tyd9s h7y2i d85ys 9ahk7 k6r95 dern6 57n86 6f4r6 ay45d h5ese a69r5 5y8f8 5a6e8 3adrr 9r94h d9ahs fhie3 d8hbe e6ea9 b39fd rfyn8 Is there a difference between the original zebra 350 release and the latest restock? |

Is there a difference between the original zebra 350 release and the latest restock?

2022.01.17 21:47 InvestmentTerrible22 Is there a difference between the original zebra 350 release and the latest restock?

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2022.01.17 21:47 Loveweedandmusic Please continue to support this underrated game

I hope to see many more clans / dlc , maps and political choices being added
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2022.01.17 21:47 anxiousmaniac_ how to stop obsessing over someone?

so BASICALLY, I am having a crush on someone, But I think it's more than that because It's becoming an addiction. I don't see this person in real life, but here's the thing I spend pretty much all my time online, and since I met this person on discord I have been infatuated, how intelligent and wise he is, his taste of music, the way he talks, he's unique and completely different from his peers (I am 2 years older than him), I never thought I would have a crush on someone younger than me, I don't know I used to find it weird, I'm 21 by the way, sometimes when he is alone in a VC I join and we talk together about a lot of things, but I always find myself insecure and intellectually inferior to him, with knowing that he doesn't care so I just talk about anything, and he would listen and understands, multiple times he shared with me vulnerable stuff about himself, it's not like he feels the same about me(IDK really) because he is open and tells his friends about problems in his life. I keep thinking about him, every second of the day, constantly checking his Facebook, Instagram, people that he follows, it has been like this for 5 months now and it's consuming me, and now I have a headache from all of this, I couldn't focus on anything, usually, I would learn new stuff about the world but since I had this crush I stopped doing that, or maybe doing things that in the back of mind knowing he would like. each time I talk genuinely about something he understands and he cares, I don't know if this is love, but what I know is that i don't want it, I'm fine on my own I just want this obsessive behavior to stop. today I learned that this is not love it is called limerence or something, Dr k i hopelessly need your help. why do we have crushes on people and how can we move on without removing them from our lives and deleting them on social media is there any way i can do that? because I like him as a person and we're friends in a way i don't want to lose that
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2022.01.17 21:47 mahogany_tree Quick Question about Training Max

What should I do when my training max surpasses my 1RPM? I'm in my second cycle, and the estimated 1RPM for my OHP is 140. So, first cycle TM was 130, second cycle TM is 135. Then deload, then the third cycle TM will be 140 (same as my starting 1RPM). This is also the case for my bench.
Do I disregard this and just keep adding 5lbs until I stall out? Or do I recalculate my 1rpm with my best AMRAP?
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2022.01.17 21:47 BroadswordEconomy Does this image represent Q component in the right direction? Is #2 (top right section) the Q wave?

Does this image represent Q component in the right direction? Is #2 (top right section) the Q wave? I got this image from http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Biology/ecg.html
Someone told me that # 1 should be the Q wave since the depolarization starts from left ventricular septum and goes to right ventricular septum. Please let me know. Thanks.
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2022.01.17 21:47 Unlikely-Spring-2507 Refinement tray #1 and I’m so happy! No precision cuts, attachments, and I went down to 7 day wear time :) Love my ortho!

Refinement tray #1 and I’m so happy! No precision cuts, attachments, and I went down to 7 day wear time :) Love my ortho! submitted by Unlikely-Spring-2507 to Invisalign [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 21:47 stickdog99 Kaiser Permanente funded pre-print: "The true incidence of myopericarditis is markedly higher than the incidence reported to US advisory committees."

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2022.01.17 21:47 PJLucania Matt Cameron's Drum Cover of 'Bare Trees' by Fleetwood Mac [IG: indiedrummercollective]

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2022.01.17 21:47 LuckyRocketKen Just turned 19 ❤️ Hi everyone :)

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2022.01.17 21:47 jomakepeace2018 The three months and one day path, that takes us from whatever this hell is, and then leads us on to first begin to realise the possibility of our redemption; if we can but realise that we must first choose it to be, to then be able to choose it. See.

And i cant express how important that 0.1 is. For in actuality all of all of cf us. So Hey ho buddy, hey ho. And. So now together we get togo on with the show..
Stevie Notes
Try to only say everything once Stevie, except the bits you think need to be repeated obviously.
If you are unsure, always cut ruthlessly.
And always remember its always got to be 'once more with passion' Stevie. Once more, with passion buddy . You can do it. Just try harder to Make it make it count.
Reader notes
What can i say except im sorry its me and im sorry my words couldn't be less shite than what thry are.
Not that it makes a difference but I wasnt even my own first choice, and so only by a technicality here i am, and so here we are. Its where we go next i want to chat about.
Reading notes
Ideally read me out loud. I know you resist the idea, but you should get a stronger connection if you do. Otherwise use your narratodictators voice. If you have one.
The more you invest in me the more likely enough of us all are to get it. Its just a numbers game after all buddy.
If not us then who?
And if not now then when!
How it goes
So this is how it goes. Or at least this is how i think it goes. Which is, after all, all each and any of us can ever say.
But i feel confident that this is how i think it should go. Ok?
The first Truth before the first truth.
There will always only and ever be just one 'us'.
For there is, only and ever will be, just one humanity.
And in actuality, this will have always been true.
No matter how much we act like we dont want it to be. And Irrespective of how much we act like it isnt. See?
The lie Because
whilst we erroneously continue to act like this is not true, while blatantly living in a world where it is, actually, so this lie we live our lives by will continue to divide and drive us blindly, around and around this cycle, wot we are all stuck in, together. That by lying to ourselves, that we are not really to each other, another sister, a brother, and so holds us all instead , trapped together, going round and around this cycle wot we are stuck in.
Round around.
Etc etc.
And for what its worth i call the current iteration of this cycle Boom. Bust. Bang.
Fot what its worth.
The bang part 1
And within the repetative cycle of Boom Bust Bang, we know we are fast approaching the Bang bit, aren't we buddy.
But which if im right about the timing, is lucky for us!
Stevies crazy cycle theory
Because after the listening has stopped but before the bang begins there opens a hidden and brief window of choice. Where a change of state for us has become inevitable. But the first of the truths that our lies to ourselves hides, is that that window and its opportunity yet remains open. In other words before the bang begins, so the direction of that change yet remains. Up for grabs as it were.
All is not lost. And yet it still feels so.
Stop lying to yourselves
But if you choose to even consider my words, and even then, if you choose to do so, so evokes an emotional micro transactional valve judgement within the you, the thought we think before we realise we start thinking. And if you manage to catch it quickly, before it all too quickly recedes you should be able to sadly make out the flashcards of 'stoopidity' and "redonkulousness' at even just my poor choice of words, and besides all for what? Hope! The word sickens us..... But thats the lie right there buddy. And now you can see it, for what it is, so you need to now having realised, keep reaching past it buddy. Now you can see it for what it is. See?
Those emotional micro transactional value judgements that all they do is state their despair of the truth of this possibility, but actually, hopefully, only serve to cast light on the lie you now begin to realise you have allowed yourself to believe buddy. Because this is where it all starts.
We all have to choose But its ok. If we spot what we need to achieve, but in time.
For a window of time is here, now, today, where a path will have to been chosen any way.
Blowing my own trumpet
So here am i believing that i have a plan. A plan for this time! A plan for whom the preperation of so far has taken me about 6 odd years to come up with. But theres a lot of interconnected detail in there and apropos of nothing, im looking to try to begin a goodness cascade within society. If it works thats what i want to call it. Fingers crossed!
More prattling on about the plan
But a plan that sets out to redeem us. A plan that if just enough of us could just get behind and just in the nick time in time, rebond behind a single viable idea. And with nothing more than an acceptance that we are only one us, and a desire to begin to make that count for something again, and so change our fortunes for the better. What if there was a 3 month and one day plan that could bring that about for all of us?
For If you can but choose to see this truth in this time, and so make possible the choice it proffers us, this is all enough of us have to do. To make its truth our reality.
And that just enough of us. Not even most of us. Was always going to have to have been enough of us.
And then so it was.
Bang part 2
And so we choose to choose a different path, which also serves to lead us away from the impending dehumanising hell that awaits us on our current timeline.
Because by accepting the truth of our lie, and so fixing it with just the bonds of our own humanity, so this new path first diverts us away from the impending next big Bang, where we will otherwise remember, choose to send our kids off to become for the good of us, murderers, at best, but some of them rapists, and others torturers - and that is if we and they are the lucky ones! (think) And instead leads us finally to the very beginning of humanities path to its own redemption. (this is a great time to remember to breathe buddy) Just 3 months and a day from start to finish. And I know how it sounds redonkulous. In fact i want you to Remember how redonkulous it sounded. So that when the time comes, in 3 months and a day. All this. But you will learn perspective. And so it will continue to sound redonkulous, right up until the point when you decide to realise its not.
Stevies crazy cycle again
Not actually breaking this cycle. Actually. fixing it. Leaving it and then Sealing it.
Evolution not revolution.
Not revolt. Evolve.
You get the idea.
Then it becomes an entity within the spectrum of probability. Which is progress!
It doesnt need all of us, or even most of us. Just a significant enough of us to make it happen. But if enough of us few do choose to come together and make it happen, then the change it makes, it makes for all.
My plan was written to begin with us just as we all really are; here, now, today. Think about it. Not who we think each other should be, or would be if only they weren't... and gives us a structure - first to begin to resolve some of the problems that by lying to ourselves so we have erroneously allowed ourselves to believe are unsolvable, and then takes us on to begin to become who we will need to become anyways, to confront the inevitability of our ever changing climate and its implications for us - just one humanity remember, but with unity, instead of in division.
Day 1. From an agreed date the countdown begins.
It begins with the Great Century 21 Turning Away from politics (Secessio plebis). After all our voices on both sides of whichever particular divide you choose to reside are no longer heard. Right? Any of us. And that's not Right. So if none of our voices are being listened to at the moment anyways, its right that for a short while they should experience the same! To be given the opportunity to remember why its so wrong.
For 3 months and a day we choose to choose mostly together to simply turn our focus away from the bollockshit of our current politic - starving them of the publicity that after all has only served to help drive them, and us along with them, to the dark place where so many of them currently reside. A place that has obscured for them what should be their real role; as fair rulers to their people and nation ambassadors for the good of our wider global society.
During this 3 months and one day we ask of our news and media outlets to focus instead on the good works we are already doing in the world, on the good work that needs to be done and the good works we are going to spend 3 months doing. The good works we must do to help us to prepare to become the people ready to hear; the 'Truth of Their Times' . Some of our media will come with us. Some wont and if we are lucky it will be enough.
For this 3 months we ask our banks and finance houses to choose to help us to organise and pay for our three month 'Make The World Better' campaign. And those banks who help us organise this will be showing us that they do want to be part of our communities. Those that dont, obviously dont value us beyond the profits they make from us. And again, when the time arrives, we will remember.
And whilst we toil together, for the good of each other for those 3 months (but not one day) our scientific and environmental community will be preparing to deliver to us all the Truth Of Our Times, at the First Global State of the Environment Address. Not what can we afford, or what political points can be scored, but What approaches and what needs to be done.
Because when it comes, this truth of our times its going to be tough. Its going to hard for us to hear, which is why we spend 3 months of our spare time becoming the people ready to hear it.
See how it all meshes together, like clockwork with time.
And the banks will be organising us, irrespective of our divides, into Paint brush parties, binbag marches. Basically together we clean up our communities. That kinda thing. And then fun in the parks, also funded by the banks, or perhaps together with our employers to further bridge those divides and consolidate our good works together.
We spend 3 months of our free time both making our world better and celebrating our achievements together, and so at the same time preparing ourselves to become the people ready to hear the 'truth of our times'.
And then after 3 months our scientists will tell us the truth of our times. And because we will have become not just ready to listen, but to hear. So we will.
And then from the moment after the first global state of the environment address is delivered, we begin the world first peace day. 24 hours without state sponsored conflict. And it won't work first time. Just sayin. But thats fine. Because if we dont give up on the idea, and instead each time we try harder, find better ways, eventually together we will make it work. And so when finally it does, we will be all the stronger because of our collective endeavour.
And then i hope we go on to make it one day a week!
And after 24 hours of peace, or not (as long as we tried it doesn't actually matter) we finally turn back to our leaders and ask of them 'are you the leaders to lead us into this?'
For we will always need leaders. But then its up to them if they choose it to be them. Or not.
Science will have been given back its due respect as an authority to help guide us into this new age. Where humanity finally accepts its place as custodians over its ever changing environment. The banks will have begun their rehabilitation within the communities they have now shown they want to serve. News and media will have been given an opportunity to reassess their relationship both with politics and us, hopefully restored to a more even keel, and politics will have been reminded, by the actions of us together as individuals, of whom they serve. We will have begun to become the people who can confront the challenges we will have to face anyways, but now armed with the truth of our times and the new found sense of togetherness that we just forgot about how important was. Right?
And the cycle of boom bust bang will have been sealed. And As long as we never choose to open it up again. For ever! And all we had to do was to finally accept the truth. Please try to remember?
And breathe. Please Remember that too.
And so then together, all of us, and in just 3 months and one day from an agreed date, will have begun the next age of humanity. The bit after boom bust bang. Perhaps the next cycle begins? Whose nose. The bit where we finally came together, to make each of our own voices count for something better, to choose to have chosen a new path into our future. Together. And just in the nick of time to boot.
Happy days!
Or we just carry on as we are, getting angrier and angrier with each other for bollockshit thats beyond our control anyways while our jaded leaders continue to dismantle everything they cant sell until eventually, inevitably, we blunder (albeit unintentionally) into WW3.
So with this plan, right here, right now, today, we still yet have a choice to decide. Albeit within an ever narrowing window. But if we do have choice, that also means that if we dont choose this path, if enough of you dont choose this path, then eventually and inevitably we will choose war. It is after all, the cycle, that by the lies we currently live by, we are currently stuck in.
When the howl from the dogs of war, proffering their agenda as our only viable choice finally drowns out the last dissenting voice. And that buddy is the absolute definition of redonkulousness.
If we carry on screwing this up we will become the first of the failed generations. Plural. The only iteration of humanity that could have chosen different, chosen better, but chose not to. And so choose to send their children to war instead. A conflict amplified and lengthened by the consequences of our changing climate, like dwindling resources and mass migration, so it will feed the dogs of war long beyond the point where our anger was sated, and so generation after generation will be forced to fight a conflict that only us, here now, today, could have ever stopped.
And i hope you realise why turning your kids into murderers rapists and torturers is the best outcome from war for you buddy.
We will either break this cycle, or else this time around its going to have broken us. Which would be a real shame. But i believe this will be our last chance to choose for a very long time.
I believe we are the not just the first generation that could do it. I believe we are the last generation who can do this. Because it has to be done at the right time. After the bust but before the bang and before climate change begins in earnest.
I believe that with enough support from people just like you, this would happen. I believe in the goodness of you buddy. And all you have to do is just accept that if we were these people, you could then believe in the goodness of each other too. Couldn't you?
For please reWe will always only and ever be one humanity buddy.
You and me, and everyone we love, and those they love, and so on and so forth, stretching a web of love around mother earth.
And finally, please click on the link below. And when you read it, as bitter and hard as it sounds, please imagine its your child telling this story of their childhood. Because we all of us need to reremember buddy, what the conflict that comes from living a lie strips us all of.
/Jo Makepeace2018
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2022.01.17 21:47 TheKoakuma Caught after vote fraud in Popularity Poll

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2022.01.17 21:47 FeralMoppet Out Of Place Monday

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2022.01.17 21:47 Method_Educational Moved away from Vegas and I miss Poker

I need a place to play. A legit place to play, online. Pls Msg me.
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2022.01.17 21:47 beardedmuggle What's a sure-fire way to get diarrhea?

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2022.01.17 21:47 StepSiu Seam Position

Hi all, I noticed with all my prints and tests that the seam position and preferences make a lot of difference in the layer visibility. Many times if the print head has to move to another part of the model to make the outhern perimeter it tends to ooze and underxtrude at the beginning of the outher perimeter. Then if the next layer seam position is not alligned it leads to huge layer visibility. I think can be easily solved making so that the inner wall extrusion always begins where the seam is supposed to be. The seam position could be set to be in the back of the model and the hiding option would set its particular position. Partially solved picking retract before outher wall but retractions lead to other problems, I think would be more elegant to avoid those travels totally. So I wonder if the option "optimize wall printing order" does that, because it's not clear to me from the description
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2022.01.17 21:47 Semyonov When bots start using screen grabs from your content for re-uploads of mods -_-

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2022.01.17 21:47 IVIVIVI12 Thoughts On Reggie Lewis

Is he worth grinding for? I've won 100 games and haven't got him, should I keep grinding or just take Spicy P?
And if I get him is he worth putting HOF badges on?
Also any thoughts on Reggie and how good he is.
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2022.01.17 21:47 _ZR_ A little feature on a cool piece of gear some of you mobile platform producers might like

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2022.01.17 21:47 bigfatchild999 Specific question: is it possible to make it so that pano scrobbler only scrobbles offline, and only from spotify?

I want to have my cake and eat it too. On my laptop I use spotify, so the integrated scrobbling makes sense, right? Well, on my phone, I use pano scrobbler, which leads to double scrobbles when it's turned on. I could just disable scrobbling from spotify, but I'd miss out on offline scrobbles.
SO essentially I'm asking for a way to achieve one of these two things

  1. Automatically merge duplicate scrobbles or
  2. Only scrobble spotify offline, but only on my phone
Any attempt to help solve this is appreciated
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2022.01.17 21:47 GALACTON Recommendations on a red light?

I want a 1000 lumen-ish handheld red light for night time use in the woods. My EDC light is a Fenix PD20 or PD35. Don't need a lot of features or modes, but a max, medium and low would be best.
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2022.01.17 21:47 Stoic_Stargazer Not many people know him, but this is Mike. Mike was the said to have been the "6th" member in the early 90s. Ah, the memories.

Not many people know him, but this is Mike. Mike was the said to have been the submitted by Stoic_Stargazer to oasis [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 21:47 Reasonable_Ad_27 TOP 10 Beyblades of 2021! What do you guys think?

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2022.01.17 21:47 deadkidney1978 Symbolic deaths. At least Jackie's was a bit more emotional. Not just rock dropping.

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2022.01.17 21:47 XxXxShSa gnome gonna gnome....FeelsWeirdMan

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2022.01.17 21:47 SmallButMighty123 Positive vibes please.

Currently in hospital with a bartholien cyst which is beginning to go septic 😭. Antibiotics have failed so have been admitted to a ward to undergo surgery tomorrow…
They think I’ll need to have a general as it’s so sore but warned I would increase my risks of miscarriage if I underwent general. So Ive begged to try local anaesthetic first and they’re going to try in a few hours.
I’m so upset - 5 weeks pregnant - our little miracle baby that should never have happened seeing as we have fertility issues 😭. I’m so so worried about this not working out and putting my baby in danger.
Please send positive vibes etc to help calm my nerves!
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