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2021.12.08 07:17 SurrealEscapist Dropping Everyone Like It's Hot

Hello! I have a good story for anyone who has experienced an immature player sabotaging a campaign because they didn't get what they wanted.
So, we'll start off by giving a brief summary of the campaign itself. It is set within a mostly animalistic fantasy realm, a planet that had once discovered and used space travelling technology, but was forced back into the dark ages due to a corrupted sapient crystal. This crystal caused enough damage to force the dragons of old to sunder the land itself into several pieces, and the continents were created from one. This crystal is massive, and able to shoot down ships from low orbit, bringing an end to any escape attempts from the planet's surface, and corrupting whatever it comes into contact with. Eventually, this crystal is destroyed (via one of our previous campaigns) and the stars are once again open to us! In the timeline, this would mean decades have passed since said first campaign, and a new crew decided to set sail for new horizons!
The starting crew consisted of player characters, each of us filling in our own role and adding to the experience of traveling through space with the intent to explore what we can.
At first, everything is going fine. My character and the others are getting along, solving puzzles, and brainstorming solutions on how to get around some in-character issues that popped up around the second session.
Eventually, the DM realizes that one character in particular has not done too much, since our events have not featured his species as of yet (in character) but we are making our way to his story arc to correct this issue. Of course, campaigns take time, and everyone usually has to wait their turn to be important to the story earlier on, so we kept up our current plan; get a spaceship, travel to another planet, and make contact with the locals. This will be be relevant later.
We managed to secure a spaceship from a port and assigned rooms for everyone before we headed off into space, and traveled for a while. We discovered an asteroid belt, and decided to use our ship and our tools to mine some materials and turn some of the asteroids into a base!
The scientist of the group, we'll call his character K, even begins to plan out the rooms we will need. A kitchen, bedrooms, labs, workshops, you name it. It seemed like everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves, including the player waiting for his character's spotlight, but...
K's player got upset about another player (let's call him C) not getting his spotlight yet, accusing the DM of playing favorites over it, and wound up hurling a tirade of insults before kicking the DM from the server that was made on the DM's behalf.
Session three was delayed by over a week because of this, everyone needing to gather their lost resources and remake the server due to K's little temper tantrum. C's player was stunned and confused when we asked him about what happened, and C says he never once complained about the campaign, let alone in private with K. Remember when I said a player had done much yet? That was C.
So, C is confused, I and the DM are angry, and K has decided to ghost everyone related to the campaign, regardless of what role they took in his outburst. K even blamed me, claiming I did not stand up for him and that I owed it to him because he "took my side" in a prior altercation with someone unrelated. K has since left every mutual server, every chat, and every group we shared together.
It's been over a year since this happened. I sent him messages every so often, asking how he was doing and wishing him the best. Once every month or two, because I hoped that he would snap out of it and let it go. That he would realize that he is destroying friendships over a tabletop game, and that showing him I care about him as a person would help resolve this issue.
He ignored me and everyone else for the entire duration. He doesn't respond to anything, doesn't message anyone, except for a mutual friend that informed him of how upset the DM was about his behaviour. If I had not had confirmation, multiple times over, that K was alive and well from said friend, I would have assumed K dropped dead. Not sure I care about if that happens anymore, though. Can't really bring myself to care anymore, not after a year of showing he doesn't care about me or anyone else.
This part is being written after I wrote the bulk of this, but I found out as well that K also gave everyone an ultimatum of either speaking with the rest of the party, or him. When a member of one of our other campaigns was told this, he was removed from all servers that K could kick him from after responding that he would not be dropping us all as friends over this, and that he isn't even involved. On top of which, he basically went ranting about it to our other mutual friends and was ranting about it months later while painting himself as a victim.
He also never actually removed anyone from the group, just left us to stew and worry about him for over a year when he is telling mutuals he doesn't want me in his life, but will not communicate this to the person he wants to be rid of. I just recently snapped after a year and some change because of his mixed signals, and cut the remaining ties myself. His mutuals accuse me of starting drama up again, but I call it clearing the air and seeing exactly where they stand on the issue after being abused and mistreated by him, and behaving accordingly.
Moral of the story; be picky about who you play D&D with. Some people just arent worth the headache they'll bring to the table, or the drama they'll cause afterwards.
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2021.12.08 07:17 Sensitive_Apricot007 2022 waipa offer

hii! I received my waipa offer after being waitlisted for over a month - has anyone else who was waitlisted received an offer?
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2021.12.08 07:17 fauc123 Should I get a job in nandos?

I've always been in the customer position within the restaurant industry but I'm intrigued by the prospect of getting a job In nandos to gain some insight into the inner workings of a fast paced environment?
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2021.12.08 07:17 TheRealGreenTreeFrog Complete guide to nodemailer with custom google domain?

I have a custom domain, and I am wanting to send mail from it on my nodejs/express server.
I am very lost. All the guides I see are for some other system, or they say to use informatino like host, port, etc. I cannot find this info ANYWHERE in the google domain page. Does anyone know how to do this?
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2021.12.08 07:17 ourvoid F7C-M Ballistics Ammo Count

Hello all,
I don't know if I am the only one but the ammo these days seems outrageous. I only have about 400-500 rounds total between my two mini guns. Any time I play arena commander or try to do a claim jumper mission I am left without ammo sometimes sooner then halfway through. I'm a decent shot and manage the chew my way through but it feels wrong that even doing controlled bursts im left without my ballistics so soon. Am I the only one? I know they said they improved them recently and this is the reason for the decreased ammo count. But honestly it just doesnt make sense. I would be able to store far more rounds in a ship that size, and given the Super Hornet comes with these standard you would think it would have space for reserve. Buying laser guns now but come on this is sad
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Show Notes of earlier episodes? :P
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Hi! There was a bell notification icon on the top right. I used it to subscribe to a post and was getting notifications whenever new comments were written. I can't find it anymore! scratches head Now I'm beginning to wonder if I saw it or if I was imagining things lol. So did the bell icon vanish? Or do I have to change some settings to get it back?
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2021.12.08 07:17 Please-Ignore-M3 How to add friends?

after a quick search I need to find their ID but how tho
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2021.12.08 07:17 BigGoogy I wish Alex jones was a character in Kingdom Hearts

that's not how you open a can of pickles... - YouTube
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2021.12.08 07:17 Juliavdbbbbb [Academic] The Hunger Games survey, (females 18-29 years old)

Hello everyone,
Would you guys please help me out?
I am looking for females to watch a short clip of The Hunger Games and answer some questions for my master thesis! I'm looking for females between 18 and 29 who want to participate in my study! The video is only 2 minutes long and the entire survey is about 6 minutes long.
It would help me a lot! If there are any questions don't hesitate to contact me! 📷
Thank you so much in advance 📷 Julia
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2021.12.08 07:17 Abject_Delay_7495 🚀GoldenDogRun | $BUSD Rewards | Locked Liquidity | Anti-Whale System | Play-To-Earn-Mobile Game | Huge Marketing | 1000x potential 🚀

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2021.12.08 07:17 BriefSame How to upload evidence pics easier way?

Maybe I'm missing something but everytime I have to upload pics for evidence in a dispute I have to go through hundreds of pics which are on my phone before finding my screenshots.Aliexpress pic browser, it seems, doesn't have an option to go through folders first then to pics I need. I have to browse thru picture by picture and it seems there is no order at all,well maybe by date.Using Ali app on Android 11.Anybody know better faster way?
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2021.12.08 07:17 WeeLittleSloth What is it going to take to get doctors to actually LISTEN to their female patients? Enough is enough.

I am floored by the amount of doctors that dismiss their female patients’ health problems, concerns, and needs. I do believe that there are some genuinely wonderful, professional, and empathetic doctors out in the world, but as a young woman, I (25F) am rapidly losing what little faith I had in the American healthcare system.
I am constantly hearing stories from my woman friends about how their doctors brushed off their concerns and were completely unhelpful. I myself have endured the same injustice.
Long story short, I was diagnosed with PCOS about four years ago because I was experiencing all of the classic symptoms. However, no imaging or testing was done to rule out other diseases that present similar symptoms. Now here I am, years later and feeling worse than ever before (with even more unpleasant physical ailments), and I’ve come to find out that I was misdiagnosed.
Only through my own research and advocacy did I discover Cushing’s Disease, which accounts for not only all of the symptoms I thought were due to PCOS, but all of the other random symptoms I’ve developed over the years, too. I have every single symptom of Cushing’s, right down to the chronically high WBC count, and somehow my doctor never thought to test me for it. It is so glaringly obvious—all of the signs have been staring my doctor right in the face. I am currently in the process of receiving a diagnosis, but even STILL my doctor is not taking me seriously and is hesitant to continue with the testing required.
Oh, and the best part? (And by best I mean absolute worst) Cushing’s Disease is caused by either a TUMOR on the pituitary gland in the brain or on the adrenal glands which sit on the kidneys. This type of tumor is usually benign, but it secretes a hormone (ACTH) that causes the body to produce too much cortisol (the stress hormone). The over abundance of cortisol is what causes a whole host of miserable, debilitating symptoms.
All this time I’ve had a tumor growing inside my body and inflicting God only knows how much damage, while I was unknowingly putting so much time and effort into treating a condition I never even had thanks to my doctor’s negligence. Cushing’s Disease can lead to death if it’s not caught soon enough.
Stories like mine are all too common, and it is absolutely unacceptable. Most of the doctors I hear about and have met with only want to slap an easy diagnosis on their patients’ charts, whether or not it’s correct, and send them on their way. Or, they dismiss and invalidate their patients’ concerns entirely and tell them they’re “fine” or that “nothing is wrong,” as if they’ve simply imagined it all in their minds.
And of course, women and other minority groups, such as the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, suffer the most from these gross behaviors in the medical field. It’s abhorrent and I’ve had enough. Everyone deserves proper healthcare that is free of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and any other type of discrimination.
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