Frage an Eltern mit Kindern im Kindergarten: Was findet Ihr an eurer Kita, an eurem Kindergarten richtig gut und was richtig schlecht?

2021.12.08 06:52 Y-Key6617 Frage an Eltern mit Kindern im Kindergarten: Was findet Ihr an eurer Kita, an eurem Kindergarten richtig gut und was richtig schlecht?

Ich bin pädagogische Fachkraft und arbeite in einem, ich würde sagen "stinknormalen" Kindergarten. Derzeit gibt es große Probleme mit der Elternzufriedenheit. Ich dachte, es wäre interessant, hier, über Reddit, ein paar Rückmeldungen zu bekommen. Eventuell kann ich ja an ein paar Antworten anknüpfen und in unserem Kindergarten einbringen.
Haut einfach mal raus, was euch so richtig gut gefällt und was euch unheimlich nervt. ;)
Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus!
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2021.12.08 06:52 Furemhd Druddigon on me 3377 0767 9009

3377 0767 9009
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2021.12.08 06:52 AllWeAreIsAMemory Dungeoneering groups/clans?

It always seems that dungeoneering worlds are dead and I would really like to work on the skill, how do I go about finding people to help? I'm combat 105 and dungeoneering 62. I'm willing to join a clan for PVM and other activities, just not sure what to look for. I'm fairly new (quit 10 years ago) and any advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.08 06:52 elvaz Can anyone recommend any free cricket live score API's?

Looking for an API which provides live cricket score information, high request load not required. CricAPI appears to have been shut down some time last year. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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2021.12.08 06:52 WH2002 De hoog IQ variant

Want een echte maat, drinkt zijn klok als Bose-Einstein condensaat.
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2021.12.08 06:52 environmentind In memory of the late Indian bison, a ‘remorse meet’ to be organised in Kothrud: Maharashtra

A remorse meet is being organised in Bhusari colony, Kothrud, on December 9 in memory of the Gaur (Indian bison) that strayed into Kothrud’s Mahatma Society and died due exhaustion on December 9, 2020 after running non-stop for five hours. The meet is being held to spread awareness about man and animal cohabitation and to pay homage to the lost life.
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2021.12.08 06:52 MasterOfLuck69 Need builders to help Discord: Toasty4853

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2021.12.08 06:52 Chenlu_YTM inazuma shines eternal

inazuma shines eternal inazuma shines eternal韬光,即是永恒稲光、すなわち永遠な
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2021.12.08 06:52 quirkydude13 seriously what the heck is going on here man, this sub will die cuz of this one user.

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2021.12.08 06:52 asavage0 Nano Puff Hats

Anyone know if the Nana puff hats will be coming back? They seemed like a great product, but I didn't get my hands on one.
Also does anyone know of a similar product? The big features I'm after are the ear flaps and the hat brim to keep snow out of my eyes.
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2021.12.08 06:52 nomohmaya "What do we even do with these millennials?"

TLDR: Nothing, let us be.
Millennials have "inherited" this world along with the systems you built to keep the machinery working and to keep the show going on. All that these millennials are trying to do, is cope up with all the shit that's happening to them at this age. They are witnessing the ways they were taught, fail. They are witness to the immense hatred and disregard your agendas have instilled in society. The ones that are a bit inclined towards nature, flora and fauna, are at an even worse position. Look at what you have done first.
The system promotes nothing apart from accumulating wealth and doing anything you can do to stay on that path. You bribe, cheat, kill and take away the very essence of being alive from those under you.
You mock and degrade us. Even when you pretend to "train" us, you are condescending. All we do is still try to stay happy, alive and kicking another moment away. Our debts are huge and motivation is negligible. There has never been such a huge part of the population that feels out of place in history. We can no longer accumulate riches like you did, although that is all you want us to slug for. Nothing sickens me more than when my elders tell me - "your generation has ruined the world, our time was so much better". Well my fellow seniority driven seniors, we have been and still are being molded into what we have become - a lost generation.
All that we the millennials are left with is a world damaged in more ways than most know and can agree upon. Please do us a favor and stop deciding for us. Stop pondering on what you should do with them and instead look within, because the systems you built, are rotting away now.
Let us be - as we, for sure, will let the next generation just be.
We could have never asked for this, believe us.
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2021.12.08 06:52 ClemacamelC ReShade / XVision Alternative for Mac?

As the title says. Is there a good Mac alternative to make things look a bit more realistic?
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2021.12.08 06:52 BagerCast Taeyeon on Instagram: 🥲

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2021.12.08 06:52 KLemieux2006 Untitled (Project Wingman)

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2021.12.08 06:52 anangram BOT REÇETE YAZIYOR AMK

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2021.12.08 06:52 pallabbose-blogger Fashion style file 😍

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2021.12.08 06:52 pakunkun kronii pokemon playthrough has been good (not in the way i expected lol)

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2021.12.08 06:52 maximumdomination I find myself lying alot to ppl lately, just for the sake of an easier or quicker conversation. It's becoming quite a habit. Any tips to break this?

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2021.12.08 06:52 Firm-Nectarine-1344 Overreaction or reasonable?

Got rushed to pad despite the entire fleet not being able to login. When I got to the pad and somewhat got logged in and had to find where my route was staged because the app said my route wasn't ready. I had 362 packages and 160 stops in a rental van with 20 bags and a good amount of overflow and I had to do pickup scan... couldn't see load order of bags so I had to just throw everything in how it was staged. CDV van next to me had 10 bags...ugh I made it about 3 hours and 5 bags into the route before I drove the van back head to toe in sweat and parked it and let someone know and went home. That sums up the start of my 3rd week of delivering amazon packages. The picture is the order of which bags I needed from the start of the route. *Exaughsted*
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2021.12.08 06:52 taskmaster_9 Having a lighting bug, unsure of how to fix it

Having a lighting bug, unsure of how to fix it The staircase in my level has light seeping in from the area below it, I've had a good look on the internet for similar things but couldn't. Any tips?
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2021.12.08 06:52 aTUFFrecord David Appel Group ‎– Feeling Fire [France, Italo] (1981)

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2021.12.08 06:52 Lyubovvv ACİLLİ !

Beyler yüz kızarıklığı sorunu çekiyorum. Bunun kalıcı veya geçici çözümünü bilen var mı?
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2021.12.08 06:52 feedmeburgers Step-by-Step guide for getting access to the game!

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2021.12.08 06:52 duncan_D_sorderly Japanese 1st Yokosuka SNLF Type 2 Ka Mi Amphibious Tank on Saipan

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2021.12.08 06:52 starry_moon_ F31

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