CryptoBros_NFTs is looking amazing! 💥Join their discord for a 0.5ETH giveaway. + chance to get whitelisted for the first NFT Drop. Discord link in comment section.⬆️💥💥💥💥swipe to watch the Video for sneak peak.

2021.12.08 05:49 someonesaid420 CryptoBros_NFTs is looking amazing! 💥Join their discord for a 0.5ETH giveaway. + chance to get whitelisted for the first NFT Drop. Discord link in comment section.⬆️💥💥💥💥swipe to watch the Video for sneak peak.

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2021.12.08 05:49 infosec-jobs [Hiring] Data Security Analyst Intermediate/Associate in Ann Arbor, MI [USD 82K - 91K]

Information and Technology Services (ITS) is looking for a Data Security Analyst Intermediate/Associate to join the Information Assurance department within ITS. As part of a growing, high performance team with expanding responsibilities, you will work in a very collaborative environment to improve the security posture of the University's most sensitive and essential assets and provide security services for university systems. This role will report to the Design and Engineering Manager. For more information about ITS, please visit our website:
Who We Are
ITS supports U-M faculty, researchers, staff, and students in their use of technology to teach, learn, research, and work, and be leaders in their fields. We are dedicated to creating cohesive digital experiences and promoting university wide innovations. ITS works together to provide cohesive digital experiences and seamless support to the U-M community. For more information about Information Assurance, please visit our website:

Required Qualifications
Read more / apply:
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2021.12.08 05:49 Plus_the_protogen he spedran life

he spedran life
idk if this really counts as furry related but imma post it anyways
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2021.12.08 05:49 yeahnoineedhelp Is it wrong that I feel empowered after having a one night stand?

At around 3AM on Saturday night, I matched with this guy on Tinder and we chatted for a bit. There wasn't any major chemistry between us, but he was cute and agreed to come to my (19F) place to watch a shitty rom-com and hookup. He also brought some liquor so that was nice lol, can't complain about free booze.
The experience wasn't mind blowing by any means. Like I could tell this guy was nervous but I myself felt my nerves dissipate upon drinking. It was only my second time ever being in a sexual context with someone and with the first guy I ever hooked up with, we didn't have PIV sex (I got my period early). The first guy also wasn't a one night stand and we actually had decent conversation (we also still talk a bit and I'd hookup with him again, hopefully next semester lmao. It's a bit of a complicated story.)
Back to the one night stand. We eventually start cuddling while watching the movie and tbh, this should've been my first indicator that this guy was inexperienced LMAO (I apologized at the end for any inexperience of mine and then he admitted that I was his first, which tbh would've been nice to know earlier cause I would've given this guy more guidance but alas.) That's not really the point of the story though.
Although this experience was mediocre, I found myself rather happy at the end of it. I think this is for a multitude of reasons, which include 1.) having the social skills to hookup with someone, 2.) being deemed attractive enough to fuck and 3.) "officially" losing my virginity. I also got confidence knowing that I was the one with more experience and that I didn't make a complete fool of myself lmao.
Referring to the question in the title, I feel empowered coming out of this experience because I don't feel any of the stigmas women usually feel coming out of one night stands. There was also no physical pain either, which is surprising cause everyone always says that losing your virginity is painful lmao. Despite society's judgement of women who seek one night stands, I want to continue pursuing them next semester because sex is fun. No emotional connections, just physical pleasure. It's great.
But I still can't help to feel a bit of guilt that I have this mentality regarding hookups, especially because lots of people don't recommend losing your virginity to a hookup and that women who seek out sex are sluts. I don't regret my decision but I can still feel society casting its judgement on me lol. Which is why I ask my question here.
TL;DR - Sex is fun but I don't want people to think I'm overly promiscuous because I seek out one night stands instead of regular relationships.
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2021.12.08 05:49 The_internet-police YouTube knows me much than my Dad

"music that helps you escape reality"
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2021.12.08 05:49 TargetTss When your work bff calls out

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2021.12.08 05:49 physmathastro Haftpflichtversicherungsgesellschaft?

I am an American carrying out my studies at the Universitat Heidelberg and my landlord has asked me to take out Liability Insurance while I live here. I've read that its pretty popular in Germany to take out such insurance. I don't have much knowledge about liability insurance (or insurance at all in Germany really) so perhaps someone could suggest a company that offers it? My German isn't very good either, so a company with English support is much appreciated :). Anyones that I should avoid, or popular ones that most people use? Thanks!
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2021.12.08 05:49 Both-Philosopher-849 Porcelain

When I told you, “I wish I was stronger,” you didn’t deny it. Instead you told me that life would get harder, that I should learn now. I know you didn’t say it with your words, but I heard you, as loud as the worries of our mother. I know you care for me deeply, but I wanted something I couldn’t get from you and I know it’s my fault. In twisted words I asked for pity, for you to tell me “You are not weak, you are the strongest person I know,” but I know what the unspoken meant for me. That you saw me as what I feared, fragile.
Someone told me my hands felt like porcelain. Through one brief exchange he knew who I really was, how weak I really was, how easily I could break if someone held me the wrong way. Maybe if someone left me on the mantle in isolation, I wouldn’t shatter. I wouldn’t hurt anyone with the broken glass. I’d just sit there collecting dust.
Might as well break and be done with.
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2021.12.08 05:49 PewPewLAS3RGUNs This unique way a hotel chose to block a urinal to enforce social distancing in the men's room in the lobby...

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2021.12.08 05:49 charmed15 Energy Crisis - how is everyone fairing?

With the Price Cap rise in October and all of the supplier exits this year, kicking people off their fixed tariffs onto the Supplier of Last Resorts (SoLR) variable tariff it's certainly hitting a lot of people hard. However I find the press reports pretty much from the demographic of people struggling, mostly because alot of the surveys and research done are by consumer groups and charities so I thought it'd be interesting to see views from a mix of demographics.
For me, I'm pretty happy now with my large supplier (Octopus) sitting on their Price Cap tariff but our energy bills have doubled following falling off a 2 year fix. Whilst it's affordable, I don't like the idea of spending over £100 a month on energy so early next year we'll be looking at efficiency measures, especially if the prices don't go down. Seeing the daily cost on my smart meter is pretty disheartening and it's only going to get worse next year. Probably looking at installing solar panels and a battery to begin with and a heat pump maybe in the future.
So I guess what I'm asking: 1) Have your prices gone up? Is this affordable or putting a squeeze on your finances? Are you eligable/making use of any of the support schemes/grants available? 2) Are you worried about future Price hikes? Especially the Price Cap going up in April? 3) What's your feelings about suppliers at the moment, do you think you'll switch to smaller suppliers once it's competitive again or is a larger supplier safer? 5) Do you have a smart meter? Is it helping or hindering during the crisis. 4) Have you recently, or are thinking about, investing in energy efficiency measures such as Solar Panels?
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2021.12.08 05:49 skifflife Someone once said that the charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is

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2021.12.08 05:49 mcribgaming A tricky Ethernet wiring question.

I went to a friend's newly bought house to configure his new APs. But the Ethernet wires connecting the APs are ridiculously wrong. Therefore they are only negotiating 100 Mbps, no surprise.
These wires are terminated into a male RJ45 head and plugged directly into the APs. They are also mostly very high up on the ceiling, very hard to reach. The other end is also terminated into a male RJ45 head, and all run into a central closet inside the master bedroom. The wires were actually run 5-6 years ago, and we don't know who is responsible for it, so there is no one to call (house has already closed "as is".
We do know the wire order of all RJ45 male terminated cables on both ends:
Gw / G / Blw / Bl / Ow / O / Brw / Br
Yes, all colors were arranged by keeping colors together, with the "White stripe" first, then the solid color.
My question then is, if we were to keep this strange order of wires on the AP side, what is the order of wires I'd need to do to "compensate" for the mistake on the closet side, and get it to negotiate as gigabit? Of course it's non standard, but how can it be done?
My guess is that wires #1, #2, #7, #8 should be kept the same, as both the 568 "A" and "B" standards have colored pairs in those slots (and it matches "A" directly). So maybe some different order of #3-#6 on just the closet end could "set things right". But I could be totally wrong about that.
Is there a way to fix this while leaving one end in its current (wrong) pattern? I keep thinking there should be a corrective order you can do unilaterally on just one end for any pattern, but I can't figure it out. And is there a simpler way to figure out a "corrective" order given any random pattern for wires #1-#8 on one side?
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2021.12.08 05:49 dvclmn A poster I drew for Disney a few years back that I'm still chuffed with.

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2021.12.08 05:48 SpeedEquivalent7143 Haythem- crashing
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2021.12.08 05:48 Material_Ad3352 Refunds delay ?

Anyone having problems receiving refunds to PayPal ? (the legit aliexpress way), I have two canceled orders that are pending refunds and are almost hitting the 20 business days. I've received more recent refunds to Paypal and had no issues. very strange.
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2021.12.08 05:48 Valeeraa1 GREATAXE PTR PATCH NOTE

Great Axe

I really don't understand these game makers, they heavily nerfed the greataxe, taking into account the exaggerated declarations from incompetent players :D
Greataxe needed to be nerfed but not that strong
Greataxe was supposed to be nerfed but not that strong. The meaning of this nerf is that no one will play greataxe from now on and what do you think will happen when there is no greataxe in the game?
Let me tell you right away what will happen
Range class players will multiply because amazon has eliminated a class that can kill ranges. The counter of the ranges will be range again
Only range will be played in modes such as Outpost rush and War. Musket the slayer of mages, Archer the slayer of the musket hmmm looks so fun
now I can hear someone say hatchet, spear. The range meta in the game is exactly as follows Fire-ice Fire-rapier Fire-void Archer-hatchet Archer-spear Archer-Musket Musket-rapier...
It is impossible to catch these characters with hatchet or spear, why?
because they all have an effective escape skill (some builds have 2)
and besides these abilities, they all have Stun skills
so even if you catch it with a hatchet (it's impossible) you can't kill it. I am very difficult to catch rangers even with greataxele in this meta
If Amazon does not return from this big mistake, there will be a huge unbalance in the game.
and frankly I'm a fire+ice player (I've been playing this class for 2 weeks) and I easily kill all the greataxes I come across.
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2021.12.08 05:48 Jellyswim_ How much of a jump is AI matches to online matches going to be?

Never really done online in RTS games before, but I enjoy this one so much I'm willing to give it a shot, especially since I've finished all the masteries and campaigns.
I can win 1v2 hardest AI fairly easily now with most factions, and I feel pretry confident, how would I hold up against other players? I'm kind of intimidated after watching lots of recorded matches on YouTube and I don't want to completely hate myself for losing constantly.
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2021.12.08 05:48 Principal_Cookie import java.util.procatastinate

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2021.12.08 05:48 Omega-A *bonk*

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2021.12.08 05:48 Bashirshair So what is "Bitcoin Kiwi System"?

I've had a few family members approached, and it sounds kind of suspicious.
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2021.12.08 05:48 Blakknredd2x Anything helps

I'm raising $20,000 until 01/06/2022 for help build black business. Can you help?
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2021.12.08 05:48 diafen L'objet indique que j'ai gagné... Le droit de participer, c'est légal de faire ça ?

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2021.12.08 05:48 walerikus I hope you will like this one.

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2021.12.08 05:48 Loupax Except for water itself, every thing we drink is watered down.

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2021.12.08 05:48 streckle73 Guys im looking for a puzzle game i used to play about 2 years ago but i just cant find it.

There was this one game i played about 2 years ago in which there were multiple nodes on a globe and each one had 5 puzzles. Each puzzle hinted for what you would have to search for to find the answer. It would either be a date or a place or coordinates on earth etc. The game was looking very hacker-like and there was someone guiding you that wore a hoodie and black mask from what i can remember.
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