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The Oruhy and kori-magic

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2022.01.27 05:38 tom_the The Oruhy and kori-magic

Hi all, this is my first post on here. I present the concept of the Oruhy and the different uses and effects of kori-magic. Please read and ask me anything!
The Oruhy (singular Ruhy) are ancient spirits originating from the spiritual realm known as Zahar. Occasionally, members of their kind venture to the material plane, residing in desolate and isolated places such as lakes, mountain-peaks and deep forests. The Oruhy bond with willing individuals ("bondlings"), to which they grant a temporary sense of hyper-awareness and euphoria, called the Chill, along with other psychic gifts, explained below.
Almost nothing is known about the origins of the Oruhy, although there are various theories and beliefs. They are commonly believed to be evil spirits and viewed with great fear. Tongabian religious leaders caution against them, and call for the imprisonment or even execution of anyone who is bonded with a Ruhy. Known bondlings are not welcome in local churches or communities and are believed to bring bad luck to anyone they come across. There are, however, some cults who worship the Oruhy, believing them to be gods who grant divine gifts and pleasures to humans. Some scientists also believe that these spirits offer opportunities for humans to attain superhuman abilities and seek to study their nature and properties. Not many people know that the Oruhy are sentient beings who can communicate with and understand humans.
It is not known whether it is possible to kill a Ruhy. It is also very rare for someone to completely break their Ruhy-bond. Most bondlings have their Ruhy dormant and still carry it with them, sometimes calling upon it in times of temptation, weakness or need. However, in order to sever a Ruhy-bond, the bondling must enter the spirit realm and guide his own shadow self back to reality. Oruhy exist in the spirit-realm, Zahar.
In order to bond with a Ruhy, a person must seek it out and speak a word the word "kori", which invites the Ruhy to initiate a spiritual bond with that person. Upon communing with the person, the Ruhy will then enter the person through the mouth and nostrils, an experience that is described as breathing in a hot smoke. The person will experience a severe coughing fit that, in extreme cases, results in death, i.e. where the person is too sick or physically weak to withstand the bonding. When the coughing fit has subsided and the person's bond with the Ruhy solidifies, they will feel practically nothing at first, and usually question whether they have indeed bonded with it. However, over time, and with each interaction that the person has with the Ruhy, it will become stronger and grow within them, until it is near-impossible for that person to break the kori-bond.
In order to enter the state of hyper-awareness that the Ruhy grants to its bonded person, the person speaks a single word - "kori". The origin of this word and the spiritual power associated with it is unknown, but some Tongabian esotericists speculate that it originates from Zahar, the spiritual plane. Upon saying this word, a bondling will immediately enter an altered state, called being "in kori" or simply "kori". The most immediate effect of being in kori is a wave of coldness passing through the body, followed by profuse sense of euphoria. Some bondlings report a taste similar to honey. In this state, their heart rate will increase, they will sweat, they will have increased energy, speed, stamina and strength. Every sense is heightened (taste, feel, smell, sound and touch). These effects are collectively called the Chill. However, over time, and with increasing utilisation of the kori, a bondling's body will become accustomed to the effects the Chill and require more frequent kori-episodes of longer duration to experience the same sense of euphoria.
Along with decreased sensitivity to the Chill, over time, different abilities are granted by each Ruhy to its bondling. These abilities cannot be taught, learned or trained for, and are granted at random to different bondlings. It is not known precisely why or how different bondlings receive different abilities, although scholars speculate it is due to the natural disposition or temperament of a bondling. There are five of them and they are, in increasing order of rarity:

  1. The kori-gift - a "sixth sense" in which a bondling's Ruhy will warn them when they are in danger, sometimes revealing evil intentions of those around them, or in which they might have a hunch for certain things like guessing the correct lotto-number or the correct horse to gamble on. This is the most unpredictable power granted by a Ruhy and cannot be controlled or called upon at will.
  2. kori-touch, ("Spirit-fingers") - the ability to, when touching an inanimate object, to tell its history, the persons it has been owned by, where it has been, or what it might be used for in the near future. It is commonly thought that certain objects have the capacity to absorb memories or spiritual energy, which can be read and interpreted by a Ruhy and told to those bondlings with the Spirit-fingers.
  3. kori-vision, or ("White-eye") - the ability to tell the future, or to be aware of things happening at a different place in the world without seeing them, or to be granted a symbol, sign or vision without knowing exactly what it means. They are called white-eyes because when they are in kori, their eyes roll back into their head so that only the whites of their eyes are visible. However, these visions are not always reliable or true, as often a Ruhy will lie to their bondling, sometimes even in an effort to bring harm to them. Some white-eyes will see horrendous visions of their own death and will be unable to leave their house for fear of dying.
  4. The kori-whispers ("Whispers") - the ability to know the intimate desires or secrets of a person by being in close proximity with them and to read their mind. When joined with a Ruhy, a bondling with the Whispers, called a Whisperer, is aware of any mental presence in close proximity to him or her. If the Whisperer concentrates, he or she can read someone's thoughts or intimate desires. They experiences this as the Ruhy speaking to them and telling them in a whispered voice what the other person's desires or secrets are. The more repressed the desire is, the more energy the Whisperer has to expend to understand it and the longer they have to stay in kori. Whisperers can also tell secrets. The more that the secret is at the forefront of the other person's mind, the easier it is for a Whisperer to read it. If the person is not consciously aware of the secret, the Whisperer will often only be able to tell hints or vague images of what that secret is, and must guess at its true meaning. Sometimes a Whisperer, while in kori, has to pry into someone's mind to be able to tell their secrets. This is noticeable to the other person, almost as if someone were looking over their shoulder or if there was an invisible presence behind them.
  5. The kori-voice, or the Voice of Zahar - the ability to control minds and make others do as you wish. This is the rarest, and most powerful, ability granted by a Ruhy. However, in this state, the bondling concerned gives himself up to the control of his Ruhy completely. The Ruhy can fully control the thoughts and physical actions of the bondling while in kori. As such, it is in fact the Ruhy, and not the bondling, who is able to control the other person's mind. A bondling will visualise the desire they have for the person they want to control and communicate this to the Ruhy. The bondling must then trust themselves to the Ruhy, who will receive total physical control over both the bondling and the other person. While in this state, the Ruhy will often accomplish the desire that the bondling had for the other person, but may accomplish it in a different way than the bondling envisioned. Currently, the only known person with the Voice of Zahar is Babi tu Ango, the mysterious leader of the White Fingers, although there are rumoured to be others.
However, Tongabians have a popular saying - "Beware the lies of the Ruhy, who blesses with one finger and steals with nine." A Ruhy does not grant its gifts for free. Oruhy are beings of the spirit-world, Zahar, and the effect of a Ruhy-bond is to progressively draw a person further and further into this realm. In effect, every time a bondling calls on the Ruhy, the Ruhy takes a portion of their spirit with them to Zahar and imprisons it there. While not known by many humans, that is in the true aim of the Ruhy - to enslave human spirits in Zahar.
When emerging from kori, and after the effects of the Chill have worn off, (though this time delay varies for different users) the bondling will experience a penetrating depression. Depending on the length and intensity of the episode, this depression will range from a mild fatigue and numbness to paralyzing grief and shame which may drive the bondling to suicide. For clarity, the effects of kori are as follows -
  1. for an episode of under 1 hour, the bondling will experience almost nothing save for a mild sense of guilt.
  2. for an episode of 1 to 3 hours, the bondling will experience guilt and tiredness for the rest of that day.
  3. for an episode longer between 3 and 6 hours, the bondling will feel noticeably sluggish, nauseous, and will be in a daze for that day, along with a sense of anxiety and gnawing unease.
  4. if the episode is longer than longer than 6 hours, the bondling will be practically unable to do anything for the rest of the day, they will feel very depressed and experience severe negative emotions. Often accompanied by crying, shaking, and sometimes hallucinations.
  5. the most severe episodes are in excess of 24 hours. If a person's remains in kori for this long, when they awaken from it, they will likely experience extreme and paralyzing grief, horror and guilt. They will have severe hallucinations, hear voices, feel numb and be unable to distinguish their visions from reality. In these most severe of cases, a bondling will sometimes kill themselves to escape this grief, or more commonly will immediately initiate another episode to experience the Chill once again and to escape their negative emotions. When this happens, the bondling will often become trapped in a neverending cycle of euphoria and depression. This is called the bond-fever, or just the Fever, and in this state, the addictive properties of the Ruhy become extremely heightened. In this state, the bondling's eyes become clouded and glossy. These eyes are called fever-eyes. Eventually, the bondling will go into a coma from which they will never awaken, after which they die after a few days.
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2022.01.27 05:38 wonderlandisalice Offering: Spanish (native)/ Seeking: English

Hey there! I'm Alicia and I'm from Spain. I love speaking English, so I'd like to find someone to practice with. I'd prefer to practice by voice (voice messages, calls, ...)
My hobbies are climbing (really passionate about it), yoga and mountains! Anyone with similar hobbies? Even if they are not but you want to practice, text me and we can talk about our lifestyles!!
Gracias!!! :)
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2022.01.27 05:38 4justAcheck 27 Male. It is around 4mm wide on my foot. I have very pale skin and a lot of moles in the rest of my body. It appeared few months after my last derma visit less than a year ago. It hasn't changed for a few months right now. I'll have it checked next week anyway but I think about it constantly.

27 Male. It is around 4mm wide on my foot. I have very pale skin and a lot of moles in the rest of my body. It appeared few months after my last derma visit less than a year ago. It hasn't changed for a few months right now. I'll have it checked next week anyway but I think about it constantly. submitted by 4justAcheck to Melanoma [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 05:38 LOLraul1335 Im in a rage

She broke up with me 2 and a half months ago. She told me she cant have a reletionship. 2 days later she had a new boyfriend, now shes on her 3rd. I am on the brink of beating all her friends, exs, and boyfriends. And i will do so on the 14th if she dosent reach out or something. She dosent know about my plan. I am just broken.
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2022.01.27 05:38 RinsevdM Is it possible to sort totums from crossbows in Java 1.18.1

I'm trying to make an auto sorter for my raid farm. I'm no stranger to non-stackable items, but whatever I try, there is no way of seperating these 2. I've tried brewing stands, armor stands, furnaces, furnace minecarts and mobs picking up the crossbows but nothing works up until this point. Could anyone send me in the right direction?
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2022.01.27 05:38 teetetay Does this seem.. fetishy to anyone else? 95% of what they’ve purchased are bikinis that have been modeled in the listing.

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2022.01.27 05:38 oflocksley21 The phantom bust sculpted in ZBrush and printed on the phrozen sonic mega 8k resin printer.

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2022.01.27 05:38 544delta Best driving school in Isb? looking for one on one lessons to learn and practice for my driving test.

I will be in the country for a month soon and i wanna get my driving license from Pakistan.(already have an expired learner's license in the system).
Please suggest the best driving school that offers one on one lessons and practice for the driving test. Cheers
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2022.01.27 05:38 Stonks_dude Voyagers Unknown is a new NFT project. It is going to be huge

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2022.01.27 05:38 Aiden_J_art I drew Rengoku, I used the screen tones to make it become a panel of a manga

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2022.01.27 05:38 unknownengine what are your favorite off-label songs at the moment?

doesn't have to be new, just whatever you've been enjoying lately :>
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2022.01.27 05:38 Just-West-826 Okay so tiny rant…

Ok so he just ended, but during Dream’s stream someone asked if he was okay with any pronouns and possibly neopronouns.
I just want to preface by saying I am a cisgender female and that I support peoples’ pronouns preference.
That being said, these kinds of questions annoy me. Dream has stated his pronouns multiple times in the past and even displays them in his bios, yet someone asked this question. This also isn’t the first time a cc has been asked this despite stating their pronouns previously.
I understand wanting more representation when it comes to the creators you watch but forcing that representation on someone who is presumably cis is not the way to go about it. There are tons of gender non-conforming streamers out there: Snifferish, Eret, and Emma are a few I can think of and they all use multiple pronouns. You can support and look up to them without trying to create a minority status for the ccs you already support.
He straight up said that his pronouns are he/him. He said he doesn’t necessarily care in the internet space, but started to say (Or I assume he was going to say) that he would feel uncomfortable if someone addressed him by anything other than his stated pronouns.
It should just be left at that. You wouldn’t ask someone who is trans if you can use other pronouns for them when they have already stated what they prefer. Respecting peoples’ pronouns applies to both cis and non-cis individuals. I understand why people do it, but it’s not something that should be normalized. If someone states their pronouns you should accept them, Period.
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2022.01.27 05:38 elchivoquemasmeia Hello everybody , anyone want to chat?

15 M Heya all, its a pretty night but also would like to talk to someone, about anything from like anime to like games, music, nature or anything else beyond. Or anything to help you have a good day/night
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2022.01.27 05:38 OGMinorian Jade Empire - Flyer minigame experience

Do you get experience for all flyer games, only some or just some specific quest related ones you can't skip anyway? Also the ones, when just fast traveling between places?
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