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Not a huge Rise fan, but Ollie's has a bunch of them in stock, so I figured I might as well add them to the collection!

2021.11.26 20:56 Ectomane Not a huge Rise fan, but Ollie's has a bunch of them in stock, so I figured I might as well add them to the collection!

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2021.11.26 20:56 xanaxxy TRYING TO FIND THE NAME OF A MOVIE!!

the scene i can remember is a child they’re bald? with this metal thing on their head, drilled into their skull? iits recent i think and j saw people saying about how it was so terrifying people were having nightmares and panick attacks and stuff? I DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT ITS CALLED!
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2021.11.26 20:56 Cartwheelbubblegum Pulled BEELSTARMON on last pack!!

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2021.11.26 20:56 NSFWcitation Choose the fighter that showed the Warriors Way (Bushido Spirit) win Karate Combat merch signed by the legend Bas Rutten(12/2){WW}

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2021.11.26 20:56 OnixOni [Yakuza 5] Never doing that Coliseum again.

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2021.11.26 20:56 runner52494__2 JFK 50 Mile - 2nd, 5:35 (7th fastest in race history)

## Race Information

* **Name:** JFK 50 Mile
* **Date:** November 20, 2021
* **Distance:** 50 miles
* **Location:** Boonsboro, MD
* **Website:** [https://www.jfk50mile.org/](https://www.jfk50mile.org/)
* **Strava:** [https://www.strava.com/activities/6284389068/overview](https://www.strava.com/activities/6284389068/overview)
* **Time:** 5:35:44

## Goals

|B|Compete well|*Yes*|

## Splits


## Training

My initial plan for the spring was to run both the Chicago Marathon and JFK 50. My talents and future in the sport absolutely lies in ultras, but I haven’t quite yet given up on the road marathon. However, after talking with my coach, we both agreed that the 6 week turnaround from Chicago to JFK (while doable) was less than ideal. My rationale was that trying to race both at full effort would lead to a subpar performance for both – I would rather really nail 1 race than run 2 I hit at 90%. Since the 2024 Marathon Trials Standards aren’t out, I didn’t want to waste my fall on an all out marathon effort. So, JFK 50 became the “A” target of the fall with Chicago remaining on the schedule as a hard tune-up workout effort. My entry in to the world of ultra marathoning had been pretty rosy - the #4 American performer ever at 50 miles in the fall of 2020 to breaking a 30 year old, highly respected Strolling Jim 40 course record in the Spring on 2021. Both were solo time-trial experiences, so I wanted a race that offered the competition for me to really measure myself against the best in the sport.

The theme of this training cycle was trying (and failing) to recapture the magic I found last year when training for Tunnel Hill 50. During that cycle, I was crushing 3 long runs a week and seemed to be ascending to ever higher planes of fitness. This cycle included a job change + move - Lexington, KY to Boston for a job with New Balance - and a persistent grumpy left achilles. Both were just enough to keep me firing on what I felt was 90% capacity. Objectively, workouts went well, but I never really got into the groove of training like I did last fall.

I ran Chicago at workout effort as planned and had a blast running [2:24 for 25th place](https://www.instagram.com/p/CVEeIoMsjKZ/) in less-than-ideal conditions. From there, I focused on recovery and nailing the last 6 weeks of training before JFK. The most notable change I made this cycle was to include several trail + road combo long runs to get used to dumping my trail legs off after 90 minutes and shifting to efficient road running. The most notable of these was in Littleton, NH with 10+ miles on singletrack straight into 22 on a flat rail trail. These runs helped, but there’s only so much you can do to prepare for the mix of hilly trail, flat tow path, and rolling roads that JFK throws at you.

You can see my full training here.

## JFK Background

It’s helpful to have a little background on JFK. It’s the largest and oldest ultramarathon in the country with this being the 59th year of the race. The field is always very competitive and the course has some tremendous history. Names on the all-time list are instantly recognizable for fans of the sport. I wanted to run the race not only to finally dip my toes into the nationally competitive ultra world, but also run a race on a course that would allow me to compare my effort against the titans of the sport.

The course itself is very diverse and after over a half century has taken on a life of its own unique to the event. It’s not a trail race and it’s not entirely a road race, so both road and trail specialists can’t fall back on their strengths. It takes an all-around good runner to compete well at the race. The official course description is below:

*The first 5.5 miles (starting on road surface and joining the Appalachian Trail at 2.5 miles) gains 1,172 feet in elevation. The course from 2.5 to 15.5 miles is on the Appalachian Trail (except for two miles of paved road between 3.5 and 5.5 miles). This section of the AT is very rocky in sections as it rolls across the mountain ridge. At approximately 14.5 miles the course drops over 1,000 feet in a series of steep “switchbacks” that then crosses under Rt. 340 and connects with the C&O Canal towpath. The “Canal” section of the JFK 50 Mile is 26.3 miles (from 15.5-41.8 miles) of almost totally flat unpaved dirt/gravel surface that is free of all automotive vehicle traffic. The JFK 50 Mile route leaves the C&O Canal towpath at Dam #4 and proceeds to follow gently rolling paved country roads the last 8.4 miles to the finish. The Boonsboro start is at an elevation of 570 feet. The Williamsport finish is at 452 feet above sea level.*

## Race

The race itself went off 6:30 AM. Hoka runner Adam Peterman and I jumped out front to an immediate lead on the road. I focused on running easy and keeping close tabs on my effort as we climbed the 500+ feet on the road to the AT. Adam and I chatted a bit the first few miles and I could immediately tell he’s a super nice guy. We had a few mutual connections in the sport and talked a bit about the race itself. We hit mile 1 in 6:19 and Adam remarked “only 49 to go!”

As we began to climb more and more and approached the start of the trail section, I felt Adam’s pace begin to inch a little faster than I was comfortable running so early in the race. While I was tempted to ignore reason and try to run with him, I knew the smart thing to do was back off and run my own race. I hit the start of the trail section 11 seconds back of Adam and watched as he scampered off into the woods. I continued to catch glimpses of him at various points until about 5 miles in. I told myself to focus on my race and to not think too far beyond just getting through this first 15+ mile trail section of the race with my legs still feeling fresh and in-tact.

Things remained pretty unremarkable until mile 6 when an unmarked turn through me for a loop. I was 80% sure that the right fork was correct, so I turned and ran about 50 meters down the trail. Suddenly, though, I was paralyzed by indecision and fear of taking a wrong turn. I stopped and ran back to the intersection for another look. Still seeing no indication of which way was correct (other than a gut feeling of how the trail looked), I yelled out hoping some volunteer down one of the trails would respond and provide some evidence my decision was right. When no one called back, I just went with my gut and ran down the original trail I had chosen, losing somewhere between 60-90 seconds.

I had no idea if I was still on course until a mile later when I came across a hiker and asked “did you see another runner up ahead?” She replied “Oh yeah…he’s a ways up there. Better hurry up!” Other than being slightly entertained by the unsolicited annotation of the race, I was relieved that Adam and I were at least on the same trail. I still wasn’t fully convinced I was on course until course volunteers appeared another mile later. I thanked them for being out there and let myself relax that I had indeed stayed on course. “Now just focus on getting to the other side of this trail feeling good and whole.”

The 10 mile aid station was a burst of energy that was a welcome change from the silence of the woods. I blew through it and headed back up another climb. At the top I had a long line of sight of the aid station area and caught a glimpse of the pack of 3-4 guys chasing me. I took note of the gap and tried to not let it change how I was attacking the trail. So far, I felt good and within myself. I was determined to not let the knowledge that there was a 1-2 minute gap back to the next pack be a catalyst to do something stupid like run too hard up the next climb.

I kept this mindset the next 5 miles as the trail slowly descended and finally hit “the drop” from the ridge down to the C&O Canal. On the switchbacks I finally had another long enough line of sight to catch a glimpse of the pack chasing me down from the ridge. I took note of the gap but immediately turned back inward and focused on getting off the mountain without falling or destroying my quads.

After a tricky descent, I finally burst out of the trail and onto the road to a line of cheering spectators and crew. It was a nice welcome off the trail and I enjoyed the run down to the C&O canal to meet my crew for the first time. We had rehearsed my shoe/vest swap the night before. The shoe plan was to swap from the New Balance Fresh Foam More Trail to the RC Elite 2, while the vest plan was to swap my vest for an entirely new one with fresh nutrition so that I didn’t have to mess with refilling bottles. I ran to my crew, ripped my vest off and threw myself into the chair. [My boyfriend helped get my trail shoes off](https://www.instagram.com/p/CWgspR-LWft/) while I was tying the RC Elite on the other foot. I was told Adam had a 7 minute lead. This was the first specific time feedback I had gotten the whole race, and I was honestly a little shocked the gap was already 7 minutes. I was hopeful I could make up some time on the C&O canal. My legs still felt pretty good and I’ve always been solid at running \~6 minute pace deep into an ultra.

The rest of my crew helped get my fresh vest on and gloves back to me as I peeled out of the aid station. I later found out the whole transition was done in 45 seconds - a 10 second improvement from the dress rehearsal the night before! I focused on trying to dump off my trail legs and get in the groove I wanted to hold for the next marathon of the race. “Just find the flow.” I started to find a little of it, but the really fluid state I usually find was frustratingly elusive. My achilles started to hurt and got worse and worse for about a mile. It finally started to subside and mostly went away, but I still couldn’t find the flow I wanted.

I passed an aid station and unexpectedly saw my crew again at 19 miles for some cheers. I waved and blew through, trying to not let on that I wasn’t exactly thriving. Robbie, a teammate from college there crewing was a few steps past the aid station and told me I was about 7 minutes back. I was a little frustrated that despite having just run 5 or so 6 flat/sub 6 miles, I was still losing ground. I knew then that Adam was probably not coming back, and the best thing to do was to focus on running the canal as well as I could.

I still couldn’t find any flow, but things at least didn’t feel hard at mile 20. That began to change at mile 22 when I began to feel the fatigue start to creep in. Suddenly, the enormity of what I had left began to seep into my mind. I started to wonder why, of all the things to do in the big wide world, I had chosen to make ultras my “thing.” I shut that toxic train of thought down and kept telling myself that I had gotten through these races before. It was going to be hard, but I knew this was something I could do. I set my sights on mile 28 when I’d see my crew again next.

At 28, we had a quick vest swap and another update that Adam was about 10 minutes ahead. I briefly hit a solid groove around 30 miles and for a moment felt like myself. A biker going the opposite direction gave me some love and said “you look stronger than that guy up ahead.” I latched on to the first and only bit of news I had heard so far that indicated Adam was indeed human and showing cracks. For a few blissful minutes, I actually felt like myself and felt like I may be able to squeeze something more out of the last 20 miles of the race. As soon as it came, though, the feeling left and I was once again confronting the 2ish hours of running I had left.

I made a deal with myself to just focus on getting to an hour left. With under an hour to go, I knew I’d be able to muscle my way to the finish. If I could just get to that mark, things would be ok…

My last crew stop was at mile 38. I was hurting and they knew it, but the vest swap went smoothly and cheered me on as I headed off on the last leg of the journey. The remaining 4 miles of the C&O canal agonizingly ticked by, and suddenly I finally found myself on the road. The change in surface was an immediate mood booster. The shockingly steep hill at mile 42 was an immediate mood killer. I got halfway up, saw it turned yet another corner, and decided to just walk the hill. I was genuinely afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish the race if I ran up the rest of the way.

When the hill finally topped out, I reluctantly began running again and was pleasantly surprised at how my legs were responding to being on pavement. I knew Adam was long gone ahead of me, but I was worried about 3rd place running me down the last 8 miles. Nutrition wasn’t going down as well, but I knew I needed to keep the flow of calories going. I stopped for 5 seconds at each of the last 3 aid stations of the race and threw back a cup of Coke at each. The new source of calories seemed to hit my system in a way that Gu no longer was able to. Each time I put down a little coke, I had a few minutes of improved running.

Over the last 3 miles, I kept checking behind me for a glimpse of 3rd but never saw anyone. All I wanted to do was walk, but I dutifully trudged forward, each mile slowly ticking by. I finally approached the finish line and laughed at how cruel it was that they gave you such a long finishing stretch for 50 miles. I crossed in 5:35:44 and [have never been more happy to be done with a race](https://www.instagram.com/p/CWhRKNoMD9). My crew enveloped me and made sure I knew I had just run the 7th fastest time in JFK history. Adam had run an incredible 5:19 for the second fastest time in the history of the race, just barely missing the course record. I hung around as the next few people came in, and it became apparent that this was one of the deepest and fastest years ever at JFK. On the podium, we learned it was the fastest top 10 in history.

## Final Thoughts

The longer I am in this sport, the more I begin to consider what it is that I want to ultimately get out of it. Pushing your limits as a runner to be the best version of yourself is noble, but at some point I will find where that line is. Eventually, the years of training and racing will be boiled down to a few stats of what I was able to accomplish in the sport. I want an impressive resume and to give everything I can while I am able, but at the end of the day, I don’t think that’s why I still do this after 15+ years of competitive running.

What I want more than anything out of this journey is war stories and memories and adventures with people I love. Every time I hear someone like Andy Jones-Wilkins talk about their running career on a podcast, I’m floored at how easily story after incredible story flows. I’m impressed with what someone like Andy was able to accomplish in terms of results, but I’m even more inspired by the way these people were able to use these experiences as a tool for a life well lived. While I have some big goals I want to accomplish in the coming years, I’m making sure to first and foremost enjoy the journey I’m on and be thankful that I’m surrounded by people I love. Because one day, I won’t really care that I finished 2nd at the JFK 50…but you better bet I’ll still be telling the story of a 45 second shoe change over a glass of bourbon with old friends.
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2021.11.26 20:56 Possible_Abrocoma_22 ‘Yell timber’: Families rush to get a Christmas tree amid the holiday supply shortage

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2021.11.26 20:56 bigpapamonkey Articuno on me rn

9478 4959 7540
Right now
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2021.11.26 20:56 moh1111 Which one is better; They are roughly the same price.

Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop 15.6'' FHD 165Hz, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060 6GB GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 10, English Keyboard, Phantom Grey with speckles
Dell G15 5511 Gaming Laptop 15.6'' FHD 120Hz, Intel Core i7 11800H, RTX 3060 6GB GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Windows 10, English Keyboard, Dark Shadow Grey
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2021.11.26 20:56 GHBbaron Anon realized he isnt on the internet

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2021.11.26 20:56 Blue-Barnacle Not directly related to Succession, but Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Travis Kalanick of Uber in upcoming HBO show. I’m getting Succession vibes

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2021.11.26 20:56 loehex What a great thinker lol

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2021.11.26 20:56 JustATwink123 All I want for Christmas is a partner 😭

Comeon Santa help a bi guy out, please? I beg you lmao
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2021.11.26 20:56 KlingonSquatRack Coconut oil

I season my skillit with coconut oil. Roast me
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2021.11.26 20:56 TheSa1nts [USA-NY] [H] Keychron K3 v1 Hot Swappable Low Profile Keychron Optical w/ Blue Switches and a set of red switches [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/pjixLTl
Used for approx. 4 months on the blue switches. Comes with all accessories.
I have an extra set of red switches.
Asking for $70 shipped for red switches & keyboard.
Local is 10003.
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2021.11.26 20:56 Ppwata Anybody want to guess the mystery comedian who drank himself blind?

1st clue. He is a Vikings fan.
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2021.11.26 20:56 KoiReborn A man has no obligation to pay for anything on a date

Listen I’m broke as fuck and also single so take this with a grain of salt. However, why the fuck does this persist in our culture that one gender is obligated to pay for things on a date? This cultural norm is bullshit, if you feel like you have to pay for things to satisfy your ego then sure. AND honestly the first date can be a big deal, so it’s probably best for whoever initiated the date should probably pay. Afterwards though, if you two are mutually hanging out, there should always be a give and take in a relationship. If there is a continued expectation that I will pay for things for you, you can fucking kick rocks.I work so I can pay, you work so you can pay, but I am not your fucking piggybank. You are a grown adult, if you like doing fun things with your boo, expect a bill once in a while.
FYI: don’t expect positive dating results from this approach unless you’re dating an emotionally intelligent woman. Also don’t be so mean about it like me.
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2021.11.26 20:56 throwawayaleatoria Não vou poder ir no aniversário da garota que eu gosto

Sou um estudante do terceiro ano do ensino médio. As aulas estão acabando e esses podem ser os últimos dias que eu tenho contato com a minha crush, por assim dizer. Comecei a tentar puxar assunto esses dias por WhatsApp e resolvi que tentaria falar com ela pessoalmente também.
Agora que entra a parte triste. Um pouco de contexto antes disso: eu sou uma pessoa insegura, muito insegura. Qualquer coisinha que dá errado já me faz pensar que é o fim do mundo. Um exemplo disso: mandei um meme pra ela hoje, ela ficou online e offline sem responder, o que me fez considerar desistir do amor como um todo (sou bem dramático também, como é possível perceber). Ela respondeu depois, nem demorou muito.
O que vem agora é: ela me chamou pra eu ir no aniversário dela. O problema é que é o mesmo dia do casamento do meu irmão, exatamente no mesmo horário. Isso me deixa ainda mais triste, porque meu irmão já está casado com sua atual esposa há meses, mas tem que ter cerimônia na Igreja e uma festa enorme por puro status.
Conclusão: não poderei ir ao aniversário da minha "crush". Sinto minhas chances se desmancharem com o vento. A única coisa que consigo pensar agora é no quão injusta é a vida. O que eu devo fazer?
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2021.11.26 20:56 nagerb Blurry bottle brush

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2021.11.26 20:56 Saltysers06 Improve Professionalism on FM21

How can I improve a player's professionalism (currently 1 on hidden attributes), he is 21 but mentoring doesn't seem to have any effect despite a player in a similar position on 20 professionalism in the same group. Very frustrating as class player, but has missed numerous big games due to being out the night before. (FM21)
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2021.11.26 20:56 GarfieldSighs3 How to have multiple accounts on Sonos app for Beam control?

Hi All -
Is it possible to have another user use the Sonos app on their phone that still registers our full setup? The Sonos app is on my phone, therefore, I have the full control of our Beam Soundbar for speech enhancement, night mode and obviously many other settings.
My wife wakes up super early and when she watches TV in the morning while I’m still asleep, she’d like to be able to turn on night mode if it wasn’t on from the night before because we were watching a movie. As of now, she has zero background setting control unless I’m literally with her and I hand her my phone which has the app.
Any solution to this?
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2021.11.26 20:56 Scaryb4er Norman has a disappointing christmas

Norman finishes his dinner like every other friday. After using his trusted sponge to clean his dishes, he sits down in his chair to watch his favourite friday-evening show on TV. Pressing the button, he gets reasonably excited to see what the host would have in store for him today before it would be time for his slightly adjusted week-end sleep time. That is, until the TV screen shows him a rerun of a well known comedy from the 90s instead. Before he can fully process this betrayal, his phone rings and he anwers in his usual voice. To his delight, he hears his son's voice on the other end. "Hey, how are you doing dad?" "Oh i'm okay. They're playing home alone instead of my show, but i'm sure they will catch up tonights episode next week." "Oh yeah... they keep replaying that every year, don't thay? Anyways, merry christmas dad." "Merry christmas son."
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2021.11.26 20:56 MisoGenieSaint Are there any base killer perks which are good on either Nemesis or Pyramidhead?

I just bought Nemesis and Pyramidhead because sale and it turns out I enjoy killer. I'm farming Huntress teacheables, but I've been wondering if there's any other base game killer who has a teacheale good for either of those killers. I like to farm points, I don't necessarily try to 4k, if that helps. I just don't want to get bullied where I cannot even get points.
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2021.11.26 20:56 savemefr0mthisabyss Just sold my first 4 music NFT’s last night. Super excited, and thankful! Discussion on music as NFT’s, how much value do you think they’ll have in the future?

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2021.11.26 20:56 Gamedr411 H: J/E/25lvc fixer W:offers

Testing the water for something good to trade.
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