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Looking for a group tonight

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. MSN MSN We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Looking For Person Who Can Care For My Mom At Our House (in Princeton NJ) in Princeton Junction, NJ to VS - View service needed time, date, additional services required and contact details on Sulekha Day Care. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Telemark Systems Live Kat Kam. A view of English Bay, Vancouver BC Canada, looking west Click the image to fit your window - image will reload in seconds.... Time-Lapse Archives And Galleries Our Services: Exciting tours; Apartment Rental Service; Phone Introduction; Fiancee Visa; Flower Delivery; Customer Support; Ladies Profiles: Search for Ladies

2021.11.26 21:32 Thunder_gp Looking for a group tonight

Looking for a group tonight. I want to get some of my missions finally done.
I got the dorm kills mission, and the raiders on reserve. Otherwise, I am going to need some buddies to escort me on labs for one quest; I am not experienced on labs that much.
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2021.11.26 21:32 HyperSuda Shigeo Kageyama Vs. Ai Ohto (Mob Psycho 100 Vs. Wonder Egg Priority)

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2021.11.26 21:32 brat84 Homemade dumplings 🥟 and sautéed mustard greens 🥬

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2021.11.26 21:32 Intelcore2quad Trading 20 million gems in pet simulator x for adopt me pets. Looking for frost dragon or some other stuff. Will use middle man.

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2021.11.26 21:32 kageiit Ender 3 Pro Voron Themed Electronics Enclosure

Ender 3 Pro Voron Themed Electronics Enclosure
After trying various electronics enclosures for my Ender 3 Pro, I was not happy with any of them. I have uploaded my semi conversion of the Ender 3 Pro's electronics (no changes to the kinematics) inspired by the Voron Switchwire design.
Main Features
  • Completely bottom relocated electronics (PSU, Mainboard and Raspberry Pi) without changing the kinematics (kind of a semi conversion :P)
  • Ample room for airflow and cable management options built in
  • Remove as much unnecessary mass as possible from the gantry and frame to allow for better resonant frequencies and faster accelerations using Klipper
I also listed all the upgrades and mods I put on this printer at the end if anyone is curious. I hope the community finds it useful!
Cheers :)
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2021.11.26 21:32 ScrambleLab Why did the naming of the new SARS-2 variant of concern (VOC) skip so many Greek letters?

Why did the naming of the new SARS-2 variant of concern (VOC) skip so many Greek letters? submitted by ScrambleLab to nursing [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 21:32 tek3k Data package recommendations?

Can anyone recommend the best data package(s) off the list of choices? I need it for day trading. I live in UTC-8 (PDT) if that makes a difference. They are currently highlighting CME Group at $4/mo. Thx
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2021.11.26 21:32 Jacobfleming2807 Who’s better

View Poll
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2021.11.26 21:32 floopydolphins I’m only attracted to characters/the actors who play them

I can’t remember if I’ve ever had a crush on anyone I know or have met past my very first in like 2nd grade. I’m in high school now and I’ve had no desire to date or anything that comes along with that at all if you know what I mean. I’ve thought I was aro or ace because of this, but then there are so many characters (played by real actors) that I’m immensely attracted to in all ways. I don’t like the idea of being with anyone I’ve met but would risk it all for any one of my fictional crushes lol. I’m not sure what this means for me in my future romantic life and it concerns me sometimes, but I’m still a teenager and all of my crushes are older men, so maybe I’m just not into people my own age/at my school. I’m torn between whether laying in bed alone reading fanfiction will be a good future or not :/
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2021.11.26 21:32 ShantiEhyau Have a question get a answer.

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2021.11.26 21:32 Strongbow85 Central Asian elites choose China over Russia

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2021.11.26 21:32 Slothy_Bear Rumbling HLT

I can’t figure out what’s going on but every so often our HLT starts to spasm and shake and rumble and quake! It’s kinda scary…
I’m fairly science minded but the conditions and situations when it happens don’t seem to line up for any sort of reason why to me.
It’s always less than half full, but that’s all I’ve got. Sometimes I’m slow filling with cold water, sometimes I’m collecting water from the knock out off the HX. Sometimes I’m not filling at all.
Any ideas?
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2021.11.26 21:32 Fantastic-Orange-776 Does anyone have a guild I can join?

Only looking to join very active guilds that are aiming for the top 25. I can average 50 gp per day. Please pm me if there is an available spot.
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2021.11.26 21:32 Regular_Connection_6 Moltress on me if I add you I’ll invite you

9940 7666 8732
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2021.11.26 21:32 h1111m [WTB] AXL Eclipse Small (TX)

Pls. Ranger green or multicam, but open to any camo. Shoot me a price shipped $75-95?
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2021.11.26 21:32 sglassmire Turn off the lights

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2021.11.26 21:32 StarCaller990 Rare pic of the daily top 12 before the cheaters got to it

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2021.11.26 21:32 TheBlackBearBEA APEX Connect #9999

My APEX Connect account ends with #9999 but when I watched the EW live stream their name also ended with #9999. My friend's number is already in the #8000s. I made my account only a few hours after the release of the update.
Could this lead to problems? I haven't had any problems with invites from my friend or finding my name while searching for it.
Does anyone else's name end with #9999?
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2021.11.26 21:32 Sword_Fish_27 [LFP] Imposters At Astoria [PAID] [D&D 5e Home Brewed] [Sundays 1:00 PM MDT]

Astoria, Oregon is an especially scenic town. Idyllic, even, ever since the naval base has been reallocated to scientific pursuits. The Facility houses a biotech lab, focusing mainly on marine biology as Youngs Bay and the Columbia River feed out into the vast Pacific Ocean. Our characters find themselves at Fort Astoria for different reasons, however.
Fort Astoria also houses laboratories focusing on aberrant psychology in developing minds. Our characters are all here off site, just down the road from The Facility, for treatment. Each has been called to a study following particularly extreme and/or violent collapses in mental health. This study specifically focuses on young people who suffer from some form of Capgras Syndrome (also known as “imposter syndrome, or Capgras Delusion). Victims of Capgras Syndrome develop an irrational belief that someone they know or recognize has been replaced by an imposter. All aged 18-25, they will undergo counseling, schooling, and vocational training together as treatment for their illness.
The Roderick Toombs Research Center is a refurbishing of an old naval base, the anchor of Astoria’s existence where governmental experimentation and higher learning have replaced the base’s strategic purposes since WWII. Astoria’s councilmen and city planners have done their best to maintain the city’s small town America feel, and the mists from the sea tend to wreak havoc on the cellphone towers, adding to the old time charm of the picturesque town. It’s just the sort of place you expect to stay the same forever.
These qualities are what make The Event feel all the more sudden and devastating. All of our characters are witness to The Event, and this is what will play out in the first session of this campaign. It is difficult to describe exactly what happened as the glowing pod fell from the sky, more difficult still to express the subtle, yet thorough changes The Event will bring to Astoria, Oregon, and the nation beyond. Possibly the entire world. It is up to our players to prevent such a thing, as they will find themselves alone. Surrounded by authority figures who have become withdrawn and offer no help to them. Perhaps they can find an ally or two amidst the changing faces of the people who surround them, only time will tell.
I, myself, have about 8 years of experience as a DM. I have two campaigns finished on roll20, making this my third. (That’s the lucky one, right?) My strengths are map making, creating an interactive world, and creating characters with depth to them. My weaknesses are combat and drawing together a cohesive theme across an entire campaign. My weakness in combat may be due to the fact that I would home brew mechanical systems when I started to DM. I would play with my nephew as my single player, and so we focused more on story telling, role playing, and things along those lines. I have always been dedicated to improving myself as a DM, however, and so I’m working toward challenging, yet balanced combat which allows for creative actions leading to possible avoidance, or outright domination of the battle. Also, the themes of this particular campaign are much more clear to me than any other campaign I’ve created.
And so, I have high expectations for this campaign, I genuinely feel that this has a chance to be something great, and so I’m searching for good storytellers, and people familiar with the mechanics of 5e to come along and to help me to create, and to and enjoy it.
Click here for more specifics about the game if you're interested.
Discord: Sword_Fish#4743
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2021.11.26 21:32 kdramacinema Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook for Pre-K and Kindergarten

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2021.11.26 21:32 opalwrong Hello does anyone know if L’Homme L’intense by YSL is the same as L’Homme Parfum intense also by YSL ?

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2021.11.26 21:32 Wild-Culture-7531 Does a Tab exist for this solo?

I haven’t seen a lot of live versions of disarm but from the few that I have seen, James plays this solo at the end and I was wondering if anyone has ever come across a tab for it. Thanks!
Disarm Pinkpop 1994
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2021.11.26 21:32 Mideku-Brandio Flint Lockwood vs Katie Mitchell

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2021.11.26 21:32 OtherPattern1478 Social out cast

I'm tired depressed no escape no help no reassurance nothing but pain anxiety only place I can really be happy is in my Room but even there I can't escape my thoughts can't escape my emotions feel like a social out cast I have never and I will never truly fit in even though I fight so mutch but I just can't and I don't see a point to anything anymore
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2021.11.26 21:32 JacobDGAR Innova F2 Champion Boss - 170g - 9.5/10 - No ink - $13 shipped

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