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Side bar no longer contains app names after upgrade to Android 12. How can I fix this?

2022.01.27 05:06 ThisPlatformIsBad Side bar no longer contains app names after upgrade to Android 12. How can I fix this?

Not sure what it's actually called, but the side bar (where you can have your favorite apps saved for quick access) no longer has the name of the apps under them, just the picture.
This all happened right after my regretful update from Android 11 to Android 12 for my Galaxy S20+.
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2022.01.27 05:06 SXSWnw Cross border life. Cell phones /SD PO Box- Jobs —Traducción abajo

I not too long about posted about moving, parece que pueda que ya esté finalizando, and I’ll be setting up shop in TJ.
I’m broke on MetroPcs at the moment, with the Mexico plan, I stayed in Mexico once 4 months w my parents tmobile plan and was warned that service may be cut because the “Mexico Canada Plan” is for visits not residing. Note T-Mobile owns Metro, any of you with either service have troubles w it living in TJ or does it reset if you go to SD regularly. What service works well w/o hiccups for American phone #.
Also, any suggestions on what PO box service to get California residency so I’m hireable on the border, I intended on finding a remote job but am considering working retail for a while, I just don’t know if they’ll hire me w my Washington state address.
Que plan de celular recomiendan para tener un número americano. Tengo MetroPCS por el momento, subsidiario de T-Mobile, y hace tres años en el plan de mis papas recibí un mensaje que decía que podría que me cancelaran el servicio ya que tenía en Mexico cuatro meses. El plan Mexico/Canada es solo para viajar y no vivir, algunos de ustedes tienen experiencia con lo mismo, o ir a San Diego regularmente “overrides” la situación, es decir la hace desaparecer? Si tiene. Problemas que compañía de Cel recomiendan para yo tener mi línea americana?
Planeaba conseguir empleo desde casa ganando en dólares y no se pudo. Pienso trabajar en ventas en persona ahora, me imagino que debo de ser residente de California por lo cual pienso habrir un PO Box, que compania o a que postal service acudo, que recomiendan? por ahora soy residente del estado de Washington, algunos de ustedes tienen experiencia buscando trabajo y presentando un ID fe otro estadom estoy en plan de decir, “ lo hago después, estoy viviendo con familia” pero en si no se que es lo más prudente.

pls help/ haganme el paro porfa …. Discupen mi ortografía, mi español es de vergüenza y mi inglés medio h00d
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2022.01.27 05:06 filoricci Daci metti gli occhiali se sei in pericolo

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2022.01.27 05:06 __insolvent Yooo!!! LFG!!!! Here from SafeMoon

Long time SafeMoon HODLer and happy new Enhance HODLer too. Happy with what I'm seeing so far since the SafeMoon SWAP listing and looking forward to reaching many new ATHs with you fellows.
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2022.01.27 05:06 lilwae1 JORDAN 1 TRAVIS SCOTT X FRAGMENTS FROM STOS 2021 290+10 YUAN

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2022.01.27 05:06 NOOBMASTERTHOR-69 A maid, Me, 3D, 2022

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2022.01.27 05:06 AdRepresentative7600 Burnout in Human Services, Its Causes and Prevention

Burnout is a situation in which the mind and the whole body get tired as a result of excessive thinking about psychologically involving situations or issues. When Burnout is prolonged, one loses the inspiration that made him accept a certain task. Burnout takes place gradually over a prolonged period of time. In the initial stages, it may appear fine, but as time progress, it becomes detrimental, especially if its signs are not addressed promptly. However, it’s important to give the signs of Burnout special attention as this is the best way to manage it(Lewis &Packard, 2007). Burnout is caused by various factors. These are the characteristics of the individual and the surroundings. Individual factors include high expectations failure to vent out negative feelings, the high working speed with little meaning attached to the work (Borritz, 2006). The work of an individual causes burnout, especially when somebody has no control over his or her duties and gets little appreciation in whatever he or she does. In addition, high hopes for the work, doing the same work for a long duration of time, and a hostile working environment are precursors of burnouts. An Individual’s way of life may play a key role in the genesis of burnouts. Doing a lot of work with little or no time for leisure and having many responsibilities with little assistance or little time for resting may increase the chances of developing burnouts (Borritz, 2006). Burnout can be controlled by the individual or the organization. Understanding the cause of Burnout is vital in identifying the method of managing it. For instance, if workers develop Burnout because of the monotony of work, it is the responsibility of the supervisors to seek an alternative assignment for the worker in question. If Burnout is caused by many workplace reasons, the managers should categorize the various types of based on the levels of expectations in order to increase the desire to work. Burnout caused as a result of individual attributes is controlled by formulating programs that will address issues like time management (Lewis & Packard, 2007). Personally, burnout has affected me in a number of ways. Due to burnout, I have been forced to make detrimental decisions and failed to control myself during stressful circumstances. In managing burnouts, I do several exercises when I am alone, and in most cases, they relieve me of stress and burnouts. Furthermore, when I want to diffuse the effects of burnouts, I lookout for any signs of burnouts and develop modalities that would assist in combating its causes. As a human service manager, I have the responsibility of catering to the well-being of staff. As such, I would monitor the employees closely, and if there is a change in character, personality, or productivity of an employee, I will investigate the case in order to establish what the problem is. This is important in identifying instances of burnout among employees, and so, it would provide a pathway of seeking a remedy to problems at hand. In addition, I would develop organization programs that would assist the staff in managing stressful events and burnout such as enlisting the services of a professional therapist to counsel stress-related burnouts, establish work plan that is worker-friendly to avoid job monotony, create a good working environment that involves work breaks and socialization among workers and advising the organization to provide resources that cater for employees’ health wellbeing (Borritz, 2006). References Borritz, M. (2006). Burnout in human service work – causes and consequences. New York: McGraw-Hills Publishers. Lewis, J.,& Packard,T.(2007). Management of human service programs. Belmont: Thomson.
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2022.01.27 05:06 SpriggsJim Curvaceous

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2022.01.27 05:06 kstocc i love you.

i love you.
i love you, even when you say something stupid that doesn't help my eating disorder because i know you don't understand and you're just trying to help.
i love you even when you don't immediately text back because i know you're busy living your separate life and will text me back when you can.
i love you because you love me.
i love you because you accept every flaw that i have and love me anyways.
i love you because you remind me of who i used to be,
i love you because you show me that there is such a thing as love and there is such a thing as happiness that i can find within you; but not just within you but within myself and the world around me.
i love you because although i'm scared to love you, you understand me like no one else in this world, because you listen to me and even when i don't need it you try to fix things in your own silly way.
i love you because i've seen you grow from an immature high schooler to a college student that still doesn't know what he's doing but continues to try regardless of what has happened in his life.
because you trust me to love you even though so much has happened.
even though you know what i deal with and you know what could happen, you love me anyway and you take every part of me. you listen, you make me laugh, make me smile, make me cry,
because we have shared interests but you listen to me complain about silly little things and encourage me on things i'm passionate about.
i love you because even though we're miles and states away, you still love me.
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2022.01.27 05:06 antman4488 Opinion on bringing alcohol to a first date?

I’ve met a girl online recently and we planned to meet up this weekend and watch a movie at her place. She agreed to provide some food, but I feel like I should at least bring something small as well. Is a bottle of wine adequate? I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or be weird in any way, or mainly just seem like I am trying to get her drunk. If asking to bring alcohol is not the way to go I’m sure I can find something else she’d like. This is my first time doing something like this so I am unsure of the social implications of it. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 05:06 DischargedNL Finally solved my problem

So after countless days of testing my direct drive setup i fixed my issue of under extruding on certain layers.
I rebuilt the printer twice, made shure everything was quare en level. Even took the time to straighten my lead screw. Adjusted the z motors path so it is perfectly in line with the z nut.
Nothing worked.
My issue was that my spool holder made to much friction and couldn't provide a steady feed.
I feel kinda dumb that i didn't looked at this in the first place.
It's a bearing type one that i printed, and i adjusted the friction on purpose so that the spool wouldn't unwind on its own.
I hope this helps people that maybe experiencing the same issue.
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2022.01.27 05:06 bluevegetaroxx "wano is destroying one piece"

"wano is destroying one piece" these were the word's of my former friend according to him one piece especially wano is horrible , and wano's length in particular is ruining the series to him Jojo's bizzare advantures is epic fiction and anime and one piece should learn from it. What should I tell him ???
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2022.01.27 05:06 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2022.01.27 05:06 rw070797 Job interview

Hi fellow aerospace engineers,
I will have an interview as an associate airline system engineer in the next few days. I already prepared some behavioral questions but still extremely scared since it's my first official interview after college! Hope I can some pointers! Wish me luck!
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2022.01.27 05:06 Det_Steve_Sloan E-100 in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (2008)

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2022.01.27 05:06 RiP___ VOIVOD - Synchro Anarchy(NEW SONG)

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2022.01.27 05:06 kitchencupcake1 Calgary police say stabbing attacks on three homeless individuals a hate crime

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2022.01.27 05:06 One-Adhesiveness263 movie names but you have to slip "beans" into the name ill start "lord of the beans:the bean sets out"

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2022.01.27 05:06 Ok-Perception-5412 Let's Talk About The Fed

What Happened: To summarize yesterday's Fed meeting, they plan to raise interest rates in March. In a move that came as little surprise, the Fed’s policymaking group said a quarter-percentage point increase to its benchmark short-term borrowing rate is likely. Powell said there is quite a bit of room to raise interest rates without affecting the labor market.
Market Reaction: Markets were up nicely prior to Powell speaking, but quickly sold off as concerns over inflation rage on. Uncertainty remains regarding how many rate hikes will occur in 2022, how much rate hikes will be and the tapering of their asset purchases. For these reasons, the market quickly retreated.
What's Next: The 10 year Treasury rose to 1.85% after the Fed meeting. This means interest rates are again going to rise for mortgages. I have seen on some sites rates for a 30 year fixed are now at 3.75% (better credit and more down payment can still get you a better rate). I expect the 10 year Treasury to remain around 1.85% until the Fed meets again in March.
What About Rocket (UWM and LoanDepot are talked about later in this post): Let me begin by stating this is a complex issue with many variables. So, we knew rates were going to rise in 2022, but we didn't know exactly when, how many times, or by how much. While some of those components remain unclear, we have a better idea today than we did a week ago.

Market Leader or Follower: This is the year we will find out if Rocket is the market leader they have been claiming to be since going public, or are they actually a lot more similar to their peers? Just to recap in 2021 they created several new partnerships, most notably the partnership with SalesForce to offer Mortgage-as-a-Service to banks and credit unions. They also, launched Rocket Auto, grew Rocket Homes, announced Rocket Solar and invested heavily into their RocketProTPO wholesale channel. Lastly, they acquired FinTech platform Truebill giving them access to 2.5 million clients to give them more data on consumer spending habits, finances, and to keep them engaged when they are not ready to buy a house, or don't need to refinace. Are these new verticals going to be able to contribute serious growth to the bottom line to make up for the lower mortgage orgination volumes? I do think Rocket was strategic in getting these items up and running during 2021 so they can contribute at scale in 2022 as they knew this day was coming.
3 Things to Consider:
1. I think one of the major elephants in the room is MSR. All of the CEOs of the mortgage companies have said as rates rise, MSR values will rise. However, we don't know to what extend. We should find out soon during their Q1 guidance as rates have risen substantially already. Is the market underestimating the potential "positive" impact of MSR value increasing?
2. Jay Farner said, "So we have the resources to go out and spend and grab market share, when others are reporting the fact that they're not earning money right now, and as rates rise, that'll become even more challenging for them. We deploy those resources. We grab the market share and we know that's not just the origination revenue we're earning this time around, but it's that lifetime value that we continue to add to our platform." - Goldman Sachs Conference December 2021. Will Rocket be able to grab more market share because rates are rising? Will the industry put too much pressure on smaller companies and cause a consolidation in the mortgage industry?
3. Are we all wrong? I am not talking about Rocket specifically here, I am talking about all mortgage stocks: Rocket, United Wholesale Mortgage, and LoanDepot. Seriously, are we all wrong? Each group of investors believes their stock is superior for one reason or another, but yet we all trade the same way. Not one of these 3 has been able to significantly differentiate themselves enough from the competition. Are we expecting too much from the mortgage industry going forward? Even if your company gains a full 1% market share in 2022 is it going to be enough to justify a significant appreciation in share price? All 3 of these CEOs have called their stocks undervalued, all 3 CEOs have said they will show they are less cyclical than the other companies, all 3 CEOs have said they want to provide long-term shareholder value, all 3 CEOs have said they care about investors and about doing the right thing. However, not a single CEO has taken corrective action! I think Q4 2021 earnings calls will be extremely interesting to see how the CEOs address their stock price as all 3 companies will be reporting at or near all-time lows.
My Advice To Anyone: Regardless of whether you are in Rocket, United Wholesale Mortgage, or LoanDepot if your CEO does not take corrective action during their Q4 2021 earnings calls, then I believe it is all time for us to admit we were wrong and take our losses and move on. The CEOs need to stand up and say listen, we are absolutely disgusted at these prices, so we are going to do:
  1. For all 3, authorize more buyback but on a very short time frame. For example, we have authorized an additional $200 million of stock buyback which will all be used in the next 30 days!
  2. For UWM and LoanDepot, maybe an increase in dividend? Just saying you are getting a dividend has done nothing for your stocks. It hasn't mattered what the yield is (5%, 6%, 7.5%). I have read comments of people saying they will break-even in 11 years with just the dividend alone... seriously? Nobody deserves that kind of pain just to break-even.
  3. For Rocket, I don't personally believe a regular dividend will help much as UWM and LoanDepot have been providing one with a good yield and it has attracted no additional buying interest or stability. My vote, huge special dividend! You have the cash, give us another $1.11 special dividend again to let people know you are making a lot of money and not afraid to give back to your investors.
  4. For all 3, just take an absolute hard stance for your investors and ether every analysts out there and explain how long your company has been in business, how much money they are making, how many American jobs they are providing, how companies who have never made an actual $1 in net profit are being valued higher than them and how the market is no longer valuing companies that are profitable. Just take a F*CKING stand for your investors. Show some support, show some love, show some true value.
An Olive Branch: I have said some awful things to UWM and LDI investors. But, I offer you this olive branch. No matter how much due dilligence any of us put out, we are all in the same boat. Rocket, UWM and LDI =dog poop (so far). Every one of us has been wrong. We are all in the dog house. However, I think we all need to seriously consider dumping our shares if Q1 guidance is not good. I already made a post that shows all 3 of these stocks will meet or beat Q4 2021 earnings. That is not a concern. The concern is going forward. If our CEOs do not take a stand, then how can any of us continue to belive and trust in them going forward? Seriously, I know many of you are like me and have been in since IPO or pretty close to IPO. We keep having hope, we keep finding little nuggets to share with others to support our ideas, but maybe we are wrong about these stocks. Obviously I hope the best for whatever stock you have chosen. We have been beaten, rag-dolled, stomped on, and left out by the trash can by our CEOs. If they aren't able to change the narrative during their upcoming earnings calls, then why are we staying? It is like being in an abusive relationship at this point, we trust they will change and soon the story will change, but it continues to be the same old story. Down, down, down, down, down and down some more. Before any of you comment, but the whole market is down... keep in mind, when the market was ripping to new highs last year we were all going lower. We never got to run with the market and experience 20%-40% gains like most stocks, but yet we are selling off even more along with all those other stocks. So, they are returning to neutral while we are down 40%+++ from IPO levels.
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2022.01.27 05:06 Cardinal900 Sans and Papyrus

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2022.01.27 05:06 ApelXir Serotonin Syndrome? Dxm combo

Second time trying the benzedrex, have to say it’s underwhelming for me, as I have stim tolerance and it just leaves me tweaky. Had Two cotton through the morning and afternoon, towards the evening had half a delay bottle and 15-20 red gels. Bad Idea I’m guessing. I fell asleep pretty early but I don’t remember when, and woke up at 2pm! Damn, and I just felt so ducking wierd, like I had extreme vasoconstriction still, and a super tight chest, my heart rate was fluctuating a lot as well. I don’t believe my symptoms are too severe, as I already feel better. Any advice on what I should stay away from next time?
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2022.01.27 05:06 bitcoinDKbear Johan Fredrik Eckersberg - 1868 - Fra Kviteseid

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2022.01.27 05:06 StepReferal 💸Easy $5 dollars from Envel💸

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2022.01.27 05:06 ChocolateChip2019 [HELP] Creating a valid SAME header with more than one location

So, the only part I need help with, is trying to generate a valid SAME header, to make it seem more authentic. But the problem is, the online tool that I use only supports one region per alert. Is there a website I can go to, or a program I can install, that can generate a header like this, that supports more than one location?
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2022.01.27 05:06 Specialist-Idea-5396 Hopefully MacKinnon will be fine

I just hope he will recover
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