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Silver 1 looking for some teammates I can play with regularly

2021.12.02 22:51 Revolutionary_Phase6 Silver 1 looking for some teammates I can play with regularly

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2021.12.02 22:51 rjsheine I may never be my old self again, Ryan Sheine, oil on canvas, 2021

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2021.12.02 22:51 Last_Dinner_146 [M 23] I’m a Portuguese Physics Student

Heya, I’m a regular 23 year old living and born in Portugal about to finish my masters (turning in my thesis in about 2 weeks).
Some stuff about me: I prefer quietness, being alone for the most part, I listen to a lot of music (great topic of discussion), I used to game a lot but not as much anymore just not enough time, Im very into computer science as a side thing, I watch a pretty wide variety of shows, anime included and sometimes even prefered, finally I read a lot both regular books and manga.
I like cats.
Hit me up if you wanna text or voice chat im fine with both, here or discord up to ya! Dont particularly care about your gender or age just be 18+ and keep it clean.
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2021.12.02 22:51 TheDragonDemands Ryan Condal Shares 4 New Points about Filming HotD in podcast interview (analysis video)

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2021.12.02 22:51 Zappawhappa Graphics keep reverting back to 720p when try save 1080p

So the resolution is set at 720p. I press to change to 1080p and it refreshes screen, it then refreshes again, weird, as if it goes to 1080 then to 720. It then shows a screen which states do you want to save changes. So I press yes. When it goes back to gfx page it shows its at 720p.
I just installed the cryENB mod if that has any effect on this?
Well Id like to play with better graphics and need ENB mod I guess, but if cant get 1080p pointless.
I own a 1050ti 4gb with 2.5ghz cpu fyi

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2021.12.02 22:51 slightlylooney "Hi!"

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2021.12.02 22:51 Only_Particular_3446 My sister threw away the little childhood belongings I had left.

This is kinda long but it’s important for context. I (29f) left my hometown for the military straight out of high school. Left all my belongings in the home I grew up in. During my second year in the military I got deployed to Afghanistan and while I was there, my parents were evicted from the apartment. Since then, our family has somewhat imploded. My parents divorced. My oldest sister Mary (36f) has lived with my dad since I left, but they are financially irresponsible so they were evicted from the second apartment. They always had that place a MESS!! Actually a mess is an understatement. Think.. HOARDERS. Completely trashed. So when they moved to their third and current apartment, they left almost everything behind. I lived in NC and had a newborn so I wasn’t able to fly to California to get my belongings. I begged all my siblings to grab my stuff and they all said they would but always made excuses. Finally my brother Bert (28m) grabbed two totes where my mother had stored some of my stuff. He took it back to an apartment he was sharing with my sister Sally (31f). Bert didn’t want to infest his apartment with roaches from my dad’s apartment so he left my belongings in the parking garage. Since then Bert and his wife moved a few hours away and I have moved overseas. My mom moved in with Sally to help her with her girls but decided to move back out of state after only a few months. While she was with Sally, she found someone had broken into my totes and threw my stuff around the parking garage. My mom said she gathered what she found but some stuff was broken. Sally and I had a falling out a few months ago because she is in an abusive relationship, her and I no longer talk. Well my mother called me last week and told me to ask Mary to pick up my stuff from sally because sally was planning on moving. So I asked Mary but she brushed me off. I talked to Bert about it and he offered to ask sally and to pick up whatever was left next time he visited. He finally asked her and she said that she threw it all away. I didn’t have much left but what I did have was super meaningful stuff. I had my dress from my quinceañera, a dress I wore when I was three, a framed picture as a child with my grandma, a jewelry box I was gifted and other sentimental stuff like that. I’m so hurt that she saw what it was and made the conscious decision to trash it all! I’m feeling really mad with everyone for their lack of care for my things, I get it they were MY things but they knew what it was and no one took the time to just move it. I have nothing from my childhood now.
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2021.12.02 22:51 DJA1982 Packers fans help me out: did this actually happen?

Colorado native. Broncos are my team but I never miss a televised Packers game.
That being said, I seem to remember a Sunday Night Football game with the Packers sometime in either 2017 or 2018. Long story short, Rodgers basically got injured and had to come out. At that point the Packers were down, I believe, three scores and Rodgers had to come out.
After the half Rodgers came back in and, in one of the greatest SNF games I've ever seen, got the Packers back in and won.
Then it came out a few days later that Rodgers had a broken foot the whole time.
So, Packers fans, help me out. Did this really happen? Or am I just mythologizing Rodgers?
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2021.12.02 22:51 Notakidfromyesterday 🌚🌚🌚

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2021.12.02 22:51 Not_a_Potato1602 Is there in any wiki or old post a precise description of what the Dark Eldar do to people? Not just generic "torture", but descriptions or at least mentions.

Secondary question: In case someone is willing, could he write here what he knows they are doing or what he thinks they are doing?
It's for the science... yhea, science.
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2021.12.02 22:51 Legal_Surprise31 No one's joining my subreddit

i dont understan
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2021.12.02 22:51 amnesiac7 Far-Right Shock Jock Confronts Mark Meadows on Alleged Ties to China

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2021.12.02 22:51 ILoooveLunch Leaf Logic I-35 cart

Tried one of these, at first I thought the hype around LL was just that but then it crept in. Not sure about the I-35 strain, it was highest in terps. I feel chill on the body side yet not so much mentally. Definitely quality medicine but not sure it’s worth the premium over Mammoth or 5 Leaf.
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2021.12.02 22:51 laggyboye brother, why?

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2021.12.02 22:51 middle_aged_grandpa Nothing smells like $uccess like primer in the afternoon

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2021.12.02 22:51 ChiseTheSlayVega Is this okay on cellular? From Russia with love tho <3

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2021.12.02 22:51 jaythak95 Thirsty Thursdays in Providence?

Been here for a few days but haven’t had a chance to go to bars. What’s the best area to go for a lively Thursday night bar scene?
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2021.12.02 22:51 Tiff_W119 Bestbuy refund

I ordered 4 items and 2 of them shipped in the same box. Those two items arrived yesterday. Then other two were shipped individually by UPS and it arrived today. The shipping status says “delivered, met customer”. Basically 3 packages in total. How would I refund this?
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2021.12.02 22:51 Awesome_Clips I just quit my job because my boss wanted me to cancel my vacation this weekend so he could take a coworker on a date...

About 3 months ago I scheduled my vacation days with my boss for this Saturday - Wednesday. At the time I was sort of in a fling with this girl Ashley who also worked there and she was willing to cover my shifts just in case anybody else couldn't. My boss assured me it was on the schedule and that the other coworkers were aware and couldn't take the same days off if it was going to conflict with anything.
I was hitting it off with Ashley about 2 months ago and we didn't exhibit any pda at work as to not cross the line between personal and work life (no kissing or stuff while at work) but one day Ryan (my boss) called me into his office and pretty much told me to either break it off with Ashley or find another place to work because in his words it was "inappropriate and a conflict for the workspace" me being naive and wanting to keep my job I broke it off with Ashley before we started dating.
Fast forward to a month ago and I started to think to myself that I needed something better in my life, so I don't have to deal with my works negative atmosphere. I began building my own business startup and told myself that I was going to finish it and continue to work my job so I could pay my bills and put money into the business. I was hoping to stay at my job for as long as it took to atleast get my business idea somewhere and being that my business was to be a free platform for anyone and everyone to use, I knew that it would probably take a long time to actually be in the position to quit my job and focus full time on my business.
So this month I noticed Ashley was spending a lot of time in Ryans office, which initially I didn't think much of, but one day after work when I was leaving I saw them hugging each other before they got into their cars and BOOM they kissed!
It hit me like a sack of bricks and I realized EXACTLY why Ryan wanted me to stop talking to Ashley. It was clear that it wasn't because of some workplace rule or us being inappropriate (which we weren't) it was because HE wanted Ashley! This honestly made my blood boil the moment that I put the dots together, and it gave me even more of a reason to quit..... BUT bills are bills and I needed to suck it up and disregard it so I could continue to earn a consistent income.
Fast forward to now, I finally launched my business and made my website live. I worked really hard every day after work to get it finished because I wanted it done and ready to go online BEFORE my trip, so I could finally take a break and relax because my mental health was declining a bit from everything at work and me working after work.
I spent a lot of time planning my vacation and making reservations because I didn't have a lot of days to work with, my flight is this Saturday and my boss texted me today to come into work 45 minutes early on Friday (tomorrow) and I said sure no problem... THEN he texts me saying I need to come in on Saturday and Sunday!
I'm thinking to myself okay maybe he just forgot, no biggie, I'll just remind him. Welp turns out he was fully aware that I was going on my trip and expected me to cancel everything regardless of whether or not I could get my money back on the trip expenses.... All because he and Erin "have plans this weekend"!!! That was the last straw, I finally spoke my mind and gave it to him through text because he was being such a jerk with his arrogant responses, acting like he was my father or something?!
I was going to post the screenshots but per group rules I'm going to wait until this Sunday and I will post the texts here.
I'm honestly proud of myself for standing up to him because he's always been a bully at work, but now I'm incredibly nervous to be unemployed because of bills, the costs of my trip, and growing my newfound business. It's somewhat of a relief because ultimately I wanted to focus on my own business and helping others with it, but now I realize that I'm going to have to find a new job somewhere else (hopefully with a less toxic atmosphere) I'm probably going to spend my plan ride searching on indeed for new employment and finding a way out of this dreadful rat race!
It feels good to vent about this because it just happened and I'm super frustrated and p*ssed off.
But I could really use some conversation or some positive thoughts to get my mind off all of this ☹️😐
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2021.12.02 22:51 PrettyTrvels2476 Do you learn religion in schools

View Poll
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2021.12.02 22:51 Hunchy Daily Sketch: Journey [OC]

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2021.12.02 22:51 Ok_Midnight_3216 2017 Audi A4- need help identifying technical term for this part, my mechanic says it’s a water pump pigtail. Local Audi dealership says this parts not available. Need help

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2021.12.02 22:51 RandyThePandy Tax Tidbits From a CPA (US)

Without doxxing myself, I've been a CPA (specifically, a tax accountant) in the US for about 10 years. Recently at my firm, I've been included in a small group of professionals forming a network of crypto tax consultants and specialists. As I truly love the crypto community, the best contribution to this sub I can think of is to try to 1) put together a few tax tidbits and 2) to answer every tax question that I can in the comments. Reading alot of comments and posts in the sub, I'm a bit concerned that my fellow crypto enthusiasts are going to put themselves at risk of the IRS by not fully understanding the extent of their activities. Now before I start answering, I'll add that anything I say should be used as a guide to either do further research on your own to understand your tax situation as it relates to crypto, or to acknowledge that your tax situation may be over your head and you should seek out a tax professional. There are tax resources such as koinly, and while I don't use them personally, I believe they are worth the investment - but I also want people to understand their own tax situation to make sure any paid service is handling your situation correctly.
Without further adieu, here are a few items of general knowledge and feel free to ask questions below and I'll try to answer everything (I'm operating under the assumption this post will generate probably 25 comments, so if for some reason it blows up, be patient and I'll try to get to everything). This will also be entirely US specific, anyone outside of the US, I'm sorry but I'm in no position to give tax opinions.
1) Your exchange, wallet, etc will likely not issue you a 1099-B for your trading activity, so don't count on getting any help from them, other than your transaction details. This won't be required for a few years and was part of the infrastructure bill.
2) Every crypto you swap, exchange, convert, sell, earn lending/bonding reward, mine, earn staking rewards, receive airdrops on is a taxable event in the current year.
3) To emphasize the point above, this includes MOONS. Yes, all of those MOONS you receive via karma distribution should be picked up on your tax return. Same as BAT rewards by using Brave.
4) The value you pick up on any rewards, mining, staking, airdrops, faucets is the fair market value at the time of receipt. You should be tracking this on your own or using a service.
5) The amount you pick up into income is now your basis. Basis is "cost".
6) Mining is considered self-employment income and should be reported on Schedule C, which differs from staking which would be picked up as other income, along with the other items not including selling, swapping, exchanging.
7) Sending a crypto from one wallet or exchange to another is not a taxable event - though you should track your transaction fees to include in your basis.
8) NFTs are treated the same way as everything above.
9) Keep good records. If you do not maintain good records or lose them and are not able to substantiate your cost basis, the IRS could make it $0, which would increase taxes you owe.
10) Holding period can give tax benefits. If you sell something you've held for a year, it's a long term capital gain and is taxed at preferential rates. Less than a year is at ordinary rates.
11) You are supposed to report the date purchased, date sold, cost, and sales proceeds of EVERY sell (exchange, sell, swap). Even if this results in $0 gain or loss.
12) Wash sale rules don't apply, however, selling something and immediately buying it back for tax loss harvesting could violate economic substance rules and on audit, the loss could be disallowed (it would likely be incorporated back into your basis).
13) Monero won't save you from paying taxes. Nor will boating accidents.
14) You can trade crypto using crypto/bitcoin IRAs and the gains are tax free, but you can't pull out until retirement. I don't utilize these services, but they exist.
That's what I can think of for the time being, I'll make an edit if anything else important pops into my head. I hope this and any questions provide some useful information to people in this sub. Best of luck to all!
TLDR: Taxes are hard, if you don't have your arms around it, seek a professional and bite the bullet and pay. Feel free to ask tax questions below and I'll answer what I can.
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2021.12.02 22:51 Successful_Ad6299 Best Michigan flower?

Gage/cookies seems to usually be good. I've had michigrown brand mac1 and Gmog. I had healing organic garden on the med side months ago I no longer have a med card tho but I've been seeing some of the stuff they're coming out with recently and looks nice. What's everyone's opinions?
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2021.12.02 22:51 s-h-u-f-f-l-e-s What would you choose as Reddit’s Stock ticker…

Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture the stock ticker Or just let it slip?
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