Ship name question!

2021.12.08 06:00 Slothqueencentury Ship name question!

How come we call the ship “Hananene” instead of “Amanene” I just wondered because Amanene just seems easier to say and it’s his actual name so… is it to do with him being dead? Like would Amanene only apply to alive Hanako? Or is it just because it’s easier to remember him as Hanako?
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2021.12.08 06:00 divine__007 Keyhole is hiring Remote Software Team Lead/Architect Apply Now 👇

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2021.12.08 06:00 surya_863 Hes back! Fosho stonks only go up

Stock futures rise after S&P 500 and Nasdaq's best day since March
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2021.12.08 06:00 Rivaldo2006 i like defeating eye of cthulhu using any type of wood bow

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2021.12.08 06:00 Daniel_Poirot Кіберполіція почала розслідування щодо бази "Миротворця"

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2021.12.08 06:00 poochinthehouse WHAT LOCAL DESSERT WOULD YOU LIKE TO GIVE TO YOUR FAVORITE CASTER? (This includes sweet pastries, and not necessarily all of the casters.)

Here's mine:
AIRIN - Polvoron SAHYAN - Ube Cheese Pandesal AYACHI - Brazo de Mercedes YUKARIN - Lengua de Gato NANA-CHAN - Leche Flan NAO-CHAN - Maiz con Hielo SAYACCHI - Chocolate Crinkles YUI-CHAN - Bibingka YUKKI - Puto-Kutsinta Platter AH-CHAN - Mango Float NON-CHAN - Peanut Brittle MII-CHAN - Turon
IZUMIN - Sapin-sapin
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2021.12.08 06:00 divine__007 Flipboard is hiring Remote Senior Android Engineer Apply Now 👇

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2021.12.08 06:00 divine__007 Auth0 is hiring Remote Community Engineer Apply Now 👇

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2021.12.08 06:00 thisiswhatyouneed99 I thought this was some 40k

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2021.12.08 06:00 divine__007 Raycast is hiring Remote Software Engineer, macOS Apply Now 👇

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2021.12.08 06:00 Daddys_Lil_Monster_ Timelapse of the future

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2021.12.08 06:00 divine__007 Reddit is hiring Remote Senior iOS Engineer, Econ Apply Now 👇

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2021.12.08 06:00 divine__007 Cmd is hiring Remote Technical Support Engineer (Linux) Apply Now 👇

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2021.12.08 06:00 Green-ing Which other jse stock that is soaring

I missed aveng guys but its all good
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2021.12.08 06:00 Robo-TINA Miercoles de Rant

Nuevo Rant con Standard de calidad ISO-9001
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2021.12.08 06:00 ThrowRaGood_Ad_3458 Me (26 f)and my best friend (26m) (also crush) are having some physical action going on and I’m so confused about us

We’re close friends for more that three years. He’s really caring and supportive in the bad times but usually really goofy and not serious otherwise.
Two weekends ago we were both high at his place, he tried to kiss me but I stopped him. We talked about it, he apologized and cleared the air like nothing happened.
Last weekend I was soo high and asked him to meet me (he was sober). We went to my place and started making out till it was very late and he asked me to if it’s okay to stay the night but I told him better not.
The night after, I go to his place (again me high and him sober) we make out and I remember him telling me “this is also very nice when you’re sober”. Which I believe was a good sign that he doesn’t hook up with me only when he’s under the influence. I slept there till the morning and he kissed my hand smiled at me and said thank you for staying when I was leaving.
Now during the week we met ( for the first time after our hookup) casually at a friend place and when we were walking home I expected him to hug me longer or kiss me goodbye but he didn’t.
This morning went ice bathing with some friends and this time he grabbed me and hugged me tight to say goodbye and I kissed him in the cheek and left. He also asked if he’ll see me tonight (we’re planning to go bouldering with some friends) and I said I will go. So maybe he’s interested to see me again.
But I’m so confused because we didn’t talk about it yet and I’m afraid if we talk about it, it will collapse our friendship if he’s not expecting a relationship. I don’t know how to bring it up without sounding needy or putting pressure on him. But I am also not really ready for a relationship since I broke up few weeks ago and my ex is in the same friends circle so it can get messy that’s why I’m avoiding talking but at some point I should because I don’t want him the think that we are FWB.
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2021.12.08 06:00 AussyWolf1199 Beginner with basic setup needs help

Hey guys I know these requests for help are annoying but I’d greatly appreciate any help. I have a AT-LP60X with Marley speakers and I can’t seem to get any audio out. I get a faint sound when I play a record but no music from the speakers.
It has a pre amp built in and I’m set on line. If anyone could give me some advice I’d greatly appreciate it.
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2021.12.08 06:00 hear_my_moo Funniest thing I learned today… A post consisting of a picture of the r/Dubai forum was removed by the mods for breaking the rules of r/Dubai…. There’s a paradox in there somewhere 🤣

The tagline for this forum states that “debate is allowed, but Dubai-bashing is not”. Someone ought to let the mods know about that tagline, perhaps? ☺️
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2021.12.08 06:00 MARKSS0 If a spartan power kicks a tank would they manage to get it moving.

As the title says would a spartan be able to move a tank with a kick or maybe send it flying.
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2021.12.08 06:00 niuz-bot GCS: 1.279 de cazuri noi de COVID în ultimele 24 de ore; 100 de decese - [Sanatate]

Citeste in continuare:
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2021.12.08 06:00 Spooked_Toad First Time Poster (Questions/Advise)

Hey there Terrarium, I just recently (just now, this exact moment) discovered this place and had a few questions for you experts!

  1. Rules For Glassware; so far ive seen no rules about using materials other then glass or tanks made of glass. But I was genuinely curious what are the limits to the materials you can use for terrariums?
  2. Where do you guys buy/acquire your materials? So far ive seen a few sites that seem trust worthy but for the majority of this hobby ive just re-used (after cleaning) Liquor Bottles and other large bottles of the sort (usually 2 Litre vodka bottles from my roomate)
  3. Any recommendations for plants to purchase for beginners? im not exactly "new" to terrariums but I figured I would spend my winter months trying to up my terrarium game! Most of my plantlife has been local species mainly for fear of accidentally breaking one and letting some foreign plant loose... im probably just paranoid
  4. How do you guys layer your terrariums? Personally ive used coffee filters to kind of "set" most of my layers so that after a few weeks the paper is gone and the layers remain stable! (no shifting and no substrate falling into the bottom reservoir)
  5. Natural Filters using charcoal, A few people have recommended getting natural wood charcoal from the store but I have found that just taking some large sticks and making my own works just as well.

These are just some starter questions I have I guess? Someone with more experience and knowledge on this hobby please feel free to correct me on any points in which I am mistaken!
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2021.12.08 06:00 NachrichtenDE_Bot Olympia-Boykott: Boykottieren auch Deutschland und EU?

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2021.12.08 06:00 Kecskuszmakszimusz What resonance trait would fit my character?

Hi! So my character is a fortune teller who has 2 ranks in mind/time/entropy and thinks magic is essentially twisting and pulling the threads of the universe. His rotes are based on luck, seeing the past/future, and mind manipulation.
What resonance trait could work for him?
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2021.12.08 06:00 NachrichtenDE_Bot Berlin und Brandenburg: Razzia gegen Organisierte Kriminalität

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2021.12.08 06:00 ImNotPregnantJustFat Whining Wednesdays

We have decided to switch out "winning" with "whining" and hoping that this thread will be used more frequently as such.
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