The two took pains to not be seen together thereafter.
(March - October)
While the Diet was in recess, the Swabian League representatives still in Württemberg met widely and openly with Ulrich, Legalists, and the Noble Party. The Palatine and Landshut armies had met up and defeated Munich in the field, and the situation was growing dire. Whatever was not critical for immediately getting Württemberg back into his regional saddle had to be placed on the backburner, or so they implored. Luckily for the League, Ulrich, the Regency, and the Estates were inclined to agree.
Recalling its army of lawyers and the members of the Estates - sans those members of the Noble Party already planning to contest in court whatever redrawing of the maps the Legalists sought - the Diet returned in March and considered the topic of Württemberg's outstanding debts. Opening the Ducal records and calculating the sum remaining to be paid, which amounted to something like 350,000 florins, all were suddenly thankful for the Count of Fürstenberg's financial policy. After the requisite debating, motions, discussions, calculations, and negotiations, the Estates found that as a body they could easily eliminate the remaining debt.
What they request, in addition to the earlier conciliation to the peasantry, was that the Duke and any Regency that might hereafter govern Württemberg had to call the Diet ahead of the instituting of any tax, raising of any troops, or declaration of any war. Ulrich informed his Regents that all this was acceptable to him and, defeated or satisfied depending on the Regents, they too assented.
And then it was September. In Bavaria, the Duke of Bavaria-Munich and his forces were trapped in their capital while Salzburg reduced the southern half of Bavaria-Landshut, which now split its armies to besiege Munich while covering their own capital. And to the north, at Rothenburg, the long awaited Imperial Diet finally opened. Away rode Ulrich, the Abbot of Zwiefalten, one of his Burgher regents, and a battalion of scribes and jurists. Behind them, the only task left was to finish the Treaty of Tübingen and publish it. In October, with the closing of the Diet of Tübingen, the Treaty too joined Ulrich in Rothenburg.
The Diet of Rothenburg (September - October)
Ulrich had had no delusions of the months containing Rothenburg being full of anything other than stress and letters. But he had not counted on the treason of the Duke of Guelders, the formation and rebellion of the League of Arnhem. Yet again the Swabian League met, this time unbidden by anyone as all its members were already gathered at Rothenburg, to discuss matters on the Lower Rhine. So dire was the matter considered that Ulrich and the Abbot of Zwiefalten, though they never so much as looked at each other, co-signed a letter to the Habsburg Lowlands.
And then a letter for the Abbot arrived, which he revealed first to Ulrich in confidence, and then to the Swabian League. Certain Württemberger burghers had sent money north to Arnhem. It filled Ulrich with dread. He had been on the Legalists' side thus far but, as the Abbot of Zwiefalten pointedly asked him, were they on his side?
Yet again, Christmas held no solace for Ulrich. There was to be quiet night. There would be no peace in his World.
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2021.12.08 05:45 Stay_Frosty_Girl Is He Only Talking To Me Cuz I’m Pregnant?

Me and this guy have been talking for almost a year, we live very far away from each other (many states away) but here I am now knocked up. Before the pregnancy he was always so quick to block me and try to cut me off but then I’d cry my way back in his life. Now it’s opposite I’m considering cutting him off and he doesn’t let go for now. He wants to be there for the baby. He has two other kids from his ex that he’s a great dad to. That’s all fine and dandy, but at the same time I don’t like being lied to. Like why say I love you when he may not mean it? Also since he’s far away it’s not like he can help my needs….my hormones are crazy. What do y’all think?
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2021.12.08 05:45 wvfish Being a Darkie fan kinda sucks sometimes

Honestly, it’s just a bummer pretty often. I really just wish I had some people to talk about Spider Gang with, but most people who know of Darkie will just dismiss him out of ignorance or go in hating him no matter what the music sounds like. They’re also constantly shitty and mean about the fanbase, like yeah Lil Darkie fans have plenty of cringe to go around but the people mocking you will literally be fucking Playboi Carti (or insert any other artist) fans, whose fanbase has the exact same trait of being filled to the brim with children and young teenagers who inevitably do something cringy. It’s also really hard to relate to a lot of other fans; I thought of myself as young (I’m 20) but Jesus like 80% of the Darkie fans I see are under 18, often even 14 or 13.
I really just wish people would give the music a chance without already hating it because they don’t understand Darkie and his message, and that they wouldn’t be so shitty about it if they did end up not liking the music, idk.
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2021.12.08 05:45 ahallber Can you write interactions on an NFT contracts, that go across chain? From polygon to Ethereum? Such as if the person Minting on eth has a specific NfT on Polygon, then they are get a discount on the one they are buying? I have found your tutorials extremely useful and insightful!

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2021.12.08 05:45 Takagixu 211208 Honda Hitomi Twitter Update

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2021.12.08 05:45 thePro_gramer it says that EEPROM programmer should include Windows Software, but there wasn't any

I bought the EEPROM programmer (along with the 6502 kit) and it says that it should include windows software, but I don't see a disc or a USB attached it.

Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.08 05:45 WUURMFOOD What if Hope and the scientists research…

Actually turns out to make a new dangerous variant??
The scientists have been working on a cure, just like we saw the French were doing, but they “made it worse”.
Who’s to say the same won’t happen here?
No one is really talking about this. Perhaps that post credits scene was more of a hint at what COULD happen tampering with the science of zombies. More a hint of things to come in the USA rather than us getting to see anything abroad.
The scientists in the US are doing the same thing, are they not?
I am starting to see that post-credits scene a little differently after watching it a few times. What if it’s a poorly handled clue at what to expect from our own world beyond scientists lol.
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2021.12.08 05:45 useless-memer Lf exclusives or other stuff (dm/rb galaxy foxes as well maybe

I have 1 bil gems to spare
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2021.12.08 05:45 Saviorofmypeople Anyone highly ranked interested in being FPL soundboards for each other?

Most of my real life friends who follow football and play FPL do so very casually. I'm trynna link up with someone to discuss transfer ideas and general strategy where we can act as soundboard for each other.
I'm really into following football, have a decent understanding of football strategy and am ranked top 1k rn (2nd season playing). If you're highly ranked (atleast top 10k) that would be awesome.
Slide into my DMs if interested.
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2021.12.08 05:45 PortugalNewsBot Arquivado processo sobre morada falsa do deputado João Almeida

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2021.12.08 05:45 GreenNapster Fast Lane X-6 Nightcrawler 6-Wheel Drive RC Truck $29.99 + Free Shipping ~ Amazon [Deal Price: $29.99]

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2021.12.08 05:45 commentchannel CSS question: If we have a div which is 80% width(no height) then can the div inside of it have 100% width and height?

I did it and for now it does what I want it to do. But sometimes even incorrectly written code works.
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2021.12.08 05:45 Chacheckcha I just got obliterated 7 times after trying to kill somebody in god who was killing me whilst I was afk

I give up on this game
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2021.12.08 05:45 Dovaskarr B37 150k km, 2016, is it reliable?

My grandpa wants to buy a 216d and is going crazy for it and dosent want anything else. He found one but is still waiting for some money but as soon as he gets it he will go and buy it with no knowledge about 3 cylinder engines, bmw in general etc. So I just want to know if people had problems with that engine in general?
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2021.12.08 05:45 BIRBIGD99 US House passes 2022 NDAA, with $7.1B earmarked for the Pacific Deterrence Initiative

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2021.12.08 05:45 RSSierra White whale Drop ship crossed off

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2021.12.08 05:45 pizdokleszczessa hell numbers haha

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2021.12.08 05:45 NickyBoombotz1 WTB old warren lotas pieces preferably brand new

Looking for any old type for warren lotas pieces size xxl comment them below and I will get back to you with offers or if you have a set price already let me know
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