CakeDefi offers $30 plus additional 8 DFI Coins

2022.01.27 06:01 Irina0502 CakeDefi offers $30 plus additional 8 DFI Coins

Boost Your Rewards to Infinity and Beyond.
No bonus (no ref)

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2022.01.27 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: yetenek/yapabilite

yetenek/yapabilite translates to capability
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2022.01.27 06:01 mushytripz [Recruiting] Midichlorians| (#2YCGQQPLY) | TH 6+ | Clan Level 4 | Clan Games | Friendly War | Active Daily | Independent

Recruiting anyone that's looking for an easygoing laidback clan, yet who's also active enough for sometimes 2 to 3+ wars a week (currently have 9 members)
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2022.01.27 06:01 obosio6 What drives NeoNomad? (Colombia, Caribbean, Morocco)

NeoNomad is a cryptocurrency exchange allowing every user or firm to trade anywhere in the world in a safe, decentralised and convenient manner. We offer a wide variety of products including derivatives, DeFi products, NFT's and leveraged tokens.
OPEN SOURCE NeoNomad Decentralized Xchange is an automated liquidity protocol powered by a constant product method and implemented in a system of non-upgradeable smart contracts on the Solana Network.
DECENTRALIZED The exchange removes the need for trusted intermediaries while prioritizing decentralization, censorship resistance, and security. Each NeoNomad smart contract, or pair, manages a liquidity pool made up of reserves of two tokens. In the decentralized exchange, anyone can become a liquidity provider (LP) for a pool.
TRANSPARENT NeoNomad automated liquidity protocol exchange solves the inherent liquidity problem of decentralized exchanges by incentivizing liquidity providers. In essence, NeoNomad's exchange users pool their money together to create a fund used to execute trades on the platform. As even token listed on the exchange has its pool, users can contribute to the pool, and the prices for token listed are worked out through a mathematical algorithm.
DEFI The platform also includes a lending feature that allows users to get crypto loans in a trustless manner and enables users to enlist their coins for lending purposes. This protocol allows the lender to earn interest on coins released. While the underbanked do not have access to traditional financial services like lending, the exchange incorporates a lending option in a censorship-free environment. With the lending option, the platform provides margin trading and enable investors to gain higher interests
OUR MISSION Over 1.7 billion individuals have little to no access to financial services in the global population, while the rest pays a high price for accessing available financial services. Despite many of this unbanked/underbanked population, there has been a surge in mobile phone ownership and internet use among these people. A report released by BRINK stated that over 1.1billion out of the unbanked/underbanked population own a mobile phone. In Columbia, 75% of residents are unbanked, but 52% use smart devices. In the Caribbean, many individuals are underbanked, but 50% of adults have mobile phones and internet access. 71% of people living in Morocco are unbanked/underbanked, but over 50% of the population own smart devices. While mobile bank applications have been developed to make traditional financial services easier to access, the bank applications do not provide solutions to the reasons given by the underbanked/unbanked population.
With this in mind our mission is to provide a more inclusive investment environment for the under-banked, under-invested ,and well-invested. NeoNomad also aims to provide a world that causes everyone (banked and unbanked) to be financially stable with or without traditional financial systems.
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2022.01.27 06:01 crytoloover AMA Summary held on Jan. 14, 2022

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2022.01.27 06:01 dr_scitt Any further news on AFK changes?

So. Just come from yet another ranked game with a leaver within five minutes (Emerald game). We managed to take baron but the 4v5 was too much. But we got a mighty five fortitude points to compensate for our efforts. Doubtless the player will be back on later. Any further news on afk punishments/remakes or such from dev diaries? I've been playing since season 0 but it seems to be worse of late (probably just unlucky), and my interest in continuing to play is waning :/
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2022.01.27 06:01 MatSonic99 If Shart can’t go outside, no one goes outside.

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2022.01.27 06:01 BCF13 Just finished my retro gaming project (old Mac mini) anyone have any recommendations on MegaDrive games?

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2022.01.27 06:01 isabellah9 IEC Working Holiday candidates, how easy was it to find a professional job in Canada?

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2022.01.27 06:01 drhawary_pt Can I have a form check please!

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2022.01.27 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: capabilidade

capabilidade translates to capability
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2022.01.27 06:01 kak8gm Calendar replacement that shows how many reminders per day are in weekly/monthly view

What calendar app would you suggest that works on both Mac and IOS and has a weekly/monthly view that shows in some way how many reminders are per day? Preferably it would also have sync function between devices. The Apple calendar only does it partially, although it shows the reminders as a gray dot, it doesn’t let you know whether there is one or many, hence that isn’t an option
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2022.01.27 06:01 GrumpyAlien Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data. And is now being sued for withholding vaccine safety data.

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2022.01.27 06:01 Ornery-Dig-7132 😩

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2022.01.27 06:01 Glittering-Pay-4882 Is it possible for your tongue to be too long to mew?

I’ve noticed that when I properly mew, I cant breathe. Its as close to proper as I can get but I know it’s not because I cannot breathe. When mew, I feel as if I have to scooch my tongue back a bit to attempt to do it properly. Whenever I truly attempt I have to open my mouth to get the tongue fully situated on the soft palate, then close my mouth, but that’s when I can breathe.
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2022.01.27 06:01 thabiso-kgabung Is FO a form of addiction?

Yes, I think I am addicted to this game. I wish it was possible to sync across devices.
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2022.01.27 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: kebolehan

kebolehan translates to capability
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2022.01.27 06:01 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.27 06:01 LifesaverMikey19_YT My First Ever Black Ice [169 Hours] How Long Did Yours Take?

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2022.01.27 06:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: зейін

зейін translates to capability
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2022.01.27 06:01 Robin_Ayou- So when I asked why people hate below zero, a lot of people said it was the land. Now I have another question. (Spoilers)

Why do people have the land? It gave us 4 cool creatures and one demon from hell.
Snow stalkers are cool, penglings and pengwings are cool, cave crawlers can burn in hell. And the ice worm is one of the coolest creatures in both of the games in my opinion
But seriously why do people hate it?
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2022.01.27 06:01 aerystg i posted this on r/israel and got banned

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2022.01.27 06:01 Oml1001 I’m confused on how the spread works when betting on nfl, nba games etc. Can anyone help me out? Sorry if this isn’t the place

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2022.01.27 06:01 Annual_Strength2635 My homeless experience with the Police

On september 12th i was arrested for possession of tobacco as signed on my release form but then found out i got failure to aid and identify as well in the state of indiana. The officers involved made contact with me the night before my arrest date ( The 12th ) questioning my presence as it appeared i was quote “spying” on them from the public sidewalk as I scrolled thru my phone. I simply explained that I am in fact homeless and looking for resources thru their department.
After small consensual talk I was then offered resources thru the officer directly who then wanted I.D as well. Due to the accusation earlier I told the officer I’d remain here until the officer opened the next morning and just talk to the clerk, As soon as i said this the demeanors of both officers changed and every word from then on out were accusations and insults. I asked if i was being detained and went on my way. I remained there that night in which i was insulted several times more as well as had the privilege to listen to the officers completely twist the story. Come the next day I once again returned their that evening due to high traffic downtown with citizens of drunkenness. After a few hours i made the mistake of falling asleep and was then awoken to both officers crouched down removing items from my bag and pockets as i was asleep. Immediately as I woke up i was forced to stand up before i had the chance to even comprehend what was going on, All 3 officers began questioning me and shining their flashlights in my eyes. I was then told I was detained and I must identify myself or i will be arrested. Scared of potential backlash i promptly granted them my name only to be told nothing came back. The officers told me that is failure to id before i could correct them on the 1 mistaken letter they had typed. We eventually cleared the mistake and went on with the encounter, Upon the items they removed from my pocket while i was asleep was my wallet, phone and a candy bar, They then questioned me more refusing to tell me why i was being detained only that my attitude the night before got us here. As they did this an officer opened my bag and then arrested me for the pack of cigarettes inside. The cops then took my bike and “Lost it”. When i was released I got the chance to ask an officer who wasn't involved why i received failure to aid. I was told i did not help the officers in their investigation but they couldn't explain what the investigation was. They only made an arrest due to the cigarettes and then added the failure to aid. When i talked to a lawyer he told me i received failure to identify too. How can i have failure to aid when that applies to another situation. They gave me two bogus charges for the same thing that never happened. Any advice on what to do? I'm gonna file complaints is this a good draft for it? Serious answers only…. The cigarettes they found they illegally grabbed from my bag and I had not commited any crime so how did they get charges on me?????
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2022.01.27 06:01 ContributionAsleep59 Junglers are more willing to giving you camps if you ask first!

When you don’t ping and just start doing it, we usually get a little annoyed and will try to do it right after it spawns to avoid being robbed, but I have also found out that when people ask first for a camp, I am willing to let them do it a lot more. (M IV)
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