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*starts blinking rapidly*

2022.01.27 04:53 chickenbrole8 *starts blinking rapidly*

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2022.01.27 04:53 Scott_Worriesome Company that retains exclusive rights to make Aboriginal flags says Coalition has ‘misled’ community

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2022.01.27 04:53 otherwiseHarmless My Fiancée called things off the day before Thanksgiving.

This is my first ever reddit post and if I weren't in this situation I probably wouldn't even have a profile, I'd just be lurking in at all y 'all's drama(that sounded bad, but I always liked this thread). Do what you will with that info, but I just want someone's input on my BS.
My fiancée(F26) and I(M29) were going to get married in Autumn this year. I was so excited, nervous but excited to start a family; we'd been together for 4 years, living together for 2, most of the wedding was planned, and we even had baby names picked out for when we were ready. Seriously, my dream wife: smart in the ways I'm not, amazing with my animals, and the nicest sweetest person you'd meet while also having a bad bitch side that'd make Cardi B proud. She even showed me just how tight and loving a family could be, something I'd never really had.
The happy couple is set up, now you need the problem that ultimately broke us up: me, the dumbass. I had a pretty good job when we got together, I had my own place, paid my own bills; I was just super unhappy in that career(pet stylist), I knew I'd be miserable if I was still stuck there while trying to raise and take care of my future family. A lot of people love that job, but suffice it to say I just didn't want to do it forever. Naturally I went back to school, even before I met my ex, community college at first and a 4 year degree later.
When I met my ex she was very straightforward about what she wanted: marriage, wedding, 2 kids, house, all the dogs and cats we could fit. We both really liked imagining and planning our future together, so it was really no surprise when she laid out that she wanted to get pregnant by the time she was 27 so that she could have another by 32 and hopefully miss any complications due to age. At the time, I thought that I'd be on track with my degree to meet her time line, and I thought she wouldn't mind me being a year off of it anyway. I made it into my desired 4 year school right when the pandemic hit(go mavs!), but I was only taking a couple of classes at a time, putting me WAY behind on the timeline. Last semester I tried to take just one more class than usual, only 3 btw(I was also working full time), and the whole thing blew up in my face - 2 MOTHERFUCKING F'S!! I go to the required advising and they lay out in front of me that I'm looking at around 6 more years(or some shit) if I only do 2 classes at a time.
Of course, this did not sit well with my ex, she had a plan and a "ticking clock". We talked about trying to work it out where I'd work less, but even if we could've made enough money to stay in our rented house, I wouldn't finish my degree before she wanted to have babies. She decided that it'd just be best if we called the whole thing off. I was, and still am, pissed about this decision, why not wait? I'd be getting more money and it's not like it's impossible to have children in your mid 30s, we could even adopt if it was an issue.
I don't know, I straight-up asked her if there was anything else going on with us, if she was unhappy or anything. She says she was extremely happy and that she still loves me, and that she didn't want to interfere with my dreams. I don't want to give up on my dream of becoming a software engineer, and she doesn't want to give up on her dream of having a family and 2 kids by 32.
So, peeps, what I really want to know is if anybody thinks she is even acting rationally. I can't see it from here and the people I talk to about it were always gonna be on my side. According to her timeline she should be getting ready to be pregnant, when I ask her about this she just laughs and says "well, I'll just get a sperm donor". All I hear is "I'd rather be a single mom now, then wait on your dumbass".
I've heard "It's for the best, now you can focus on school", "You both need to respect each other's goals, even if it means breaking up", but I just want to hear some perspective from someone who identifies with her dilemma and why she made her decision. I think it'd help.
P.S. In case anyone was wondering, I'm now living with my parents and going to school full time. She's still living at the house(she's got a good job, plus she's a badass). Oh yeah, and if you can't tell I'm definitely still in love with her.
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2022.01.27 04:53 alexsidoroff Twitter storm by Alexander#7308

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2022.01.27 04:53 Pijlenhoofd Expobar Brewtus 4 - Pump problems

Hi everyone,
I have an Expobar 4 Brewtus 4, a double boiler E61 machine. The machine is 2 years old. When I turn the machine on, the pump keeps going and spits out the water back into the water tank. I can run the water through the group head but it keeps pumping meantime. It is not heating.
I had this before but somehow I fixed it. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong?
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2022.01.27 04:53 arshikajtp Shreaam Pagal Song Lyrics

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2022.01.27 04:53 okidokikii Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, France

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2022.01.27 04:53 TigerTail Climate = Everything

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2022.01.27 04:53 A3A93 Ozone layer data to this date in open source data (NOT FOUND)

Hey guys! I was searching for the ozone layer data for the pst few days and I couldn't find any open source reliable data that have the data updated after COVID! Most of them stopped before it and no updates after that!
Could any of you point me to a good place to start my search because I think I'm searching the wrong way here.
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2022.01.27 04:53 VictoriaDurrantArt For Sale, The African Elephant, By Me, Acrylic on canvas board, 2019

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2022.01.27 04:53 No-Refrigerator-1684 Hmmmm

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2022.01.27 04:53 CelebBattleVoteBot Selena Gomez vs Sydney Sweeney

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2022.01.27 04:53 Renton4055 Ableton is killing me

Im trying to learn ableton coming from FL studio and it is brutal. There's nowhere to scroll left and right in the piano roll. Even getting to the piano roll to show is annoying(there's no icon to select and go straight to it. I get stuck inside the piano roll and it won't let me go any further to the right sometimes, othertimes its magnified too far and won't let me back out. Seriously how hard is it to put scroll arrows in your interface? Is there any good tutorials ? Ive went through a few but the frustration is driving me nuts
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2022.01.27 04:53 DudeScoot Best build for my character?

I am looking for a strong build that combines magic and martial fighting. Preferably without losing out too much on magic. My character is currently an oath of vengeance paladin with plans to multiclass into divine soul sorcerer. Is this the right idea or are there better options?
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2022.01.27 04:53 Scott_Worriesome Honours even after England let slip early advantage on day one of Women’s Ashes Test

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2022.01.27 04:53 FriskyRisque Gain new proficiencies, whether you like it or not with this warlock invocation! Inspired by my own ADHD!

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2022.01.27 04:53 LoserLikeMe- 33736

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2022.01.27 04:53 berniesandersftw2020 anon has an unfortunate name

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2022.01.27 04:53 oaksandbrooms Am I being unreasonable

Hi everyone! I(M) am having a difficult time in my relationship right now with my girlfriend. I wanted some more opinions on this. My girlfriend of 8 years develops some deep crushes and when this happens it affects my mood severely. She want to talk to them, hang out with them basically be part of her life as friends. I am not okay with this at all. The previous crushes that she had, she didn't listen to me to not hang out with them at first but eventually she stopped. Her reason is that by hanging out with them this crush feeling stops. Even though I understand that this might happen I am absolutely not comfortable with them hanging out. Am I being unreasonable for not wanting her hangout with her crushes, and even after the crush feeling go away. Thank you!
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2022.01.27 04:53 CelebBattleVoteBot Beyoncé vs Ariana Grande

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2022.01.27 04:53 Number-unknow Is it possible for internationals to take dual-enrollment classes online ?

Most online community-colleges I checked were reserved to specific areas and/or offered a pretty small array of courses. Is there any program fitted for internationals to take classes at different hours and get accepted ?
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2022.01.27 04:53 Visible_Weird4338 [FANMADE] JOY - Goodbye | Limited Theme 🥝

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2022.01.27 04:53 shark1777 Gray market?

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2022.01.27 04:53 Morbidpeace Hi

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2022.01.27 04:53 Maskdask How do I modify a key mapping in just one built-in telescope picker?

I would like to change the behaviour of in telescope.nvim's find_files due to this temporary solution to that allows opening multiple files at once. However the only ways I can find for modifying key maps are either editing the defaults table in setup() which affects all pickers, or build a custom picker.
How do I change the key mapping of in find_files only?
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