Fuel producers, How much are you charging the gas stations per gallon and in what areas, These prices are strangely high.?

2022.01.17 21:53 Superandrewable_ Fuel producers, How much are you charging the gas stations per gallon and in what areas, These prices are strangely high.?

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2022.01.17 21:53 LambsThighs [PC] [HELP] Softbanned Account Help Nameless King

Account was softbanned from using Cinders Mod and I have uninstalled everything and awaiting the ban lift. I have a ticket open but right now I am stuck on Nameless King.
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2022.01.17 21:53 BubbaMan34 [WTS] Australian Silver Lot

Proof https://imgur.com/gallery/rTCuefk
Australian Silver Lot https://imgur.com/gallery/sHHI5NA - $325 A nice smorgasbord of items.
I take Venmo or Zelle. No shipping outside the lower 48.
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2022.01.17 21:53 notkvnchn How to clean out containers after use? (That has clove oil)

Hey guys, Just curious how everyone would go about cleaning a few containers after using clove oil in them. I had to euthanize a pea puff I had and afterwards, the containers I used still have that clove oil smell and the largest container had some white stuff at the bottom that’s kinda stuck. I’ve tried rinsing it all out probably around 50 times each and I’ve done hot water. Any ideas? Thanks
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2022.01.17 21:53 Malneirophreniaa picked up these 3 craigslist rescues today… last 3 pics are from the listing. disappointed in the world rn.

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2022.01.17 21:53 white-van-man 7 Wheels, 4 Legs

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2022.01.17 21:53 voxism743 How do I get the files to play games I own?

I want to use this emulator to use cosmetic smash mods but don't know how to get my games onto my PC.
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2022.01.17 21:53 Background_Day_3888 What’s one small thing that pisses you of?

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2022.01.17 21:53 SkirtPractical3718 As a former hyperphant now aphantasia, I’m looking to regain my ability to visualize. Any help??

Hey everyone! I’m new here! As a former hyperphant, my quest to regain the ability to visualize is significant. I lost the ability after traumatic emotional abuse from a partner that sparked a bad depression which worsened my ability to visualize.
I’m reaching out for insight on personal experiences, research or people they know who have regained the ability to visualize. For someone that was almost entirely a visual person and used it for his creative skill, work, life and well-being I’m eager to find ways to improve it because it’s been a very difficult transition.
I used to be able to create full cinematic movies in my head, relive memories, visualize anything etc. now it’s pretty much just blank. Occasionally I’ll catch a visual but it’s so dim, not like the original transporting me to another scene and moment kind like I’m used to. My memory is still okay but not being able to relive positive moments is what’s bothering me the most.
Anything that you have found to have helped either medications, supplements, psilocybin, training methods or anything I’d be more than appreciative of your input.
Thanks so much in an advance for your time and the conversation 🙏🏼🙏🏼
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2022.01.17 21:53 Name2522 Do Anything You Wanna Do - Eddie and the Hot Rods

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2022.01.17 21:53 HeroOfTheWaste locum tenens question

I want to get a decent bit of experience before doing locum tenens but is it required to get experience in a particular speciality to work that speciality?
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2022.01.17 21:53 sustainableindustry ScotWind offshore auction raises £700m

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2022.01.17 21:53 flopsyplum Tea bags should have embedded weights so they sink to the bottom of the cup and are completely immersed in the hot water

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2022.01.17 21:53 BachelorLife oHhh

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2022.01.17 21:53 Xenomorph_Fish_Gamer G.A.M.I.N.G

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2022.01.17 21:53 caehjlazco273 Tamriel and Akavir

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2022.01.17 21:53 NotTheNile Looking for a simple mead recipe.

Hi all. I'm am planning on making my first ever batch of mead in the coming days. I have made a few batches of ciders and country wines (with varying success) and have most of the equipment I think Ill need. I've bought 1kg of honey and am looking to make a gallon (UK) of mead. Anyone kind enough to share their own recipe, quantities of ingredients etc I'll need. (Any extra tips/tricks greatly appreciated). Thanks.
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2022.01.17 21:53 AlHexforge Does anyone know of a list of monstrology creature stats?

From what I know of Monstrology, creatures generally retain their creature stats, like boost, resist, pierce, etc. (not exactly sure on this), as well as their spells list. I also know they don't keep their cheats if they had any before. But the creatures' health totals vary a lot, and for bosses, they're usually lower. It would be nice to have a list to eyeball and determine what suits my needs for use in specific battles (like monstrology minions with high pierce, or high specific resist, or high health, or a specific spell list), and currently? I don't know where one is. Creating my own would take soooo long.
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2022.01.17 21:53 Initial_Chef2384 REJOICE MY FELLOW STOLITZERS

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2022.01.17 21:53 thecatdiditagain It’s a trap!

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2022.01.17 21:53 Humble_Stable Cathy Kelley

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2022.01.17 21:53 carrotnose258 Now that’s the attitude we need

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2022.01.17 21:53 TampsBucsYanksLakers Who would be a better player, Ben Simmons with Westbrook's playstyle, or Westbrook with Ben Simmon's playstyle?

Basically, who would be better, Ben Simmons if he was aggressive with his shot/drives, or Westbrook if he was more conservative with his shot/drives and focused on full-court offense and playmaking
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2022.01.17 21:53 mrntd Riding abandoned railroad tracks in Southern California with my railcart

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2022.01.17 21:53 redditerrafa Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya says ‘nobody cares’ about Uyghur genocide in China

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